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Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer is a Big Time-Saver in my life and my fave “Keyword Software” that I own now. It finds the “Golden Keywords” on Auto-pilot.

stealth keyword analyzer


  • Finds keywords that will make you money and are easy to rank for
  • Automates the keyword research process so you can focus on other things
  • Saves you from the mind-numbing task of gathering information for every single keyword you want to analyze
  • Has a simple keyword rating system that pinpoints the best keywords to target
  • The number of competing pages in quotes (this just tells you how crowded the playing field is)
  • The REAL number of competing pages (these are your real competition)
  • The average PR of the top 10 sites. (Are you going against authority sites?)
  • If the keyword has commercial intent or not (what good are high rankings if they don’t make you money)
  • The number of Adwords ads on the first page of Google (if people are paying money for a keyword it is more likely that its making them money)
  • The competition rating and the overall keyword rating (is like having a SEO expert right by your side telling you what keyword to go after.


  • Have to grab the keywords from Google Keyword Tool first to import them into the software to analyze
  • Slow – I know I said this is a huge-time-saver, and it is.. but to make “Google happy”, and not block your IP while using it, you have to make the software go slow, and while it takes several hours to go through a big list of keywords, sometimes overnight, for everything it does, it’s still a huge timesaver because for me to get that same data elsewhere and analyze it in the same way that this software does – it would take several different software programs and a lot of brain-power. This saves my brain and saves my time and at the end of it’s analysis, it spits out all the golden keywords for my clients

Honest Review

Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer  has been live since May 2011 so I’m a late-comer to this WSO having never noticed it before. I purchased for $27, and it’s still at that price today. Someone recommended this to me via Skype and I’m really glad they did, I really love and recommend this software.

What it does is take what you grab from Google Keyword Tool and analyze it via a keyword rating.. “Amazing, Great, Good, Bad, and Terrible”.

It basically helps you find those golden keywords by making it really obvious which keywords are the easiest to rank for and also does the competition research to find out exactly how many are “really” optimized for those keywords, and whether you are going against authority sites, whether people are already purchasing ads for those keywords.

It’s really time-saving and when you can highlight it to your clients, you can make it really obvious to them about which words they can rank for quickly and which ones they are going to have to invest a few more dollars into to stand a chance..

stealth keyword analyzer

(I add the colours to the spreadsheet to make it really stand-out for my clients which are the “golden” keywords)

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