[Ramtha] The White Book 4 All those should-have’s

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[Ramtha] The White Book 4 All those should-have's

Notes from ‘The White Book‘ by Ramtha

Those who come here with one little direction and stay with that direction, because it is socially acceptable here, suffer at the time of death from agony and regret that they should have done this, they should have done that, they should have loved this one and married that one.

All of those should-haves will bring them back here to experience all of the now-can-haves until they are filled with all of that. Then they return no more.

Student: But then I came back because I had a should-have, and I don’t know what that is.

Ramtha: It is living. If that is too simple to understand, then create for yourself a reason for living and pursue it heartily. But when you have fulfilled it, what will you live for then? Another reason, and on and on and on.

Student: So there’s no particular thing that I came back for, that I might miss accomplishing this time?

Ramtha: Wisdom is accumulated emotion. That is what makes each entity different from all others who come to this plane. You will not experience the things you have already experienced and understood, for you will have no desire to.

The things that you have yet to understand – adventures that hold the promise of fulfillment and wisdom – you will always be drawn to, for they will excite you, tempt you, intrigue you, puzzle you.

If you will simply allow yourself to be and listen to the urgings within your being, the feelings within you, you will always be experiencing what you are most needing in order to expand your wondrous self into greater wisdom and perpetual joy.

If you are needing a reason for being, let the reason be the one thing that will be with you throughout eternity, and that is called love of self. Love for yourself will survive into eternity, while the purpose of being a this or a that will be fulfilled in this life, only to be replaced by something else.

What is the only thing that will be with you for always? Whatever you can add to yourself that will expand you into greater wisdom and more profound love for yourself, and that is doing whatever will make you the greatest that you can be in your own eyes, the most discriminating eyes there are. That will last forever. You, master, are the purpose in life.

When everyone goes beyond thinking that they must do this or that – or that their destiny is this or that, and they get down to the business of being, living explicitly in the moment – they will find a grander happiness and a greater freedom than they have ever known before, a release into life and how it should truly be lived.

That is your purpose – to be.

Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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