Let it go – living in the fun aisle is better than being ms spoil-your-fun girl

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Spoil your fun
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I highly recommend getting a sense of humour.. getting your giggle on… I really don’t think everything we say & do needs to be taken so “seriously”.

I used to be ‘that person’ too (& most of you know that side of me).. and I’m not going to judge whatever reality you choose to live in.. or wherever you need to be at this present time, because sometimes living in the darkness makes the light shine so much brighter when we finally reach the end of the cave… but speaking from someone who is an expert at living in the dark, and only (relatively) recently living in the fun aisle.. the side with no laughter, the taking everything seriously and being the ‘ms spoil-your-fun girl’ – that life “totally sucked”

Where’s the fun in that? Where’s the joy?

…and Where’s the Happy Dance?

Since we ‘can’ choose.. it’s definitely worth aiming for, I’d love to share this feeling with you, like others who choose to live this way… once you feel it, you kinda want everyone to get a taste of what it feels like… just so that they can choose not to feel so cranky about all that’s ‘wrong’ with their reality. If you want to experience your days when even the ‘bad’ days feel good…

First step: “let it go”
Let go of blaming others, let go of negative feelings about things outside of your control, intend happiness & wellness for yourself and also for everyone you meet, and start noticing even the tiniest bit of ‘the good’ in your life.. (or create some!)…they soon add up, and the rest will sort itself out.. following the ‘good’ feelings, leads to more ‘good’…

This human experience can be so much “fun” when you don’t have to ‘behave’ to the masses just because you ‘think’ people expect you to be / act a certain way.. life is better when you are able to free yourself, enjoy the moment, and when you are consciously choosing to see the good… the bad stuff just fades away.

Remember, I’m only an expert on the other side, so I’m just putting it out there for the other “me’s” out there that might not realize yet that they actually can “try this on” for a while and see if they can feel their ‘happy place’ for a moment and whether they then want to focus/intend & accept the happy place as a permanent fixture or not.. totally up to you.. & if you dont like laughing, loving, and enjoying every moment… if that’s too “crazy & out there” for you lol.. well, you can always go back to being a cranky old fart :P


This new alarm woke me up this morning.. first second.. I was like huh? Then as it got going, I found myself giggling.. then I woke up grinning and walked around with a little bit of a cheeky smirk.. all before that first cuppa! Pretty cool 25 second “happiness” tool… still kinda chuckling now :)

Good Morning…bop bop bop bow bow bop bop ba bow.. “Good Morning”.. bop bop bop bow bow bop bop ba bow.. “Good Morning”..bop bop bop bow bow bop bop ba bow.. “It’s a Beautiful Day!”bop bop bop bow It’s a Beautiful Day!”

Got up and made my sister listen to it.. and I could hear her laughter from the other room :)

So 25 seconds, started 2 people’s day with a giggle.. hope it gives you one too x

What kind of alarm wakes you up in the morning? One that stresses you out and starts the day with tension and resistance? Or one what bounces you out of bed with a big smile on your face?

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