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I woke up with a theory this morning, or rather, a better clarity about why all sorts of different natural methods of healing work.

I mean things like: EFT (emotional freedom techniques/tapping), meditation, yoga, prayer, hypnosis, nlp, the emotion code, past-life therapy, crystals, spells, quotes, chakra cleansing, affirmations, positive thinking, crystals, water therapy, placebos, voodoo, gratitude, journalling, homoeopathy, reiki, qi gong, distance healing, psychic healing, magnets, acupuncture, etc.

Actually my new found clarity, also explains why some of these methods “Don’t” work for some people. But to get on the same page as me, you have to first go through the same process…

Water Crystals & Rice Experiments

Before I went to bed, I watched some “rice & water” experiments (thank you facebook heh).
Do you remember the Japanese researcher (Dr. Masaru Emoto) (1) who was featured in a section of “What the Bleep do we know? (2) (3)

He was the one that showed that meditating on a cell of water, ‘changed’ the molecular structure of the cell; that positive meditation changed it to look ‘beautiful’ and hateful/negative thoughts or polluted water made it look ‘ugly’.

In the movie, they featured the beautiful photos (on posters) at a train station, showing the beautiful shapes of the water crystals.

Water Crystals
“Chi of Love” water photo in “What the Bleep do we know” movie

His water experiments inspired a mother & son to come up with an experiment that they could perform on their own. They put cooked rice into 2 glass jars, and everyday they said “Thank you” to one, and “You Fool” to the other. They continued this experiment for one month and at the end of the month, the “thankyou” rice gave off a rich & pleasant smell, like that of malted rice and the rice that was told “you fool” turned black & gave off a foul odour.

Emoto Rice Experiment
Emoto Rice Experiment

The experiment enables any of us to see the effect of our intentions & thoughts (on rice & water), in our own homes, without requiring a microscope. And since then, thousands have done their own experiments. (4) Each adding cooked rice to jars, and then sending their intentions to the jars – either loving, hating, or ignoring, and each getting almost unanimous results.

Dr. Emoto’s rice experiment:

1st Jar.) Thank you
2nd Jar.) You’re an Idiot
3rd Jar.) Completely ignored

Each day, he would say “Thank you” (in Japanese) to the first jar, “You’re an idiot” to the second jar, and the third jar he completely ignored. After one month, the first jar that had been thanked started to ferment, giving off a pleasant aroma, the second jar turned black, and the third jar began to rot.

Another person’s rice experiment

3 jars with the following labels:
1.) Thank you, I love you
2.) I hate you, you Fool
3.) –

On day 147, his experiment showed what happens to the rice when each day, you send love to the “love” jar, hate to the “hate” jar, and completely ignore the 3rd jar.

The results of all experiments, show that over time, the love jar’s rice looks & smells good, the hate jar goes black & mouldy, and the ignored jar is the worst of them all.

13 day experiment with a daily-log, containing a rice test of “Love” and “Hate”:

After 13 days, the Love rice looked still good enough to eat and the Hate rice was totally rotten & mouldy.

We have a lot of water in our bodies

Human Body Water Content Percentage
Water composition of tissues & organs by weight
There is so much to understand and learn about the universe we live in. But considering 50-75% of our bodies contains water (5) (6) (blood being 83-92% water, the muscles being 75% water, lungs being 80-90% water, brain 74-83%, liver 68-75%, kidneys 82%, skin 72%, spleen 75-77%, & bones about 22%) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) , the implications of this experiment are possibly much greater than just physically seeing the changes in food & pretty images in water.

It begs the question about whether our thoughts & our intentions can also change the cell structure of our own bodies and whether our positive or negative thoughts are making us thrive & be healthy, or making us rotten & sick.

To some people, this experiment might just be an awesome ‘power of positive/negative thinking’ experiment. Or an experiment that helps them send positive thoughts to their food & water before consuming.

For others, it may be the key to unlocking their consciousness to inspire positive changes in everything in their life – to understanding the real damage of their negative thinking; to making a concerted effort not to ignore their children, or ignore their health issues, to stop hating themselves or seeking revenge on others, etc. & to understanding the real changes that can come from positive thinking; healing themselves, healing loved ones, etc. or even opening up their minds to the power of our consciousness as a whole – that each individual is helping to co-create the type of world we live in, and bring up possible solutions that an individual can do to help save the world, or make positive/negative changes in the world, etc. To direct change based on thought. (It at least starts the conversation!)

For me, when I woke up today, there was a new clarity of why all these different natural mind-related or energy-related healing methods might work so well for so many people (or “not” work so well for some people, whatever the case may be).

What if it’s the “Intention” that does the healing?

I think it’s the “intention” behind the methods that helps heal the cells. And the “method” is just a “tool” to “focus the intention”.

I’ve read a lot about this type of theory, it’s not a new concept – but it’s the first time I think that there may actually be a way to demonstrate this thought process to ‘non-believers’ (people who think that their mindset & intentions have nothing to do with their illness/woe’s). To me, it was the ‘physical’ proof that some people need before they make an adjustment in their life towards healing and bettering their lives. A ‘step’ in a new direction for some, an opening of an awareness that may not of been there before.

Thinking about what we may “really” be doing when we use any of these methods to “heal” ourselves. (When we meditate, when we exercise, when we make our food, when we are inspired by a quote, when we listen to music that makes us feel good, etc.)

[tweetable alt=””]What if it’s the “intention” rather than the “method” that holds the healing power?[/tweetable]

Juicing & SmoothiesWhat if the immediate benefits that people get from juicing or smoothies, is not just from the concentrated nutrients of the food entering the bloodstream, but the thought-process behind making the ‘lifestyle change’; their ‘intention’ to do something ‘positive’ for their bodies?

The fact that they have chosen a juice/smoothie for the nutrition, makes them appreciate the vitamins & minerals, appreciate their body, to unconsciously say to their own cells: “I care about you”. “I love you enough to give you the nutrients you need to get better”. The mindset change that sends out to the universe, “I want to live!” “I want to be healthy” “I want to thrive!” and the changes to their cells that help make the healing happen.

Intentional “Miracle” Healing

HealingI wrote a post about how you need to ‘believe’ that your sick friends/relatives will get better, and send them healing & loving thoughts, even if you don’t agree with the methods they chose to best heal themselves (at the time, it was a direct message to all those who were opposed to medical doctors – some people who have embraced ‘alternative’ medicine unfortunately get very ‘cult-ish’ that natural methods are the only way to heal, and don’t realize that it really doesn’t matter if they are right or wrong, they are affecting the patient in a negative way by not standing ‘with’ them if the person they love decided to choose a medical treatment that was in direct conflict with their own beliefs).

When you believe something, it’s very difficult to “change” your beliefs. It would be hard for me to believe that “medicine” would heal me now that I’ve embraced natural healing, so it’s just as difficult for someone who has embraced traditional medicine to change their beliefs to natural healing – even if you “know” you are right – they “know” that “they” are right – get it? You are only hurting them – cursing them – by not standing “with” whatever decision they make about their own health and healing methods. Your resistance, your worry/concern, your doubts and anger/frustration – is a “negative” vibration that you are sending to the one you love, when more than ever they need your “positive” intention of healing.. your “belief” that they will recover & thrive.

The message behind the post was basically… “your ‘intention’ will help or hinder their progress.” and that “their” belief system will help them heal, no matter what the treatment they are given.

If you remember the post, it was about those 250 cancer patients that completely healed themselves, each one of them using different methods (some choosing natural methods like diet/yoga/meditation/acupuncture and more, others prayer & positive thinking, etc, and others chemotherapy/radiation/medication, etc.) and despite all using different methods, the one thing they all had in common was that they all ‘believed’ that whatever treatment/method they were using, was the one that was going to help them.

In other words, their beliefs & intentions of healing, meant that no matter what method they decided was right for them, helped their body & mind “intend” to be well.

I think we’ve also seen the deterioration of patients from the other side of the coin too. When medical doctors give an “estimated” life span. They are not God. It’s just an opinion. They are basically ‘cursing’ their patients to a death date that they themselves have only guessed. And the mind that believes such detrimental news, can “intend” themselves to death as they make their “final preparations” and say their goodbye’s. Those that have a mindset that can reflect such negative ideas and have a will to live, and an “intention” to live and get healthy, can “miraculously” get through their death sentence.

It’s only a ‘miracle’ if we don’t have this understanding that our intentions will help heal us or help kill us.

To what end can this experiment help us?

This rice test, is just a small, powerful experiment that anyone can do, to help open their minds to the realization that our thoughts can change matter, and how we can use that experiment in our lives to help heal the world and everything about our lives & the people we love. What else can our powerful minds do, that we didn’t even know was possible?

Gosh, this little rice test, may even change the way we do future science experiments or the results of past research. That the “intentions” behind the researchers or other factors & people & companies & universities involved, may of reflected the results of the research that was performed.

Why food from a loving chef who loves what he/she does, tastes so much better than food from people who are angry/hateful.

Mixed Salad Closeup
My Divine Salad

It could also explain why I now love eating salads when I’ve always avoided them in the past – that it may be due to my new belief system that this food is nourishing my body and helping me become healthy, and “that” is what is making the salad so delicious to me. When I’m preparing my salad, and adding certain ingredients for health reasons, I’m ‘intentionally’ adding things that I believe are helpful to my healing, strength, vitality, and longevity.

Those are the thoughts that are in my head when I’m preparing the salad (consciously or sub-consciously), and the “intention” to heal, as well as my knowledge about why I’m adding certain things (i.e. adding this to get my vitamin c, adding this to get my ALA, adding this to detox heavy metals, adding this to help my lungs, etc.)…

… All those thoughts are sending out vibrations and intentions and “gratitude” to the cells of the food, and changing them on a molecular level, I feel “lucky” to be able to have access to this food, and as a result, the food tastes better, and is quite possibly the reason I’m gaining so many benefits from eating them. Even a year ago, I wouldn’t of described a salad as “divine”, but that’s how I describe them these days. 

Why water tastes so good, like liquid-gold, when you are dehydrated. Your appreciation & gratitude for quenching your thirst, your love and gratefulness.

Why people who talk to & care for their plants have bountiful, delicious, thriving plants. We used to think plant-talkers were nuts.. but those who have tried it.. see the results. It works, but we don’t understand why, so we call it crazy.

There is so much about the world that is beyond our current understanding. So many questions we can’t answer to our children because we still don’t understand it ourselves. And it’s those people that keep asking and trying to discover the answers that will keep us moving forward and opening up new & amazing possibilities.

It would also explain the mystery on why some people can seemingly be mistreating their bodies and out-live those who are seemingly living a healthier lifestyle. i.e. smokers who out-live non-smokers, etc.

I am in love with these kinds of experiments because it helps my own consciousness to grow. It helps me ask more questions, which helps me seek answers, and to change my own beliefs – it keeps my mind open to discovering more.

But just as importantly – there are so many people out there that need help, who are sick, dying, desperate, or depressed.. and have a feeling of “helplessness”, and unfortunately that feeling of helplessness could be “intending” them sicker & sicker.

This experiment, whilst being an entertaining school project to some, can be life-changing for others. To give them “hope”. And with “hope” there is an automatic removal of “helplessness”. With hope and optimism, comes change. The intention to change could be enough to start the healing process. Isn’t that kinda cool? The intention to change helping them immediately, on a cellular level?

Methods to Intensify the Intention

Energy Healing ToolsSo this concept of energy healing, vibration healing, or mindset-related healing being just ‘tools’ to intensify the “intention” is what I am trying to process here. That the “act” or “tool” or “prop” you use, is helping the intensity of your “intention” for positive change, so that just like the rice in the jar, we are focusing our intention – our healing/positive intention on our own bodies. I think that might be what they are really about. I think that’s why they “work” (or don’t work for some).

For Emotional Freedom Techniques and any other ‘tapping’ protocol.. you are intentionally bringing to mind that no matter what is bothering you, you love and believe in yourself. The “act” of doing something “towards” health, is the “intention” to heal. And using this method or any other method, intensifies the “intention” ~ brings a stronger focus on the intention to do something towards health/feeling better is what is changing your cells, and is what actually heals you and removes the anxiety, stress, etc. 

For Yoga/Tai Chi/Qi Gong, you are intentionally bringing & moving energy & focusing your mind in order to heal yourself… you are ‘intentionally’ bringing to mind healing thoughts.. that you care about your body & mind. Even subconsciously those who are doing any kind of exercise.. they are making an ‘effort’ … the “intention” to gain benefits of some kind are there.

You don’t just “do Yoga” or any other exercise unconsciously – you deliberately make a decision to do it, and it’s that act, that thought, from the reasons behind you deciding to do it, to then deciding to do it, that set up the healing intention, which sets up the change of cells, which makes you notice and appreciate the benefits gained, and makes you feel better, stronger, happier, and healthier.

What do you think?

If you read this whole post and watched the videos, and are still here.. woah, thanks! lol. I’m impressed because I just wanted to get these thoughts out of my head. But since you are still here, I’d love to know what you think about this..

Do you think it’s the “intention” behind the method that is the true power of the methods?

What are your thoughts?

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