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socialmedia-discussionsI write – a lot. Mostly via private messages & forums. Lots of writing pads that never get “typed” up, notes on my phone, posts on my blog, notes on my screen – everywhere. And I also write a whole lot of comments whilst I’m watching YouTube videos and scanning Facebook & social media, etc.

My instincts are telling me to bring you into this world / reveal these mini-communities & discussions. Like – to share these comments and discussions that you wouldn’t normally see without a 1-on-1 conversation.

I think these random thoughts that we share with others, tell us more about us and where our sub-conscious and conscious beliefs are at this moment in time, and are helpful to learn from and reflect on. Ever learning & sharing. We are all teachers and we are all students.

As well as give you a little different insight on who you are talking to when they don’t have the “finished product” (a finished article, a finished video, etc) – the “real” and raw conversations we have on different topics.


Dying & Coming Back / Enlightenment / Reincarnation:

Youtuber response to Jimmy’s Video: What you are talking about Jimmy – Buddhists call ‘the path of enlightenment’. I personally feel it is the natural inclination as far as after life go. You may be interested in the story of Eben Alexander who talks about an experience of dying and coming back. It is a powerful story about an atheist neuroscientist. As with anything look on it with a critical eye and a grain of salt.

My reply: I just spent an hour watching one of his videos and it’s very in alignment to the experience I had as well (except his religious background must’ve exchanged certain aspects for his mind to comprehend the knowledge he received, just as my beliefs must’ve done the same.. as in, he’s describing a similar awakening that I had.. but he is using words of God & visualizations that differ to mine to explain it).

I experienced similar without the religious aspect. its how I can see us all as one, as being exactly who we’re meant to be, on the journey and having the experiences and challenges we’re meant to have .. I remain skeptical about everything – but a believer at the same time.. it’s like.. I still don’t know how to “take on” or explain what I learnt but at the same time, I “live it” by “feeling it” and life is better.

I keep trying to explain it to others where they are at.. but maybe I should just try and do what he did and explain what I experienced, to try find like-minds that resonate with me so that I continue to grow instead of constantly being up against a wall trying to explain a concept to people that are still stuck in the matrix kinda thing.. I don’t think I’m any “better” than anyone else.. just having a “better experience” than who I used to be because of this “shift of perception”

Then I posted on Facebook to a friend about the 2nd video: I half-watched this semi-conscious like lol.. in the van just now because of a comment on Jimmy’s “reincarnation” video.. and although his experience is heavily religious compared to mine, they are so alike it’s not funny… I think maybe our “perceptions” of our awakenings change depending on what our mind can comprehend given “this” lifetime’s experiences & beliefs… OR… we have all been brainwashed… OR.. what I said in my last video.. that I took it on to “get me through trauma” (and so did all these other people).. but whatever the truth is.. it’s so much better (for me) to live this way.

Another YouTuber response to Jimmy’s Video: I have for many years felt like I have lived before and I have a memory that I have never been able to tie to this life time.  My Mother also always said that she thought that she had lived a previous life and that she had lived in a home with a thatched roof and that she had helped make it.  Have you ever seen the video about the young boy that told about being a pilot in WWII and his plane was shot down and he died trapped inside when it crashed.  I will look around and see if I can find the Title and include it here for you.  I found it look up “Reincarnation – Airplane Boy (ABC Primetime) and watch the 14.26 minute video, a real eye opener.

My response: Yeah that was a great video, I watched that when I was exploring the possibility of reincarnation last year.. and a whole bunch of others (some of them are crap and others are like.. WHAT THE? lol). I love this kind of stuff, and conspiracy stuff. I don’t like that we’re not “allowed” to have a public conversation about these things that we all think about without someone going “conspiracy nut! tin foil hat!” blah blah blah.

Like, let’s have these kinds of conversations.. they are interesting, and they are a heck of a lot more thought-provoking than our normal everyday topics. Plus, we end up finding so many similarities between what we “sense” about what we don’t know – by people we had no idea felt the same way. I love that.

I know that I don’t know – but I love that we all kinda have an inkling of similar ideas that might not be popular with what we’re “allowed” to say publicly… and that “wonder” & curiosity of what our lives actually “mean” (if anything) – is fun to explore. More fun than just giving up on the idea that we are nothing but breeders, destroyers and parasites.. hehe.. more fun than judging each other.

Another Youtuber response to Jimmy’s video: One thing I learned was a quote by Einstein. “Energy can not be created or destroyed”.  I believe that is called the Law of Conservation of Energy, a current scientific premise.  The brain is an organ that conducts millions of electrical impulses, however minute they may be.  Does that mean that we, our our consciousnesses, are just electrical energy?  Where does it go when we “die”? Those are questions for more brilliant minds than mine, as is the question that does this electrical energy go into a “pool” somewhere, or is it transmitted into another body, of our choosing or not?

My response: This is exactly the kinda stuff that I think about & try to explore :)

My video response to Jimmy’s video:

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