[QA] Van Life, Relationships, Downsizing, Drama, Fears

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[QA] Van Life, Relationships, Downsizing, Drama, Fears


Comment on having a relationship while living in a van:

I really enjoy your videos and love your rambling – it’s like having a ‘real’ conversation with one of my friends, where you can just… be – and say whatever comes to mind.. spontaneous and without a script – it’s real, and I like real.

I’m the same as you right now as far as not interested in being someone’s “other half”, although maybe for different reasons but we’re hanging in the same space. I just want to discover who I am and make sure I’m living my authentic self before I get mixed up with someone else’s goals & dreams and energy. I’m just riding my own wave and very happy to do so.

Not like discarding it or anything (well I kind of am.. it just doesn’t even cross my mind or when it’s brought up by others – I’m like “meh..” just not interested), and maybe one day again, I might find someone I resonate with, that is riding the same wave and we might hang out for a while – who knows lol.

I don’t see anything as permanent anymore, just going with the flow.. doing whatever feels right in the moment, and moving away from that which doesn’t feel right (which means now I’ll have an internal radar for when a relationship is no longer serving both energies).

Comment on moving into an RV, getting rid of possessions, mortgage & rat-race, and focusing on things other than the rat-race or “money”:

Exactly.. 100% agree with you. Downsize your expenses, don’t focus on the income. Become a minimalist. Live in the moment – live in the “Right Now”. People happily signup for 30 years of debt – 30 years of forced labour / debt slavery – however you want to look at it.
Get rid of the debts and expenses and you have freedom over your time, freedom to do what you want to do… provide REAL value to people based on what you want to do – something more meaningful, something from your soul – rather than working some bullshit job that just keeps the rat-race turning around.

I’m working on the plan myself but currently do the rat-race thing (even though I kinda had a break from it when I had my own internet marketing company – but even that was not “from the heart” and eventually the stress won out).. but I haven’t given up on a plan – this time, follow my instincts – heart/soul whatever you want to call it. live up to my own expectations – rather than put on a mask and pretend or strive to be anything other than who I am.. and I still think the internet business is the way to go.. it gives freedom to travel all over the world, but for me, it has to be meaningful, provide real value – help people – leave a legacy, etc etc.. ?

Comment to a prepper about “I don’t think the ‘Care Bears’ coming to get us”:

lol fair enough & true I just think that fear is exactly what they want us to feel.. it feeds them.. they like chaos.. war.. destruction.. division.. I’m not conforming to the zombie society & I’m not joining the war or hippie movements either…. I just have a different way of viewing what is going to fix it.. love… and yeah, that twists some people up the wrong way – even me – I lived in a dark, hateful, fearful world.. but then I realized … I could choose.

Comment on staying positive and getting away from Drama (in relation to recent Negative RV Videos):

Agree with you and I’m with you.. solution-based, evolving to see the bigger picture…taking the good out of everything – allowing ourselves to learn – staying mindful – allowing ourselves to be open to see things from different perspectives…

… and being a voice to the collective that is one of hope and solution-focused so that we don’t breed more hate; rather than always seeing the bad in things, the evil in things.. if you focus and put your attention only on the negative – you bring more negative into your world, your very being.

I had to take a break from Youtube because it was bringing me down, making me feel heavy. I was letting the anger & frustration of others become a part of me instead of having love in my heart, seeing the good in people, having compassion, and sharing a positive solution to the problems.

People kept asking me “who’s side are you on?”… and I’m like – I’m on “my” side. I don’t pull one way or another – if I don’t like watching something – I don’t watch it – if I like it, I do. I take responsibility for my “own” thoughts, beliefs, choices, experiences. I choose what to bring into my being and I was finding myself bringing in things that I was getting a “no” for (on all ‘sides’) – so I decided to stop watching all of it – stop bringing this stuff into my being – whilst everyone was drowning in a rage… I was bringing myself back up.

The world is already full of anger, hate, despair – that keep us all in a place of darkness and fear – the media, governments and all around us have this covered already – keeping the masses in a state of fear and helplessness so we can be controlled – telling us who to hate, what to think, what to feel, what will make our lives better, blah blah blah. There is already a “War on Everything”.

When you bring hate into your heart – that’s the filter you view the world around you in.

And I know that’s not a popular belief, and it’s really difficult to express yourself in this way at this time when people are mid-stream hating, so I understand how courageous you are for creating a video like this stating that you will be one of the voices that will focus on the solutions rather than the problems. And I commend you for speaking your truth despite it not being a popular subject right now xo

I personally believe that we change the things we don’t like by “being” the change we want to see. We can’t “tell” people what to think, how to behave, what to do, what to believe. We can’t change the lenses people filter the world in – that’s the wonderful thing about our human uniqueness – all these individual experiences and beliefs and thoughts that make up who we are & how we view the world and our lives. But when all around us is hate & fear – we have to be mindful of this – to take control over what we bring into our being. We can only be the example, share our own journey, and hope to inspire others to help themselves with something we have learnt along the way… hate begets more hate, violence more violence, love more love, compassion more compassion.

This is my view right now.. right or wrong, it serves me at this time, and to me it’s the solution for a lot of the world’s problems, but I do know that my unique point of view is from my own unique filters, my own ego, my own perceptions and beliefs, experiences, thoughts, culture and conditioning hehe.. so I’m ever questioning my own beliefs too but taking on those that serve me and at this time – this one serves me xo

Comment about people trying to warn someone not to follow their dreams:

1.) I did have a problem with everyone trying to scare you out of going to Mexico.. especially the murder reporting & travel warnings -wtf? even the comments of “be careful” is like saying “be fearful”.. putting a negative/fearful vibe into your great adventure… I understand they are just looking out for you.. but talk about buzz-kill.. over & over & over again – it was like an onslaught of “Stay Away”.. lol.. anyway…

Enjoy your awesome adventure.. this is your journey and I’m sure there will be ups and downs and that’s all part of the experience.. I am totally looking forward to your Mexico trip and would love to go with you (I’m in Australia so a bit far away).. but I would totally be there if I could :) – I’ll have to live the experience through your eyes instead so keep the updates coming! :)?

2.) I know everyone wants her to be careful.. of course you love her and want her to be safe, so do I :) it’s great that so many people care about her, but her facebook was full – one after the other after the other after the other… barely any words of encouragement, just doomsday fear and warnings.. like.. there’s one thing to offer advice and feedback and personal experiences if there is anything useful that she can benefit from…(emphasis on personal experience not glorified media stories hehe) it’s another to focus only on doom & gloom and have one person after the other basically bringing all their own fears into it :)

Some people have the freedom to live the way they want to live.. go where they want to go… follow their heart and instincts and adventure… and some people stay fearful – live in a world where they let their fears prevent them from living the way they want to live… that to me is prison.. a cage… suffocation.?

3.) I’m going to sound creepy weird here.. but I feel like I have to mention something from my own beliefs here, that’s going to sound like I am not 100% behind my comments but I totally am.. but I have a different perspective that is bigger than what I said: “If” you have taken on their fears — you should wait until you have that “knowing that you are doing the right thing” feeling again .. because what we think about – we bring about.. when you focus on the negative/fear.. the universe has a way of bringing what you worry about… into your reality.. it’s “in you” and you kinda make it happen… and it doesn’t help that you have hundreds of people potentially who are “fearing for you” instead of “empowering you”.. you need to develop that strength & positivity again to have more control over what comes into your reality.

To build-up your life-force. Gratitude is strength – eating right is strength, unconditional intentional love is strength.. however you get your strength you need to get it because if you go into a situation with fear – you tend to attract that which you fear most.

I was just going to let your comment go and not respond because I know I have a whacky view of the universe and I usually keep it to myself unless people ask or follow me and my whacky views…. but it’s been playing on my mind ever since you wrote it.

You need to have your power back and not let these fears of other people – that is sounding like it’s becoming your own fears as well – come into your being because that’s when “shit happens” and you start getting one thing after the other.. like.. “how can it be any worse?” and BOOM! it becomes worse.

I definitely don’t agree with people one-after-the-other intoxicating you with their fears.. but not just because of what it does for you but because of the energy they send out…. you have to have your power/strength and an intentional knowing that everything is fine before you walk into a place you feel nervous about. But I will send what energy I can, to not be fearful for you.. I will try and send you strength and hope that others do the same to try and negate the fear.. but you need to also try and get your “mojo” back.. Just my crazy beliefs.. that I just feel like I have to say because the “made me really nervous” comment has been playing on my mind.. and I was like wanting to point it out but hoping you were getting your power from all of us who were backing you on your adventure.

The rest of the comment gives you strength and power.. just hope that particular mindset is the one in control rather than the fearful one. Sorry if my comment makes no sense, I don’t know what your beliefs are and I know mine are completely out there compared to the norm.. xo

Comment on not thinking things through whether RV-life is all it’s cracked up to be or not:

I would love to have both.. if I had the opportunity to have a bit of land, a little cabin or house or something.. and the ability to travel anywhere.. that would be “life is a dream” for me :)

I also think it would be great to have land to be able to offer other van-dwellers and homeless / other people I want to help the option to build a community.. alas.. Since I’m starting from scratch.. not able to do any of that right now.. but it’s on the horizon.. the hazy distant horizon.. lol.. right now trying to get in the zone of “I’m almost free”… and that means different things to different people.. but for me, it means .. be debt-free and a roof over my head.. & van-life gives me that..

If I still had my house.. I would definitely have a different perspective on what Im doing now.. but everything is different now.. and I need a perspective that will serve me and my situation right now.. so my perspective is not going to be doom n gloom about losing everything.. it’s going to be.. “I’m feeling a taste of freedom! I have a little house on wheels! Once the van & a friend is paid off – I’m debt-free!”..

I have gratitude for what I do have and not worried about what has been lost. I personally have no idea what van-life will mean to me.. it was at the very least a win – because it gave me the ability to downsize my life which was freeing in it’s own right.. but I don’t know if I’ll ever live in it fulltime, I just don’t know.. I’m going to follow whatever feels right at the time.

That being said, when I’m talking to others who are thinking of doing similar to what I’m doing or what others are doing – and they have doubts and concerns rather than the same giddy excitement..(that “knowing” that you are doing the right thing because that’s what your soul is calling you to do).. I tell them to trust their gut.. trust their own intuition.. do a test-run for a few months or longer to see if it’s what they really want to do.. it might not be something they end up wanting to do – for some, having a home-base is very important… they might be excited by the idea but more a weekend-camper and a “backup plan if things to shit in the world”.. but not something they want to do fulltime – their gut says “no”.. gotta go with your own gut .. gotta follow your own journey xo

Comment on Jimmy Rants:

Real, Raw, and Honest.. I love that about Jimmy. It’s hard to speak your truth when you know that it’s gonna mess with people’s minds & beliefs because we only know all the fake stuff – the entirety of our lives was “messed with” already by media, generations, cultures, etc. We live the way we were ‘told’ by others to live, we are totally conditioned to try and say what we ‘think’ people want to hear. And it’s so rare that people just speak their minds to explore their beliefs & thoughts about the world without hiding behind an anonymous name or fake-persona – the fake ‘identity’ we give ourselves and try to display to the outside world.

And, I don’t want to watch “fake”. I honestly don’t agree with everything he says (and I don’t expect that he or anyone would agree with everything I say either).. and that shouldn’t be our intentions (to make each other agree – it’s not authentic). We don’t need to be a bunch of clones – a bunch of “me too’s!” – a bunch of sheep. We have that everywhere we go. I love & accept him for who he is & becoming – I love that he makes me think differently and the awareness of beliefs he brings out in me when he speaks something that I oppose in my own belief system – and I especially admire that he speaks up “even if he thinks we won’t agree” – it’s more real, it’s more honest. It’s actually my fave thing about him and something I strive to do myself.

He honours us with his truth rather than sitting there saying what he thinks we “want” to hear. He’s one of my fave youtubers and human beings for being “real” to himself. I prefer the compassionate, mind-exploring, “what do you think”, what about this idea/thought/belief etc. videos that get people’s minds ticking over – getting them to think outside the box, getting them to think for themselves & open their minds to other possibilities – where you feel like you are having a one-on-one conversation/discussion, rather than the telling them what to think or who to hate videos… but even with those one’s I feel like he has a good heart and that he means well / has good intentions (there is always an underlying “care” when he gets angry with someone or something) and even though I personally prefer to watch certain videos over others – I wouldn’t change a thing about him because I want to listen to people being “real”. I want “real” conversations, and “authentic” experiences. I’m so sick of fake.. and Jimmy brings his true self to the table. Raw and unfiltered truth from the mind of Jimmy Rants. Extremely rare and hard to do in this world – everyone wants everyone to be like them.

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