[Ramtha] Beginners Guide to Creating Reality

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[Ramtha] Beginners Guide to Creating Reality

Notes from the book “A Beginners Guide to Creating Reality” by Ramtha

So if you have created everything in your life, you are responsible for everything you have done for yourself. You are responsible for your successes and your failures, and it was you who determined they were successes or failures.

If you were the person responsible for your happiness or your depression, it was you who chose to feel those ways, and it was as simple as that and always has been.

The moment that you know that your mind can shift this and accelerate it, the moment you know that, your life changes in that moment.

And how does it change? It says, “Now I know the power was within me, that whatsoever I think, I create. My reality is only equal to my runaway thinking“.

What if I were to sit down, still, in one moment, and ask myself what want I from this life? What is it that I have never known? What is it I have never experienced? What about myself?

Now you make a list. What would you want to do?

If your life could be longer and you could change anything according to what you are thinking and according to your acceptance, how different would you be today? Vastly different, because at that moment then, you would understand that the brain operates on flashes of pictures, holograms, and that every time they flash we call this thinking, and that every time it flashes it occupies this space right here [frontal lobe], and every time it flashes from this point here it is affecting this field.

What if then I could draw a thought, and what if I could hold that thought right here for a deliberate period of time, would the same law apply to a deliberate use of the Observer’s principle in creating reality? Indeed it will, because the moment you hold it here with utter acceptance is the moment you change your timeline. Everything starts to change into a flux.

What you dream here, what you hold here [frontal lobe], when you get up your life will start to fall apart and you will say, “This is not what I saw.” Yes, it is what you saw because as everything falls apart, what we are saying is if we could dismantle the particles in a table, the table would disappear and what we would have would be a radiant light-field where the table once was. That is change, is it not? So how constricted is your life?

You have to dissolve the past, because everyone in this room thinks in terms of their future based on their past. And what holds you there? Guilt, negativity, fear, and afraid to change.

So what happens when you focus on something wonderful in your life? A lot of things in your life are going to fall apart. Why? Because the energy that holds them together must be liberated so that what you are wanting can be re-formed.

Tonight I want you to sit down and think of three things that you would like to have happen in your life. Just three things, a dream – it can be anything as long as you accept it.

So go back into your room of dreams and go looking for something you lost along the way. And most of you lost it when you were children. Go back and find something that you would like to have happen to you, but make certain it is within the realm of your acceptance.

And then you write it out, draw a picture of it. When you are finished, I want you to contemplate yourself, and the point I want you to focus on is what you want you to change about yourself. And everything is possible.

There is no such thing as permanent addiction to the past. It is only temporary. You focus on your lack, your doubt – anything – your sickness, and then write it out. What are three things you want to change about your life? Write it out and then draw a picture of it. That is all I want you to do.

And then before you go to your slumber – don’t watch television – read, so that you go to sleep with lofty thoughts in your mind. And what is it that you need to read? Read about quantum mechanics. Read about creating reality. Read about the concept of another life and who will you be in that other life. Give yourself food for your Spirit – not your body but your Spirit – and go to sleep with that in your brain.

You are in a state of amnesia about your own divinity. You are, for the most part, superstitious and dogmatic. What I have taught you today is very simple. Most certainly it is complex when we understand it in biological terms. And it may be disturbing and complex when we talk about the hidden being made manifest as energy, but it will become clear.

Your ability to change is in a moment. Imagine what you have not learned. Imagine what you don’t know. You have been stuck, reincarnated, on the same behavioural pattern, different bodies, the same old attitude. You can’t do any worse than you have already done.

It is the very things that they accept that they manifest straightaway. And it is the very things that they don’t accept that they don’t get straightaway.

He knew that however he saw anything is exactly how he agreed for it to be.

Look, if I am telling you today that what you think affects all life around you, then if you stop for a moment and reflect, you will see how your life has stayed static according to your image thoughts.

Your energy is that you accept what is mundane in your life. You accept your ill health, you accept your problems, you accept your limitations, and because you accept them you freeze them and lock then that energy into a relationship. That is what you do every day.

Now think about this for a moment. What if you were conscious every day of your thoughts? Most of you are unconscious of your thoughts. You are unconscious of the way you speak. You speak like barbarians, like trash, unbecoming to a God. You don’t even use your words as force. But what if for a solid week you were observing the way you thought? What if you got to do that? You would certainly see how a train of thought is the image that is necessary for creating life the way you have been experiencing it. So what if we change the picture? If we change the picture, we change reality.

Now when I said to you last night, “Go and think of three things you would like,” what did I tell you to do? I said, “Think.” So you are sitting down and you are telling your brain, “Now pull up the files. What do we want? Let’s see, what do we want? Oh, want, oh.” Your brain is forming thoughts. At first you had something and then you tried to think of two more things.

Did you know you are trying to think what you want? Isn’t it interesting that you have to try to think of what you want? Why, if a genie appeared in front of you, you would be tongue-tied for the first five minutes.

The brain is giving you images. When you decided what you want, you had to make your yellow brain be creative with you. And then it would give you an image, and you know what you did? You thought about the image. You know what else you did? You judged the image. “Oh, that will never happen. I don’t deserve that. Oh, that is too much. Get real.

That is what I am trying to tell you to do is to get real. So you put an image up and then you analyzed it.

Wouldn’t you think that that is an ill-use of analysis now knowing what you know? What if you just created something and didn’t judge it at all and said, “This is what I want.” What would happen?

What would happen if you judged it? What if you were running an analysis on this hologram? You don’t get it. You know why? Because it is under analysis. Even though it is sitting there, it is not permitted to do anything because it is being judged and weighed. It is being thought about, talked about. It is never left alone. As long as it is under analysis, it never manifests.

Without energy this doesn’t go anywhere. If we allow it, we give it the greatest energy of all. If we discern it, we take away from it. We limit its energy.

Consciousness and energy create the nature of reality. The lists that you made today of what you wanted to change and what you wanted to have manifested for your life, I want you to put the date and your calendar year on those lists, and when you go home I want you to put them in a place that you see them every morning and every night.

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