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Carla L. Rueckert

[14] – Our Energetic Selves and How We Evolve

The seeker seeks the One. The One is to be sought, as we have said, by the balanced and self-accepting self, aware both of its apparent distortions and its total perfection. Resting in this balanced awareness, the entity then opens the self to the universe which it is. The light energy of all things may then be attracted by this intense seeking, and wherever the inner seeking meets the attracted cosmic prana, realization of the One takes place.


[13] – Transformation & Global Harmony

I want to know how to get people to live together harmoniously, peacefully and cooperatively. What do I wish I had some kind of new vision on, or to pass on to others of my own? The vision of how to live cooperatively, harmoniously and peacefully. Everything I’ve done in my life’s moves has been for the purpose of addressing these questions.


[10] – A call to a life in faith

Thus, the beginning of the creation of the personal myth is a burning, passionate, consuming desire to know the truth, the truth of who you are, of that of which you are constructed, of your relationships to eternity and imperishability. If you seek the Creator, your path will come to you.