Do we have a Soul Plan before we were born?

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Is our life orchestrated prior to being born?

  • Multiple Timelines / Parallel Realities
  • Life after Death / Guides
  • Why are we here / Is every experience valid?
  • Souls Plan / Exit Points / Choice Points / Life Review
  • Free will to which choice-point we become conscious of at any one time?
  • Do we become conscious of all the choice-points and how the world responded after we die?
  • If it’s true – I want to know my soul’s plan and direct access to whatever’s guiding us
  • Watching mediums with scepticism wondering why they don’t say more that will help their lives or help them know the truth if it’s true
  • I always feel like we’re in this game and we’re “levelling up” that whatever experience we’re having is an opportunity to learn, grow, explore, evolve “level-up”
  • Your experience “IS” the wisdom that you’re gathering from that unique soul-aspect, it’s all part of the information-pool that we’re all gathering together as souls, we’re all aspects of this one big information pool
  • Vs not taking the opportunities we have for granted – to be all we can be and do all we can do
  • Vs making a difference – uniting with others to make the world a better place
  • Contemplating what are we doing here – why are we here – what is it all for & how can we improve it?
  • Free energy / growing your own food / opening pineal gland
  • Seeing life less superficial
  • Working on our own reason for being here
  • Looking at the world with new eyes – looking at where “you” can level-up rather than needing other people to change / Working on your own unique challenges and letting other people be where they are

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