Strategize your avatar/character in this game of life

IN Dark Night of the Soul

We’ve been placed in the cube. We can choose to see it as a prison or as an adventure.

Recognizing where you need to evolve.

Allowing life to give you opportunities as a tool to evolve.
You are living to do the learning.

You may recognize where you’re stuck, where you’re resistant, where you need help, but living your life without knowing the path is where you get growth.

Every moment is new, it’s always new, so you are constantly learning from where you are at.

You can’t escape what life is trying to teach you, so you might as well embrace it, and go along for the joyride, because it’s going to happen anyway.

Then you can look at it in a different way… looking at what it is… how you can navigate it without suffering, what can you do differently that will make it easier.

Life will keep giving you opportunities – you can scream and have a tantrum about it, or you can accept it as a classroom – and look at your role, what your strategy is, what are you learning, what is coming up and what is it teaching you?

Making mistakes in life is part of it. You don’t know until you know. Sometimes you have to make the mistakes to learn & grow.

Everything is always new, so you can’t go through life flawlessly because you have never lived this moment before.

There’s more to the story than our own story – than our own slice of perspective.

It’s helpful to see life as a grand adventure – a virtual reality game – levelling up.

Playing different characters, with different limitations and obstacles to overcome. We have different obstructions. It’s all entangled.

It’s easier to go through life thinking that we’re all innocent in this – noone knows what we’re doing here.

We have come into this game with a limited perspective – we don’t have the full picture, so since we don’t know – maybe it’s beneficial for us to not have the full scale picture – and that is this joyride – we can choose to see it as a prison or a grand adventure.

Either way – life is still going to throw rocks at you and place obstructions in your way – you can see it as not fair, or you have the free will to change your perspective about it and see it as serving you, that helps you.

Then life becomes more of a joyride rather than a victim.
“How do I strategize my character through this game, to make the most of what I can learn from this game while I’m in it”
Or.. I can look at life saying “It’s not fair”

We walk both sides of the line, but only one of them feels easier.
Accepting that life is working the way that it is, and that it is benefiting us.

Only by seeing it as benefiting us, does it take away the sting of those events and situations that we seem to have no control over.
If I see it as an innocent exploration of what is possible while we are living in these physical bodies, in this material world.

I see people as souls playing this game. They are here for the experience, the adventure, the growth.

I don’t want my avatar to hurt others. I want human kindness around the world. I want all the dark agenda’s to lay down their weapons and free humanity from the enslavement that we seem to be in.

The enslavement of fear, disease, money, our bodies, of control.
And whilst I want that, and will do whatever I can that might actually make a difference subtlety, ripple-effect, plant a seed that might flower someone down the track that might make a difference in this.

But I don’t see that having a temper tantrum about it as doing any good – if I thought it would work, I’d be there with my diapers, screaming away with what is wrong with the world, and I do sometimes.

But, I do see it as all connected and what I can do in my little movie screen is just play my authentic self, my unique slice of creation, my sincerity of being pure of heart, and realizing that there’s no way to play this game as a “perfect being”, because we don’t have all the answers – we’re “trial by error”, and just do the best we can and learn from our mistakes if we can, but it’s a constant ever-evolving changing “new” journey, because every cycle is new, so our beliefs have to adapt to the new-ness that is arriving in every cycle that we go through because nothing is the same.

The only free way of going through life is accepting that it has all these cycles, opportunities to get back to our authentic self after experiencing our self through this “newness”.

It takes a lot of unmasking because of what we believed when we didn’t have a conscious choice of what to believe.

Un-learning. Questioning everything. Re-learning by allowing life to show you what life is. And it is easier.

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