Ramble about other Campers, Conspiracies, Poison, Chemtrails, Wheat, & more

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Sick, Olive Leaf Extract, Ramble about other campers that I met up with (Suicidal eratic guy & awesome family)

Drinking at the campfire, higher consciousness, aliens, ufo’s, hangover

Accident – gash on my head, natural first aid to stop bleeding, tea tree oil, manuka honey, Mt Franklin, Sick, Grape Seed Extract, Ester-C, antioxidants.

Woke up with 2 dreams. Starting to record my dreams. One about negative entities attacking my friend, and another about youtuber’s sharing falseness who aren’t seeing beyond.

Heading home. Camping in the freezing cold. Changes my thoughts about moving to Ballarat region for my business.
Follow the sun. Van life.

Being alone while camping allowed me to understand more about negative & positive entities and how they interact with us.

Experiences. Clean-living.
Drugs vs Natural way of experiencing the changes in the universe.

Detoxing from fluoride & toxins. There’s a lot of stuff that are stopping people from seeing the changes in the universe. Chlorophyll.

TV keeps people at a certain frequency.

Co-Creating reality through mass consciousness.

Turn off the tv and any kind of things that make you feel negative is a step towards helping humanity – the collective consciousness.

Detoxing so that they can see beyond. I want more people to see what I can see.

This whole thing is being orchestrated.

Wheat is contaminated poison.

Steroid chicken is the worst food in Australia. Chicken-only eaters are the most brainwashed, stressed-out, and anxious people.

Dairy industry is corrupt. Grains are contaminated.

Grass-fed butter from New Zealand.

Brainwashed masses.

Worst-case scenario from detoxing yourself from fluoride is that you will get your health back and your cells will regenerate. Best-case scenario – you will start seeing beyond the veil.

I’ve gotta quit smoking.

Highway fumes, chemtrails (or jet fuel), aluminium in the soil, dementia, alzheimers, M.S., autism, vaccines.

Question everything, we’re too trusting.

Ramble about rat race keeping people’s heads in the sand, keeping people too busy to question.

Why are you dumping toxic waste in the water, and why are you dumping aluminum from the skies.

Too many vaccines for babies.

Dreams again. Hope to meetup with that Camping family again.

Thanks for letting me ramble, I hope noone sat through this, but if you did – thumbs up to you xo

Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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