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Back when I first got my “insights and downloads” about who we are and what reality is, etc. I was seeking for anyone who had the same experiences. I came across the Ramtha material and was starting to read The White Book which seems very in alignment to my visions and writings.

And as I was resonating, I started looking for videos or more information, and after watching some videos of the channellings, and reading the fear-based judgemental comments from mostly Christians talking about demons, I had allowed “social-fear” to influence me to be fearful of the material, that it might be cultish or for people who are easily led astray or of a dark nature. I also believed any negative remark that I read when reading reviews – scouring for the negative. I think at that time in my life, channelling scared the shit out of me. Because I was vibrating in fear – I was attracting fear, but I didn’t realize how much work on fear I had to do until after I had done the work. So at that time, I started seeking elsewhere for answers.

Now it’s a few years later and since then I’ve faced my fears head-on and expanded past my negative ways of looking at the world, allowing the hostility within to burn away as I faced myself and my own demons. I’ve delved in so many places, my mind no longer lives in the fear that used to envelope me at the thought of being “wrong” or “misled”, and I’ve come to my own realizations about demons and evil (if you have been on this journey with me, you’ll see how I saw it a few years ago compared to now).

Yesterday a couple of people mentioned Ramtha in a Facebook group I’m in and I noticed my internal alarm bell going off, reminding me about this material and how I had felt the first time I started researching it. Curiosity got the better of me and I did a search and because my mind is no longer trained to “look for the negative”, I saw only the positive – it was confusing for a second because I don’t remember it being that way.

Then I did a YouTube search and found the most recent interview I could find and as I watched it, I realized that I have definitely grown and expanded since first coming across the material, and I’ve decided to explore The White Book concepts from my new non-fear-based me :)

Here is the interview I watched last night:

The original interview was on the Dark Journalist youtube channel here.

Today I loaded up The White Book in my phone and using a speak-app, I’m listening to the material and I’ll be starting to take notes and publishing them for my own note-taking records for anyone interested. The posts will come up automatically below when they have been posted:

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