We come together to activate new ‘lessons/experiences’ within each other

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I don’t really subscribe to the whole soul-mate thing.. marriage.. one-person-for-life.. that kind of thing just doesn’t resonate with me… but I do believe there are many people who activate certain parts of us, and each other. That you can bring out the best (and worst) and all expressions and possibilities. That every person & experience we encounter can teach us something. That we are here to experience – to fully embrace the experience of creation – of experiencing all aspects of “being human”, and that we come together to share our unique experiences in order to facilitate each other to expand, grow, and evolve – and to co-create new experiences.

I have also recently started to subscribe to certain thoughts along the lines of having certain frequencies within us (tones of energy… chords)… that your own and other people’s frequencies / energies can “activate” the next part that we will grow & expand from.

It’s easiest to describe like different chords but it’s more like energy vibrating at different frequencies.

That a particular person you encounter has a certain “B” Chord frequency that activates a certain something in us. Whether it be intellectual, love, creation, emotion, feeling, or any other life-lesson or experience meant for both parties’ spiritual / personal growth and evolution.

In other words.. they have a certain “B” Chord that activates something in you… and you have a certain “G” chord that activates a certain something (“lesson/growth-tool/next step in evolution & expansion”) in them.

Sometimes the frequencies match where it feels like a soul-mate experience – you activating everything within them, and them activating everything within you. But mostly it’s many people and one-sided (you activating something in ‘some’ people, others activating something in you) – all part of the human experience, not good or bad, it just is.. you are being brought-together and a certain vibration is ‘activated’ in one or both of you in order to learn/experience/grow/expand/evolve.

Energies.. frequencies.. chords.. that there is not one “love” for one “person”, not one ‘soul-mate’… but many different types of love and ‘activations’ … lessons/feelings/emotions.. experiences.. for and from many different people/energies.

Different experiences, different vibrations. That their “B” chord can activate something in you that might feel ‘missing’ or lie ‘dormant’ in you – that you can achieve/receive also by being fully yourself – that you can receive “without that other person”… but that “something” .. that “energy”.. that “frequency”.. that “vibration”.. that reminds or activates something in you that you didn’t even know you wanted/needed/ or that you didn’t even know was dormant within you (and vice versa).

That ‘activation’ helps you realize more and more the kinds of experiences in life you want (or don’t want) for yourself so you can change the compass direction / start creating the life you want (it also semi-explains why you feel so good around some people that might not have the same resonation or feelings of ‘complete wholeness’ around you – they might just have that missing “B” chord that activates something within you, that you ‘could’ acquire without them but they just happen to ‘activate’ that part of you.. and you might not have the missing “G” chord that ‘activates’ something within them.. that activates something dormant within them. (i.e. one-sided love… they resonate with you, but you don’t resonate with them… they have the “B” chord, and you don’t have their “G” chord).

There is all this ‘music’ going on… a chorus of many different vibrations & energies… and each frequency brings out different lessons and experiences and activates certain energies within us. That there is not a “soul-mate” per-say, but rather.. different people who bring out / activate different vibrations within us that help us in our individual soul-journeys.


No matter where I go when I ask the big questions (& I go “everywhere” & all over the place.. lol).. I keep coming back to this one as it provides me the most value:

We are here to experience the “human” experience.. all aspects of this existence. Some may be pleasant, some may be painful, but we chose this.. we wanted this.. we wanted to fully embrace all aspects of this “human” dimension. The suffering part of it is an “option” – we can make suffering our friend, and choose to love it for sharing a lesson that we subscribed to.. for activating something within us to guide us through new experiences – to use it more like a compass for creating the life we want, for evolving and expanding, and feeling and experiencing.


I really don’t know.. this is just what I feel tonight. That we are all here to embrace all shades of being human, and that we are all each other’s teachers.. we are all students, we are all teachers.. we come together to activate new ‘lessons/experiences’ within each other.. activating different parts / aspects; all expressions of ‘being human’. We experience our little adventures and we come together to share what we have learnt, to facilitate each other’s growth, expansion and potential; to help each other evolve.

This whole experience is the lesson, this whole experience is the reason why we are here. Who you are – the world has never known. Everything is here to help you. Those ‘vibrations’ or activations are here to help you, and you can ‘activate’ lessons in others you connect with.

That is how I feel right now… (after a few Southern’s).. normally I ban myself from Social Media cos I get all gushy about the universe and tapping into unconditional love and have to delete my post the next day thinking “noone is gonna get it & I’m not making any sense”… lol.. we’ll see when I wake up tomorrow if I still feel the same way

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