You either handle it… or you don’t handle it..

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Dear universe, I’d like a drama-free day today please. Don’t post on social media. Lightworkers opportunity that I’m pondering. Share-house with conscious entrepreneurs & van-dwellers in suburbia – society thinking outside-of-the-box. New car. Ascension and karma random thought – I think we’re here to ascend in consciousness and commenting/disagreeing about something I heard that “our karma is only dished to us if we’re ready to handle it” .I think we either handle it or we don’t handle it. Iching and Tarot feels sometimes like an unfair advantage. Life is perplexing – we don’t find out if we’ve figured anything out until after we’re no longer able to communicate with anyone – unless you believe in channellers & things that are potentially “beyond this life”, etc.

Original (Longer) Version: Share-house with van-dwellers, lightworkers, karma, & ascension

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