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Social Metrics Pro

The 12 Best Things About Social Metrics Pro

Social Metrics Pro is a WordPress Social Media Analytics Plugin that is handy for giving you a “snapshot” of how well your posts and pages are being “shared” across all the popular networks, hopefully enticing you to do more to promote your content.

Social Metrics Pro dashboard


  • Central Dashboard to monitor social activity across leading social media networks
  • Support for Pinterest
  • Support for Facebook
  • Support for Twitter
  • Support for LinkedIn
  • Support for StumbleUpon
  • Support for Digg
  • Support for Google+
  • Visually identify at a glance which posts & pages are the most popular (colour-coded)
  • Refereshes statistics every 24 hours automatically in the background
  • Compatible with WordPress 3.3+ Self-hosted Sites
  • Exportable data to Excel

 Social Metrics Pro


  • At the time I purchased, there was only a Unlimited-site licence “for just the sites you own”, but it looks like they have extended that out to be allowed on clients sites although their sales page is not that clear.
  • Not a necessity, it’s a “Nice to have”

Honest Review:

This plugin is pretty cool but not “necessary”, it’s very much a “nice to have” for clients especially. Most marketers use tools that are a bit more powerful than this but they normally have to pay a “hefty-fee” for the pleasure.. so this one, being a small once-off fee instead of a monthly fee, is a much more affordable option for most users. It gives you motivation to turn your “reds” (posts/pages that are not being shared) into “greens” (promoting on the above networks). As an internet marketer, I wish I could install this on all of my clients sites to help me know which posts/pages to market further, at a glance as it’s really handy to see a “snapshot” of how your pages and posts are doing “socially”.

For a one-time fee, it’s a good deal.

Social Metrics Pro


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