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My question at the end of the video: What Should I Talk About?

Youtuber comment: What about the gun laws there.  For instance can you own a handgun, rifle or shotgun and if so do you have to have them registered with the government.  My wife owns her own handgun and knows how to use it because I taught her.  I bought it for her in 1983 and she shoots it several hundred times when she goes to the pistol range with me which boils down to be about once every three years.  I on the other hand go to the range five or six times a year.  I have been three times this year already and it is only May.  

My response: hehe I will try and do those questions but I don’t think I’m going to be on the same page as most of my subscribers..(not that I care that my opinion is different).. but guns and stuff here – not as big a deal as over there. But my biggest beef with it.. is we shouldn’t be killing people – I don’t even want to kill an ant – we should be helping people.. we are the same, we are all one, we are humankind.. argh.. yeah.. that’s a passionate topic that can really get me going probably.. .but I will be the one pressing buttons for my subscribers who as far as I know – all carry guns and have gun licences lol.. so yeah should be an interesting controversial one to bring up :) Gotta be in the right mood to have a rant about these topics lol .. cos they will be a rant :) I do prefer to focus on solutions and what we can do to improve ourselves & the world rather than what is wrong with the world..but some topics can get me really going xo

Youtuber comment: Sounds good, let the conversation (rant) begin.  I do not think people should be killing each other but as for self defense I am 100 percent in.  If it came down to surviving or starving to death I could very well hunt and fish to eat. 

My response: I think I’d be more comfortable talking about things that bring me joy and things that I’m passionate about, spending the rest of my life spreading the message of love & care for each other rather than fear, hate & killing each other, although a bit part of my message is to encourage each of us to remove the hate/fear/suffering/misery and suffocation/victim-mentality and self-sabotage.

The thing is – honestly.. now that I see things very “loco” compared to the masses – and believe me – I didn’t feel the same way a few years ago but once I got this new “energy” view of the world.. my life improved and things got clearer.. its like.. very very hard to explain but so simple… I just don’t have an understanding of it in my “conscious” mind where I can describe it to others what I feel in my core.. but basically – in a nutshell: we get what we fear about… you have a gun because you “fear” something.. nothing good can come from that.

What you fear, what you hate, what you bring into your being.. that makes up a part of you.. and if that’s the kind of experience people “want” to have in this world.. then by all means… everyone has a right to be who they are and experience their lifetime the way that they want to experience it.. but personally I just see so much more potential for all of us if we bring in more love, more peace, more caring, more one-ness, less suffering, less stress, less illness.. all of that.. it’s all part of the same thing for me.. but I will continue to try and explain this ‘knowing’ that I have in my core – because I think it can help improve this planet & the experience of all.. to help make us realize what we are doing – that we are creating all of this – we are manifesting this world that we do not want.. and we can undo it.. one person at a time.. but believe me – this was all “hooey” to me a few years ago too.. it’s just .. now that I have ‘clicked’ over to this side of the fence.. to this new belief – to this big picture stuff – I can’t undo it – because I don’t want to – it brings me so much hope for this planet – the earth – humanity – the universe – everything.

We are sooooooo much more than this, we get fixated on these menial little things, and get caught up in hate for one another.. get caught up in our differences.. who is right, who is wrong, who is bad, who is good, etc.. the universe goes on forever – the bigger picture just doesn’t include that.. we can explore so much more of our potential but not while we are still so sucked-in by the small picture, not while we are too busy fighting each other and seeing our “separateness”… living in fear of each other – it’s insane to me – we can be so much more evolved than this.. we can experience great things beyond this little view that we have – this tiny ant perspective that we have…. but not while this world is ‘stuck’ in this loop of hate.. we need to break free of the fear and hate for one another.. and then we can realize there is so much more we can be.. Yeah.. lol.. on a rant.. heheh..

I honestly have empathy and understanding about where people are at – I still resonate and relate to people’s daily problems and fears… but I can see more potential for myself and humanity if I try and leave that out of my be-ing as much as I can.. I want to (try to) stay in this place of greater awareness .. but yeah.. the easiest way to explain it is – I’m off with the fairies and have to come back down to communicate with others.. but what I see when I’m “off with the fairies”.. when I’m “tapped-into the bigger picture”.. it’s just.. so much more than this stuff that we focus on.. and I hate that I have to travel both sides to try and get the message out – especially cos I’m totally a “baby” when it comes to this stuff – it’s beyond my current understanding.. it’s more of a “inside my core” kinda thing.. how do I explain something that is more of a “feeling” or a “sense” than an instruction or direction…

..I want people to be who they are, experience whatever they want to experience, create what they want to create… and I also want them to see that they “are” actually creating this – so they see that they have a choice about what we are creating – that the things we do focus our attention on.. is really not much in the grand scheme of things … in my mind.. I want to understand people but work out a way to “reach” them, so that they can “tap into” see what we “could be” so we evolve beyond this hate and fear… allow them to create & experience whatever they want – but “realize” they are actually doing it – because most are completely unaware – we play the blame game instead and I’m just as guilty as anyone.. but I want to evolve beyond those thoughts that bring fear into me.. and expand beyond that which keeps us from seeing more.. and for that, I think I need to keep speaking my truth and discovering others who are seeing this too.. and expand this new wave of consciousness… but I do realize that right now.. I’m mostly in my “hooey” land when I speak this because I have experienced something that the people I surround myself haven’t seen.. and still have no way of comprehending the magnitude of it myself enough to try and help others see it too (yet) but hopefully I find a way in my lifetime xo

Youtuber comment: I think you are on the right path for the goal you wish to achieve but I have no idea just exactly how you are going to accomplish this purely because the masses don’t get it and I don’t think from where I am that they ever will in their lives.  I don’t know if you ever saw a movie called Pleasantville but like I told my wife one time I think what you really want is Pleasantville in color.  Heaven on earth would be fantastic but the human race has gotten in the way.  There are small pockets of the good life but as a whole the world in general is so screwed up and people have screwed it up.  We are living what we have created and it is a far cry from perfect.  I am all for your message of love and understanding will make this a better world but I am afraid the world has gone deaf. 

My response: I honestly don’t know how exactly we can accomplish it either :) But since I nearly lost my life anyway and I have another chance.. I think I have to try.. (the small version).. large version will come another day.. Im really tired and cold right now hehe.. nutshell though.. it’s never been more possible to awaken mankind than right now. I think we don’t see the big picture, and it’s possible as more and more people see the big picture (and even I know that I am too tiny to see the big picture) but as we ‘begin’ to see the bigger picture – the shit and bickering amongst humanity will fade. But yeah.. too tired and cloudy to try and figure out a way to explain my thoughts on it right now lol.. I’ve struggled to try and explain my experience for over a year already – not likely to come out all-of-a-sudden in this conversation hehe… only that .. I am just following my truth / and my instincts.. and that’s all I can do – I have hope for humanity (some days lol)






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