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Comment on Taking Responsibility for Being Part of the Problem in this World:

Youtuber comment: Hello From Roswell, NM USA.  I am years older than you so I do remember back when our utility bills used to be even affordable to the poor people also.  I am running about $600.00 USD per month for utilities, internet, auto insurance and homeowners insurance.  And understand it is past time for me to try to move towards more solar power for my home.  And also try to reduce my carbon pollution from such utilities we pay for every month.  No doubt the time is near when many families are going to have to even decide where to live in order to survive for food and get away from the grid lifestyle.  Well sure have enjoyed your sharing your ideals and thoughts in regards to all of this.

My Response: I see this world as it is now, and think… we did this.. we did this to ourselves… and we are continuing to be part of the problem by conforming.. by going along with it.. we need to take steps to free ourselves from what we have done.. we didn’t foresee what we (as humans) were doing, but now that we can clearly see that we kinda f*d it up..each of us as individuals have the power to be the change, to do what we can – which inspires others to do what they can… for each of us to try and undo this mess and create a better world in which to live in.. we can fix some of the problem, and who knows what snowball that creates.. I don’t know.. idealistic maybe… but it’s like.. what choice do we have.. we gotta start doing the ‘right thing’ .. we can’t keep pointing fingers and blaming everyone else.. that just causes more chaos and distress and war and destruction, it doesn’t fix anything.. we need to start living the existence we want to live.. to start creating change… to do the little things we can do and inspire others to do the little things we can do.. to see ourselves as humanity as a whole… ok, rambling again… gotta go to work… lol.. xo

Comment on ‘Being the Change’

Youtuber comment: You are one of the people that are waking up to what is and has been going on for a long time.  Australia somewhat like the United States was settled by English people that were sick and tired of being controlled so they set out to find a new home.  Our deal was no more taxation without representation and 100 years ago we had no taxes and no debt as a country then the politicians moved in and the law makers got busy making a bunch of man made laws that I think a great deal of them suck.  But in order to get along we conform and try to live within the law or go to prison if we say to hell with the law.  As for me I try to live within the 10 commandments and try to not break the man made laws.  When the people get fed up with how things are going there are revolutions and blood shed and then the ones that are left have to decide what kind of government the people want so they will settle back down and be good citizens.  Here in the United States the politicians are doing everything they can to outlaw our guns but they chip away at our freedom and people find ways around what they are trying to do.  Gun control is not about gun control at all it is about total control.  Look at what history has taught us.  When people give up their guns the next thing they give up is there freedom then their lives.  People without guns are subjects and will have to do the bidding of those with the guns.  I will be waiting for your long video about Conformity and Speaking your Truth.  For now we still have freedom of speech but the powers that be are trying to stop that too.

My response: I see the way the world is going.. and what will ultimately happen if we keep going the way we’re going.. spend a good deal of time deep in thought… trying to figure out ways of trying to change what is coming.. to move towards a better way…. I have to believe it’s possible…. and many others (perhaps all of us) have to think it’s possible before it will change.. I really feel the first step is making people realize they aren’t even thinking for themselves, that they have been brainwashed to conform and that we are on complete auto-pilot – that we are actually creating this reality that we’re in by conforming to what we have been told to believe & also on the other side – by thinking that the only way out is with bloodshed.. I have to believe there is another way.. if we can just get people to think for themselves.. I don’t know.. I just have a strong feeling that this is the first step (at least today I do)… awakening and realizing where it’s going and I know it sounds very hippie – but I actually want a peaceful resolution to this mess… and maybe there’s a way we can do it… I’m sure I’ll talk about it on a few videos, but it’s going to be completely “out there” for most to comprehend unless they open their minds… just gotta do what I gotta do I guess, lol.. be part of the ‘change I wish to see in the world’ and hope that it makes a difference before I die.. I don’t know.. it’s big isn’t it.. bigger than all of us.. but we’re all going to die anyway, but there might be a way to make a difference in a good way before we die.. I just don’t know.. just following my gut right now, living in the now and hoping for a better future for humanity as a whole and for each individual.. * sigh * lol

Comment on being in a state of love, not fear

Youtuber comment: Good video. Interesting thoughts on Love. I’m going to take Tin Can Campervan advice and Breathe in as much Love as I can.  Safe Journey

My response: I’ve been going outside at work during breaks and “breathing in the sun”… now I see it as “breathing in the love”.. will give that a go and see if it changes & lifts the vibration a little more often than not.. this world is full of fear & confusion, coming at us from many different angles.. but when you’re in a state of love, if love is your be-ing.. fear dissipates.. you have this energy – you’re riding a different wave – you’re tuned into a different frequency than one of fearfulness / anger / despair / negativity, etc.

My videos aren’t yet able to portray how I feel about these things lol.. I have these notions/insights and because on a daily basis I can’t verbalize it because I don’t get to explore it out loud with my “current social circle”… it comes out a bit amateurish & broken on my videos hehe..I just can’t get it out in a smooth, easy-to-understand / resonate with fashion.. but the whole purpose of creating these videos is to “create my own social circle” for me to explore these insights and be able to discuss/verbalize and get it out .. so that I can eventually be able to find the right words for helping others enter this state of healing and happiness – like doing the ‘right thing’.. tapping into our core.. behind the veil – behind the lies of what we have been told is our reality.. my videos are my own personal development / self-growth / spiritual growth until I find my tribe .. and maybe even the way I find my tribe – who knows :)

Comment about staying positive and not focusing on fear & drama:

My response: Totally resonate with you about staying positive and not focusing on the fear & all that is wrong with the world – because what you focus on you bring into your very being (you actually make it part of your experience; you’re thinking about it; you’re talking about it, etc. especially if you have no intention of being part of a solution)…and we have a choice.. we can choose to focus negatively on that which we do not have control over, or we can choose to stay informed, do our best about that which we do have control over, and we have a choice about how much we let fear & negatively control us and affect our lives.

I just really resonate with this video. You explained it so well – I don’t know how you are so easily able to fluidly talk like this.. I wish I had that ability :)

I do think about all that is wrong with the world – of course – it’s hard not to – but I don’t let fear consume me..fear is the main problem in the world (in my opinion), so I make a concerted effort to control what I focus my attention upon & to not be “fearful” about those issues, especially those that I’m passionate about. My intention is to either work towards making a difference in those areas… or at least focusing my attention on a positive outcome rather than the doom & gloom or the “fight” about it (I don’t do “protesting/fighting/debating” etc.).. and try to do the right thing – as in, try to not be part of the problem…and now I’m all over the place trying to explain how I tip-toe on both sides of the equation, but hopefully you get what I mean :) if not.. sorry for the mess on your page lol.. and um.. thumbs up and totally agree. (Yeah. that’s all I should’ve written.. )?

Comment about what people might say at our funeral:

Youtuber comment: What will they say at your funeral?? Girl, you gotta get out of my head! Lol 

My response: great video.. I know that many in my life don’t like to think about what people might say at our funerals or death in general etc. but I think it does help to get a different perspective on what is important to us / what we are wasting our energy on… it helps make you value what kind of life you want to live, it does make you want to do better, be nicer, be more kind and understanding of others.. live more true, say what you want to say, and it does help to stop doing what we don’t want to do and start digging a pathway to a more meaningful life, whatever meaning that holds for us as individuals.. no matter what our beliefs are about any kind of after-life or about what happens when we die, etc.. only what we are thinking/doing/being right now in this moment is what we have control over and if we are getting all worked-up about nothing in the grand scheme of things.. maybe we should be reflecting on the grand scheme of things a bit more so that we can re-focus to what matters to us… ooops ramble/ramble.. lol..?

Comment about someone thinking I have a Love-Based Philosophy:

Comment by Youtuber : I can’t wait to listen to how you view infinity, or the church people, or the atheist.

My Response: I’ll be sounding like a real whack-job.. because mine will be all about the universe, life-force energy, and things that I don’t know how to explain.. (but is truth for me at this time / stage of the journey) .. so it might be more whacky than you think! :) I kinda see all religions the same personally but I don’t know how I’m going to verbalize it – who knows what will come out of my mouth when it’s time lol.. but I have to be in the right mood to talk about religion/politics and stuff, today I’m just happy and feeling good, relaxed (worked hard today) and calm and that the world is good.. not really the right time for one of my “rants” about other stuff – normally someone has to shake me up for me to get a burst of passion about religion / spirituality, etc :) (should’ve done it the other night when I was in the mood but I was trying to sleep at the time hehe)?

Youtuber response: I bet I can identify with what you will talk about. I have studied this philosophy of what we call the Ageless Wisdom for over 40 years now. It basically teaches us we are on one long journey, have many life times, and all will make it, some just faster than others. I enjoy it. It’s very love based, even though I am a ranter just acting like a moonbat. Yeah, I can’t wait to listen to your spiritual side….I understand having to be in the right frame of mind….just like I have to be in the right frame of mind to do a certain type of rant. I do not always feel like raising holy hell…..I do have a very mellow side to me that most rarely get to see. You take care, and be safe out there.

My Response: Love-based yes.. although I don’t make any claims to know anything else about anything else.. we’re kinda ants when it comes to what we really know about the world.. who knows what is real / fabricated / nice to think about / truth.. I am a truth-seeker.. but that just means I will never get what I am seeking.. cos a truth-seeker never stops digging deeper and questioning everything, including one’s own beliefs at any one given time hehe.. I have awareness that I’m just as brainwashed as everyone else.. and questioning everything and trying to see it from all different angles is what I attempt to do.. knowing that the foetus only sees a partial view of the world until birth – we don’t see the whole picture from our viewpoint either.. the fact that we’re even able to participate in this reality in a semi-conscious way is amazing to me, and who knows if we’re just creating it as we go or what is really going on.. I have to love that because to try and make sense of something we cannot see.. sends me nuts sometimes.. its like all I’ve ever wanted since I could talk is to question why.. and then I became a drone.. and then I wanted to question why again lol.. so I have no idea how to verbalize that which is ever-changing moment-to-moment and then after I speak it – I question it again.. :)

Youtuber response: Then you are doing the right thing….You are not stuck in a mental prison being stagnant…..You are a point of light within a greater light. You’re on a journey,  you are on the path, but so is a dust particle. We will make it….just takes time….maybe trillions of years….but we will all make it…some faster than others….Yes, what we think today as truth, will be so minute in the future…when you were a child, the song, “Mary Had a Little Lamb” comforted you, amused you, but now, it does nothing for you at all….The same logic will apply to us in the future…what we think is truth today, will only be a perception of what you thought the truth was…..We will learn more, and more, and more until, eventually, we will know everything about nothing, or nothing about everything…..LOL 

Comment about finding similar spiritual awakenings on Youtube:

Last night and tonight, I’m watching and listening to youtube videos that are sort of like my own video. I never even thought to do a search on youtube to see if others were saying the same thing as me, but last night before I slept I got really curious and typed in some of my words – and found people – many of them .. speaking.. the exact. same. words – almost identical to my 1 hr ramble.. and I was amazed and so like.. for a couple of years I have been trying to find people who resonate with my view on life & find the right words to be able to explain what I had experienced .. and these people are already doing that – I need to find them or connect with them.. actually I don’t know what to do about it … it was just so weird to hear other people speak my truth out of their mouths.. just wow. So I’m in a whole bunch of new playlists right now as I go through – mouth-agape.. that so many people out there see the same thing without following any kind of religion or anything – they all had this same spiritual awakening and saw the same thing… and wondering what to do next now that I know that I’m not the only weird wacky crazy one who believes in this intentional energy thing creating our realities :)


Comment about Government’s role in state of Humanity:

Youtuber’s comment: I think more in terms of us vs them being the politicians that are screwing things up for everyone.  I still feel a connection to all military people past and present just as long as they believe everyone should be able to live their lives free of fear.  I have spent many more years of my life as a civilian than the three years I was in the USMC on active duty. I was released from active duty 46 years ago and the only thing I still enjoy that the military taught me is shooting my guns at targets.  I grew up with hunting guns such as small bore rifles and shotguns but the Marine Corps taught me to shoot large caliber rifles at long range.  I still manage to make it to the rifle range several times per year and I enjoy shooting my handguns as much or more than my rifles.  As for my shotguns I have not shot any of them in over 20 years.   

My response: I think politicians are slaves too.. I do express my dismay at the disgusting things they do.. & I have zero faith in any of them being of any use to humanity in any capacity… but I wonder just how much control they actually have.. they are slaves to society & this masquerade … and they are slaves to banks and corporations and maybe… even something that our own minds can’t believe.. because not only do I think we know little about our reality – we’re just ants & can’t see much from our tiny perspectives.. not just that… But the fact that everything is based on secrecy and lies.. even from our little perspectives there’s so much we don’t know.. like even “normal weird stuff” not my “universal weird stuff” lol.. there’s going to be much more going on than what we are told and probably much crazier to believe than our minds can even wrap around cos everything is kept from the masses and we’re the masses. (like CERN has blown my mind the last few days.. I had no idea such a device existed… what else don’t I know that would blow my mind?)..

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