[Ramtha] The White Book 2 Who are you?

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[Ramtha] The White Book 2 Who are you?

Notes from ‘The White Book‘ by Ramtha

Who are you? Why are you here? What is your purpose and your destiny? Do you think you are merely a creature of coincidence born to live in a wisp of time and then to be no more, indeed? What makes you think you did not live before?

You have lived upon this plane thousands of lifetimes, and you have come and gone like a fickle wind. You have lived every face, every color, every creed, every religion. You have warred and been warred upon. You have been king and servant alike. You have been sailor and captain. You have been conqueror and conquered. You have been everything there is in all of your historical understandings. Why? For the purpose of feeling, for the purpose of wisdom, for the purpose of identifying the greatest mystery of all times – you.

Where do you think you came from? Do you think you are simply a wretched bunch of cellular mass that has evolved from a singular cell? Then who is it that peers so intently from behind your eyes?

Everything that you are, you have become over the vastness of time by living life after life after life. And from each of those life experiences, you have gathered to you the wisdom that has helped to formulate the uniqueness and the beauty called you.

You think your parents created you? Your mother and father are your genetic parents but they did not create you. In a greater understanding, they are your beloved brothers. And you are indeed as old as they are, for all entities were created in the same moment.

All were born when God, the grand and magnificent thought, contemplated and expanded itself into the brilliance of light. That is when you came to be; that is when you were born.

Your body is only a cloak that represents the unseen essence that is your true identity: the collection of feeling attitudes, called your personality self, that lies within your embodiment.

What you truly are is Spirit and soul, a light-entity and an emotional entity combined. Your Spirit – this little point of light – surrounds all molecular structures of your body; thus it houses and supports the mass of your embodiment. Your soul lies within the mass, near your heart, in a cavity under a shield of bone wherein nothing exists except electrical energy.

Your soul records and stores, in the form of emotion, every thought you have ever entertained. It is because of the unique collectiveness of emotion stored within your soul that you have a unique ego identity or personality self. The body that you inhabit is simply a carriage – a chosen, refined vehicle – that allows you to live and play upon a plane of matter. Yet through your vehicle you have steeped yourself in the illusion that your body is who you are.

Who you are, you chose to be. What you look like, you created. How you live, you wholly designed and destined.

You create your life through your own thought processes by how you think. Everything you think, you will feel, and all that you feel manifests to create the conditions of your life.

You are precisely what you are thinking. Everything you think, so will it be in your life.

How is your future created? Through thought. All of your tomorrows are designed by your thoughts this very day, for every thought you entertain – every fantasy you have, for whatever emotional purpose – creates a feeling within your body which is recorded within your soul. That feeling then sets a precedent for the conditions in your life, for it will draw to you circumstances that will create and match the same feeling that has been recorded in your soul. And know that every word you utter is creating your days to come, for words are only sounds that express the feelings within your soul that have been given birth through thought.

No one is a victim of anyone else’s will or designs. Everything that happens to you, you have thought and felt into your life. Either it has been fantasized in what-ifs or in fears, or someone has told you that something would be and you accepted it as a truth. Everything that happens, happens as an intentional act that is ordained through thought and emotion. Everything.

So who is the creator of your life? You. Who is the designer of your life? You. All that you are and all that you have experienced, you have created through your own collective reasoning through thought, which is God. You have accepted into your life precisely all that you have desired to accept, and you have experienced life according to your accepted values. It is you who determine what is good for you, what is to be accepted by you, what is to be experienced by you. It is you, by your own thinking.

Each of you has the freedom of will to accept and embrace whatever thoughts you choose, and with that awesome power you have created everything for yourself. Your every thought creates the destiny that lies before you. Your every feeling creates your path called life.

Once you could create a flower. But what do you create for yourselves now? Your greatest creations are unhappiness, worry, pity, misery, hatred, dissension, self-denial, age, disease, and death.

You create for yourselves a life of limitation by accepting limiting beliefs, which then become steadfast truths within your beings and thus the reality of your lives. You separate yourselves from life by judging all things, all people, and even yourselves. You live by a code of fashion called beauty and surround yourselves with things that permit you to be accepted by the limited consciousness of man, which accepts nothing but its own unattainable ideal.

You, the great creative Gods who were once the winds of freedom, have become herdlike entities who cloister in great cities and live in fear behind locked doors.

You have created a society that regulates how you should think, what you should believe, how you should act, and what you should look like.

You fear war and the rumors of war. You fear diseasements. You fear unacknowledgment. You tremble to look into the eyes of another, yet you hunger for the affection called love. You question every good thing that happens to you and doubt if it will ever happen again.

You have thought yourselves into despair. You have thought yourselves into unworthiness. You have thought yourselves into failure. You have thought yourselves into disease. You have thought yourselves into death. All of those things you have created, for the fiery creator within – who has the power to take a thought and create universes or set stars ablaze in the heavens for an eternity – has entrapped itself into belief and dogma, fashion and tradition, limited thought by limited thought by limited thought. And it is your own disbeliefs that have not allowed you to live.

This life is all a game. It is an illusion. All of it is. But you, the players, have come to believe that it is the only reality. Yet the only reality that has ever existed and ever will exist is life, a free, ongoing essence of being that allows you to create your games however you wish to play them.

This life you are living is a dream – a great dream – a facade, if you will. It is thought playing with matter, and it creates deep realities that bind your emotions to this plane until you, the dreamer, wake up.

Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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