Supporting Kiva

Supporting Third World Businesses

Kiva is a non-profit organization supporting third world businesses with micro-loans to alleviate poverty. It allows you to lend as little as $25 to a specific low-income entrepreneur across the globe.
Supporting Kiva
You choose who you’d like to lend to – a baker in Afghanistan, a goat herder in Uganda, a farmer in Peru, a restaurateur in Cambodia, or a tailor in Iraq – and as they repay their loan, you get your money back which you can withdraw, reloan to another entrepreneur, or donate to Kiva. It’s a powerful and sustainable way to empower someone right now to lift themselves out of poverty.

You support Kiva everytime you purchase a product or service from any of my websites

Kiva Entrepreneurs

Here are the third world entrepreneurs you have helped so far:

Videos about Kiva:

Video Interviews with some entrepreneurs who Kiva has lent to:

I just joined Gettr and I highly recommend it - it's the best alternative to them all so far:


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Thank you to the people who donated to save the website for another year. I was so scared of losing my research. How are you guys making money now that you're aware of the slavery system? I have no idea how we will win or survive the coming days. We need to start some brainstorming sessions where people with great ideas can be heard. I can't be the only one struggling; we need to find & share ways that help all of us. I'm also sick of my site constantly going down, it's attacked, censored, and constantly running out of "web resources". I'm with inmotion but had to downgrade to shared-hosting because the world flipped-upside down and I can't figure out how to make money. But I need another solution for hosting it elsewhere; in a budget-friendly way. Has anyone come across a good way for non-narrative-friendly sites to survive, that doesn't break the bank? Please contact me if you have ideas: (email | telegram | SMS +61408036323 | gettr )