When I believe my experiences, I feel free

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Assuming I’m not crazy…

When I believe my experiences, I feel free

There’s no race, there’s no hurry. I don’t have to bend my mind backwards to try advance my journey.
It was stressful and adjusting the reality that I was experiencing.
I need to master the reality that I have already created, that I’m already experiencing.
Don’t feel the need to advance.
Freedom to pause.
I’m on the right track with me, the right journey for me.
I’m exactly exploring where I’m supposed to be exploring.
My mind is back.
I don’t have clarity about where I’m going.
I can view this reality from afar but also be of this world and connect with people I interact with on a day-to-day basis.
I don’t feel crazy right now.
I didn’t want to be wrong. I needed validation that my ideas were not crazy, and now I feel like I am not crazy, so I can now make it work for me.
I’m in a space of mastering where I’m at rather than trying to hurry it all up.
My perception of my highest version of me, was one with all the answers that I needed to play with this reality.
The fear that I brought in and anger of corruption
I’m aware of things in my reality that I’m not happy with on a global scale and what’s’ right in front of me.
The best self needs to master what I’ve already created.
I feel no burden, no heaviness, no darkness, no pain, no worry, no fear.
I’m not full of unconditional love, I feel nothing, it doesn’t matter right now because that’s what I’m experiencing.
I’m experiencing the absence of the emotions that were bringing me down.
I feel like I can come to more of a working understanding about where I’m at in my journey and how this reality works from my perspective in this moment.
It feels really good to be my own person, and not adjust myself to experience what my friends are experiencing.
Last week I was so into that, that it’s hard to imagine where I am today.
I feel like a completely different person today than I was last week.
What I’m seeing, feeling, experiencing is valid.
It’s the way that I am creating and observing this.
I’ve stepped up a notch today and with that self-validation, I have more faith, trust, ease in being free to be me.
I feel more in my own power and trusting my own journey.
Not knowing the next step is ok, I’m enjoying the pause button.
My voice is valid, my ideas are valid, the way that I experience the world is valid, my current place where I’m at now, without all the advanced stuff is valid. And from that, I have confidence to be free to be me.
It’s a pretty awesome space right now and I don’t have any desire to, it’s sort of like now is time to pause and reflect and work out in my own time, my own abilities, in my own way, how to navigate through this journey.
I’m comfortable in the now and feeling quite stoked.
It’s huge for me to reach this spot.

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