[Ramtha] The White Book 3 Why are you here?

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[Ramtha] The White Book 3 Why are you here?

Notes from ‘The White Book‘ by Ramtha

God’s only plan is that it is. It is everything vibrating at one with itself, at a tone that is based first in thought, and from thought into mass – vibrating, adding and taking from consciousness, elongating – expressing yet another moment of life.

When you understand that life simply is, that allows you the freedom and the power to create your life to the greatest of your ability. And you may rest assured that whatever you do in the next moment, you will be vibrating amongst all life, and you will continue to do so in the next moment and the next one and the ones to come thereafter.

There is not a plan for life. There is only Isness.

To be in a state of Isness is the grandest expression there is – Isness. What matters, entity, is that you are. That is all that matters.

The purpose of life is to be a part of it, to be the creator of it, to illuminate it. There is no other destiny than to live and to allow yourself to be whatever you desire to be as life unfolds within you, moment to moment to moment. And in fulfilling that purpose, know that you have the unlimited freedom to become and do and be whatever you desire.

In the Isness, all things are measured solely in terms of fulfillment, in terms of the emotional experience needed by the soul to fulfill itself in wisdom.

Everything that you have ever done – however beautiful or vile you have determined it to be – you have done simply for the sake of knowing. You were pressed by your soul and your passions to do it in order to learn. Only by doing it did you realize and ascertain the value of that doing and thus gain from it. That is neither evil nor is it wicked; that is what it takes to become God.

Man – not God – judges man.

And man in his creativity has devised the balance of good and evil to take from his brothers their freedom of expression. The fear of punishment for not being in line with religious dogma or the laws of governments has been the sword that has ruled and controlled nations for ages.

And if ever there were what you call in your terms an evil thing, it is that which takes away the freedom of an entity to express the God within him. And each time that is done to another, it is also being done to self and more profoundly so, for whatever judgement or limitation you place upon another, it becomes a law within your own consciousness. And by that law so shall you be limited and so shall you judge yourself.

If you choose to believe there is good and evil, then that is your truth, and you are not wrong at all. But, remember, it is your truth; not mine or anyone else’s. And if indeed it is yours, it collectively belongs to you because it is formed in your opinion. As long as you have that opinion, it will certainly be real. When you no longer believe it, it will no longer be a reality. That is simply how it is.

In the understanding called God, nothing is evil. Everything is an experience that provides wisdom.

The only laws that exist are those which you allow to be effective in your kingdom. The true lawgiver is each sovereign entity, for each possesses an ego that accepts truth. And whatever he calls truth, whatever he creates as a law in his being, so it will be. Thus it is through belief and altered understanding that many have set up for themselves the laws of balance and perfection.

You are a free soul and Spirit. You are free to create and experience in the moment whatever truth, whatever reality, whatever illusion you so choose.

You are the creator of every moment of your life by what you think and feel in this moment. You only have to learn that this moment, this Now, is indeed forever, ’tis ongoing. And in the ongoingness of this Now, each moment is brand new.

No one is ruled by the past. Whatsoever you did a moment ago or a millennium ago, you do not have to pay for anytime. The very moment you did it, you gained understanding.

The past was simply a Now moment that was experienced and is no more. The only bearing it has on the present is that you already learned all you could learn from it. Thus it has provided you the wisdom to create this moment to the grandest of your ability, according to your own intimate thought processes and purposeful designs.

The past is finished; it is no more. The past lives within you in this Now only as wisdom. That is what it has gained you. That is why in this Now you are the greatest you have ever been in all your lives, for in this Now you have progressed into knowingness further than your yester-Now. You are this moment the cumulative whole of all your knowledge – knowledge gained through experience – and experience gained through the virtue called life. And every moment you express, you are creating anew a new adventure into emotion and the pearls of experience called wisdom.

When you realize that now is all there ever is, you will inevitably choose to live your life in such a way that in each moment you live the adventure that the feelings in your soul urge you to pursue, that you are experiencing whatever you have never experienced before in order to expand yourself into even greater wisdom.

You are here to learn that wherever you are, you are there for no other reason than you want to be there. It is your will to be there. You are here to reconcile wisdom and to implement it upon the platform of life. You are here in this lifetime – and however many more lifetimes you wish to be here – to play out this illusion and to experience all the things that your soul needs in order to fulfill itself in wisdom. And when you have gained the rich vapour of emotion from your experiences upon this plane, you will no longer need or desire to return here. And only you determine when you are finished here; no one else does.

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