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If decision makers can get the framework right, the future of humanity will be secured by thousands of mundane decisions.

Yes, we are occasionally victims of circumstance, and yes, we are sometimes the powerful creators of those same circumstances.

The universe is a quantum computer – Seth Lloyd

A long time ago, the great programmer wrote a program that runs all possible universes on this big computer – Jurgen Schmidhuber

We live our lives based on what we believe.

The beliefs that precede our actors are the foundation of all that we cherish, dream, become and accomplish.

From the morning rituals, our personal routines, community customs and entire civilizations are based on our beliefs.

Our beliefs ‘are’ life.

Where do our beliefs come from?
They orginate with what science, history, religion, culture and family tell us.

Our capabilities and limitations are based on what ‘other people told us’.

What if these beliefs are wrong?
What if we’re living with future limitations and incorrect assumptions that others have formed over generations and millenia.

The great teacher believes that he and the rock are not separate.

Quantum theories suggest that the universe and our bodies are made of ever-changing fields of energy, which interact with one another to create our world in ways that can only be described as possibilities rather than certainties.

If the particles that we’re made of can be in instantaneous communication with one another, be in 2 places at once, and even change the past through choices made in the present, then we can as well.

The universe responds to our beliefs.

Is it possible that the entire universe operates on a big computer, with a code that makes whatever is possible, possible?

Everything is information.

Are we living in a virtual simulation?

The universe ‘is’ a quantum computer and everything that exists is the output of the universe’s computer. As the computation proceeds, reality unfolds.

When we think of the universe as a program, atoms represent ‘bits’ of information that work just the way familiar computer bits do. They are either “on” as physical matter, or “off” as invisible waves.

What is the purpose, what is the universe computing?

All interactions between particles in the universe convey not only energy but also information (particles not only collide, they compute)

Who is the programmer?
How long has this been running?
When we die, do we simply leave our simulation or continue existing in a realm outside of our virtual reality?
How does it all work?

Nature uses a few simple, self-similar, and repeating patterns – fractals – to build atoms into the familiar patterns of everything from elements, to molecules, to rocks, trees, and us.

Gospel of Thomas
The Union of Thought and Emotion creates a power that can literally change our reality.

When you understand who you are and your relationship to the land, you understand the medicine. They’re all around you – everywhere.

Solar heating, cooling, system of recycling that leaves virtually no waste. Live in balance with the land.

Beliefs become the instructions that command our bodies.

The real power of healing was less about the procedures and more about the way doctors helped their patients feel about themselves. A doctor does more by the moral effect of his presence on the patient and family, than by anything else.

How much damage do negative beliefs carry?

If we feel and believe that we’re not safe, our bodies react as if that threat is real.

Its the patient’s expectation – the belief that a treatment either won’t work for them or will have harmful side effects – that plays a significant role in the outcome of the treatment.

If we can conceptualise belief as the program of consciousness.

Create new belief-programs that speak to the computer of the universe.

Belief is defined as the certainty that comes from accepting what we think is true in our minds, coupled with what we feel is true in our hearts.

Belief is a language. “The” language that touches the quantum stuff of our bodies and our world.

Belief is a personal experience.

Belief is our acceptance of what we have witnessed, experienced, or know for ourselves.

If we believe in the healing of a loved one as if it already exists, the essence of our belief is already at its destination.

Our emotions tell our brains that ‘we believe we need’ in the moment.

When the law of physics changed, all of the scientific practices that relied on them should have done so as well. Some did (math, chemistry), but biology and life sciences didn’t.

Dr Bruce Lipton

Belief-waves of our hearts.
“Heart-Centred” beliefs
Deepest gratitude.

What you have seen is what we do to create the feeling in our bodies.
“Feeling is the prayer”

Ask without hidden motive and be surrounded by your answer.

For our prayers to be answered, we must transcend the doubt that often accompanies the positive nature of our desire.

If 2 (thought & emotion) make peace with each other in this 1 house, they will say to the mountain “move away” and it will move away.

The power of emotion must be channelled and focused for it to serve our lives.

Our emotions can serve or destroy us. Harness them and give them direction.

Thoughts = Logic / communication
Emotions = Love, fear, hate, creative

Our experience of what we believe is all about “resonance” between us and the facts with which we’re confronted.

When it resonates with us, we have a body-centred response that tells us that what we have seen or heard is “true” – at least for that moment.

The person experiencing resonance “believes” that its true and in that moment, it is, for them.
A week later – it may no longer resonate because the individuals filters of perception have changed.

We’ve got to fuel our affirmation with the power of our love as its already accomplished (needs love/fear) “FUEL”

Certainty/Acceptance and what we “feel” is true in our body.

The healing has already happened and you are grateful.

We must be absolutely certain about what it is that we hope to accomplish.

Commands to launch (begin)
Instruct what to do (work)
Tell it that work is finished (completion)

Begin > Thought
Work > Emotion
Completion > Feeling/Belief
= Finished outcome can now manifest and become real. Embarkment.

The beliefs of others become the foundation of what we hold true about the world and ourselves.

The viewpoints of others become our beliefs.

All our subconscious experiences become the blueprint for the way we deal with relationships and life.

EPIGENTICS – beliefs that control our DNA

What do you really believe?
Genetic beliefs = victim of limited life span.
Transcend the limits that others had held for him.

In witnessing the limits broken, others can hold a new possibility in their minds.

Collectively, we share in a belief that affects us on a deep level – that actually establishes the limits of the human life span.

“Hurt” can cause the failure in our hearts. Unresolved negative feelings – our beliefs.

Heart – fear, frustration, anxiety, disappointment, anger, tension.

When we encounter unhealthy/negative emotions, they are indicators – personal gauges – telling us that we’ve had an experience that’s asking for attention and healing. Its only when we ignore them, and the beliefs that underlie then, that they my become a problem.

“Unresolved hurt = creates physical effects with power to damage / kill”

When our soul hurts, our pain is transmitted into the body as the spiritual quality of the life force that we feed into each cell.

To become individuals, we must break-away from a greater collective soul family, at the same time, one of the deepest universal fears is being separate and alone.

To lead long, healthy and fulfilling lives, we must heal the limiting beliefs that lie at the core of our deepest hurts.

Are you loving fully?
Is it hard for you to love yourself first?
Do you feel it is unsafe to share your love with others fully and fearlessly?
Do the relationships that you invite into life leave you feeling empty and searching for more?

There’s a central belief that guides our lives:

Do you believe that there is one source for everything that happens in the world, or do you believe that there are two opposite and opposing forces – good and evil – one that “likes” you and one that doesn’t

If you believe in 2 separate forces – then you will always see the things that happen through the eyes of these polarities and separation.

If we believe at the core of our being that life is a rare and precious gift to be nurtured, explored, and cherished, then the world looks like a beautiful place to do our exploring. It’s rich in diverse cultures, experiences, and opportunities.

Key: We must believe we are safe before we can immerse ourselves in the benefits. We must accept and believe it to the core of our being.

The power of our beliefs can become life-affirming or life-denying.

Redefine our relationship with light and dark, good and evil. Become friends with dark and light.

The act of focusing our consciousness – is an act of creation.

The act of our looking – with the expectation that something exists – may be precisely what creates something for us to see.

Our reality works like a great cosmic screen that allows us to see the non-physical energy of our emotions and beliefs projected in the physical medium of life.

PRIME RULE: We must “become” in our lives what we choose to experience in our world.

If we expect reality (God, matrix, spirit, universe) to answer our prayers, then we must become in our lives the template for the things that we’re asking the atoms of reality to form.

Actions that allow it to serve us.

By placing our focus on what our lives would be like if our dreams were already fulfilled: we’re creating the conditions within us that allow our fulfilled dream to surround us.

The “miracle” of living from an outcome.
Living from the answer.
Your future dream = a present fact.
Act as if you already have it.
Imagination = essence of our existence.
Assume the feeling of our wish fulfilled.
“Acceptance” that things are as they are.

We are what we come to believe ourselves to be.
To change our beliefs is to change our identities.
That’s why its difficult to change our beliefs.
To upset our comfort zone is to shake the very foundation that allows us to feel “safe” in the world.
To make a change in our core beliefs that define our lives, we need a trigger thats equally powerful.

Logic patch = convince our conscious minds of a new belief through logic “1 mile run”
Miracle patch = clear intentions that of the many miracles that cross my path, that I’ll recognize one of them.

I feel deeply fulfilled by the success of my business teaching sustainable living.
I have a passion to create and share what I’ve created.
My limiting belief is that my work is not worth the time it takes to create >>> Opposite Belief >>> MY work makes a meaningful contribution to my life and the world.
I feel most fulfilled in life when I’m creating workshops to teach green living.
It’s a fact that I’m already teaching about this informally.

We’re being given greater opportunities, under more extreme conditions, with more powerful consequences so that we can find out which of our beliefs work and which don’t.

Lessons repeated and mastered.

As we master our power of belief. Earth will change as a result of our lessons and reflect our desire to live sustainable, cooperative, and peaceful lives.

The universe is a dream that mirrors our beliefs.

Who wrote the code?

Look into the world for reasons to believe in ourselves.

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