To heal this world and help people we need to raise our vibrations

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To heal this world and help people we need to raise our vibrations..

If you don’t cultivate love with yourself, you can’t send it fully to those you want to help feel it.
You need to be soaking in it and then you can send it out everywhere and help the whole planet/universe.

We need to find ways to harness love in our hearts. To stay in that higher vibration.
SUN. Love. Releasing that which you are resisting. Tapping into your core. Opening your heart.

Heal your heart with your intention and knowing; faith.

Chi. Move body & Stillness.

For me to get these insights to begin with, I needed to clear my soul of hate, frustration, burdens, suffering, self-doubt, fears, apathy, resistance, blame, anger, misery, judgements. Not all of them, but when the “big stuff” was shifted, and replaced with higher frequency energies/vibrations like: Forgiveness, appreciation, gratitude, love, hope, happiness, fun, joy, bliss, peace, acceptance, service to others, and faith I was able to start tapping into what I call the *crazy* and have a much better human experience :) 

For years, I was suffering depression. Not just for my own self-misery woe-is-me stuff, but I needed to see a solution to the worlds’ woes. I dwelled there, trying to come up with answers, solutions. How can we heal this planet, how can we ease the suffering, how can we end the corruption, how can we cultivate a place where people help each other without this “me, me, me” mentality, where we love each other instead of bordering up our countries and our hearts. The solution that came was to raise the vibration of the world, starting with myself, then sending it out.

Help everyone raise vibration and the world has no woes. We are free to explore beyond, experience “more”.

This world is needed however. This world helps us grow. This world is a unique experience.

This world is the stepping stone to the next.
We don’t have to change anyone.
We just help them up the stairs and they help us.
It’s a pathway / doorway to the next adventure.
You can take as long as you like.
We are all angels.
Experience whatever you want to help propel you further in the next journey.
To gain all the wisdom to help evolve your soul.

This experience – everyone is at where they are at. Learning what they need to learn. Dwelling where they need/want to dwell. When they want to change their experience to dwell and learn/experience a new experience, they simply need to guide themselves to that experience. Trust their soul. Everything is here to help you grow your soul.

There is no such thing as time except in this place.
Here, we come to experience “Time”.
To slow down our manifesting abilities to a moment.
To experience/ look at / observe it in a moment.

We have done this many times and we are doing it many times at once.

We love this existence because it tests our resolve, it pains us, it frustrates us. Nowhere else can we experience this. This is a unique experience that we enjoy because we gain so much wisdom and new experiences because of it.

It’s just an experience. One of infinite possibilities.
Where we slow down and love. Where we go to experiencing helping ourselves and each other.
Many entities love coming into this experience to experience.
But we still love so much and want to help ease suffering.
Its that love for one another and witnessing the pain and suffering that helps our souls shine, that shows us who we really are. That we have an infinite ability to love, and that we are all part of this. 

Nothing is an accident.
This time. This place will always exist for us to re-experience again and again.
But those who want to experience another dimension will take steps to do so.
Will use this entity/human vehicle / splinter of ourselves to move through this world.

The journey / experience and wisdom we gain here is too powerful to resist.
Conquering adversity is the experience here.
Seeing what is possible in human form – in “limited” form is the experience.

We know we are meant for more, because our soul reminds us when we need reminding of our infinite truth.

If you desire to use this experience to help the world. You are ‘choosing’ pain and suffering to experience conquering it. To experience service to others, selflessness.

This world / experience is your creation.
Everything in it is used as a tool to serve your souls growth and for the experience.
We want to experience everything.

You are here to be who you are. To have your unique experience for your soul’s growth – for everyone’s soul’s growth – all parts of you and all parts of everyone. Including the animals and plants and rocks and cars.

Use this world to experience all shades of being human.


Here we also get to co-mingle with other creators, other parts of ourselves, other ideas, experience other possibilities – infinite possibilities, we are co-existing and at the same time, we have unique identities and together we are creating what we want or stepping into what we need, and also experiencing co-creation, where if many have the same thoughts, then that is the reality that is created to experience, but all of it is just a possibility that we are experiencing, all of it is just one aspect that we are experiencing and we can choose to experience different versions and perspectives and sides to this creation. And all of it cultivates wisdom for our soul and experiences for our soul to learn and grow from.

And I also think because we all come from a place of love, and have an inner love for everything, and a knowing of the truth, that when we see suffering, that is our spur that drives us to take action, and we love so much and we don’t want to see others suffering, and yet we’re suffering ourselves because we’re in this limited form, feeling powerless to do what we can easily do in comparison to what we are beyond this experience, that this form of suffering would never exist in other parts of us, so we have an inner calling to relieve the suffering.

And I think its that love for one another and witnessing and experiencing this pain and suffering, that helps our souls shine. That shows us who we are, that we have this infinite ability to love, that we are all part of this,

We are called towards what we want to experience or what we came here for and some are now being called to experience this world in a higher vibration, and I think eventually everyone will be at a place where they have learnt what they came to learn in the lower vibrations and want to also experience this world in a higher vibration. This is what is happening right now for a lot of people. So as we raise the vibrations, others who no longer wish to dwell in the lower vibrations and are ready to experience this world in a better way, can raise their vibrations too and we can co-create a reality that serves that experience this.

We are interconnected, yet having seperate individual experiences, but we are all part of the same thing. It sounds complicated when I say it, but at the same time, it’s how I see it.

We choose what we want. We choose what to learn. We choose what to experience.
Having relationships and connections with others is a huge part of this human experience. With others having their own experience and intermingling them with us.. we get more challenges, more growth, and more group experiences – more emotions – up, down, left, right. With others, we get the full human experience. And we get to experience that experience of sharing our experiences with other parts having their own experience.

But we can also choose to have our own experience, learn from our other souls that are having experiences elsewhere, look within, learn deep within our cells. Our cells are limitless too, each a universe of its own, there are infinite things to experience, and infinite time to experience them. The smallest cell still has a universe within to explore. It’s own unique experience, it’s own unique adventure.

Having limitations and then removing them.
The experience of “having limitations” and then “releasing them”.. that conquering feeling. That is growth. That is an experience we yearn for / addicted to. We love adversity and overcoming obstacles. We love challenges and games to win.
We put ourselves into situations to conquer them. We create new challenges to overcome.
We create a maze of limitations to conquer.
There is so many unlimited possibilities in this world, so many “games” to play, so many adversities to conquer.
Big, small, universal, minuscule.

We can choose to become aware of this game. And then we can make it work for us. To experience the game in a new way – where you are conscious of your creating this. When you are conscious of creating this reality, you can have a new experience of manifesting what you want.

Remember things go much slower here. In other parts of ourselves, in other places, that which our mind cannot verbalize.. we are able to instantly manifest. But here, the thing about this place, is that you get to watch it in slow-motion. Every aspect of it is slow-motion. And it has distractions and other challenges to conquer that we put in our path on the way so that we can experience that.

We are here to experience this moment, to watch manifestation happen in slow-motion.
To become “unlimited” you have to keep removing “limited”
To experience “unlimited” you have to keep releasing “limited”
To manifest unlimited, you have to conquer “limited”
To become “more than”, you have to conquer “less than”

If you are ready to evolve, you just evolve. Evolve past ego. Let go, surrender.

But if you still have “less than / limited” in you then your soul still has more to experience here. More experiences to conquer and create.

Create “unlimited” by creating “unlimited”
Create “unlimited” by believing “unlimited”, by soaking in “unlimited” by connecting to “unlimited”, by “BEING” “unlimited”
“BE” what you want to create, and it is done.
“SEE” what you want to see, and it is done.
“See” the world un-suffering, and it is done in your reality, but not in the realities where others want to experience suffering.
“Be” in the world you want, and it is done.

People will show you where you feel “less than”. They help you find where you need to send love, release the limitation: if want to experience “unlimited”

You will encounter/create experiences where your soul will see “limited”. so you can shine your light on where to evolve.
Other people help you shine the light on where you are “limited”.

Other souls, spirits, connections, encounters, are here to help you “step-up” to your own personal doorway to the next.
You help them evolve, they help you evolve. It’s a group-experience. It’s unlimited.

This wave will bring an upgrade this month (September) & those who are running on the higher frequencies will get upgrades (the ability to manifest things faster, more love, more bliss, higher vibrations, more awareness, more understanding)

But don’t worry, we all make it.
It’s not a competition, it’s a process and if you don’t make it this wave, you don’t “want” to make it at this time because you have more learning to do in the lower frequencies which are just as exciting for your soul’s growth.

The ones who get upgrades will have the ability to raise the vibrations together; more connected, relationships – it’s all about love.
Transition. Big changes.

See people for who they really are: Infinite beings having a human experience.

You only feel trapped in this body because the “other you’s” that you are connected to are having different experiences where the human body doesn’t restrain them. You are having their experience in your dreams. You are them. They are you. You dream and tap into their experience, which is really “your” experience. Other parallel worlds, dimensions, worlds where you can fly, worlds where you are connected to those you love, worlds where here is no world – no physicality, no physical, no limitations. Where you experience “all-ness”.

This world is to experience “now-ness”.

All worlds/dimensions/realities help you grow and evolve and experience and create.

This world helps you witness it / observe it / and create it in tiny fragments with challenges & obstacles. This world helps you experience humanness in limited form.

And things you can experience in this world are not possible to experience in other worlds.
This world is a gift to ourselves; another way of exploring ourselves, being, creating, experiencing.

We are so much more than these limited shells. As you become more aware of your perceived limitations in this form, from a place of knowing you are so much more, you realize the futility of living the experience being anything other than who you truly are.

That faking and doing wrong is not an option.
That judging others is also not an option.

You see everyone for who they really are and you wonder why they are wasting this experience and not helping others have a better experience. And you wonder why you are doing the same thing. This is the awakening. Realizing that there is no need to experience suffering once you realize that you have a choice.

You will still experience suffering. This world. This experience of being less-than, of being limited “is” a kind of suffering in of itself. But the degree of suffering should lesson as you realize your unlimitedness of all parts of you across creation and to embrace this experience for all that it is by using your awareness of unlimitedness to do great things.

To collaborate with other infinite beings and create a “reduced suffering” experience whilst we are in this time.

We can always go back to experiencing our “limited” selves again – we always are. Parts of us are re-experiencing that time, that place, on unlimited worlds, in unlimited realities, right now.

But how you choose to experience “now”; this time, is up to you.
And once you know your Infinite Self, things can never be the same again.

You look at the world through the eyes of potential.
You see what’s wrong with the world and the suffering of others, and you desire to help.

You allow other souls to have their experience, to create their experiences, because that is their path to evolve and grow in this time.

Some are called to help raise the consciousness, to attract their tribe, to connect with others, to create a conscious experience with your unlimited awareness, and achieve what has ‘never been done’. Yet, it’s all been done. It’s already been done. Once you think it into creation, parts of you have already achieved it. Your future self and your other selves have already experienced it. The thought is the creation process.

And vocalizing / expressing your thoughts in “this world” is how you start the process of creation here.
You must communicate. The power IS our words. It “Intends”, it makes it strong, it “wills” it into creation.
It is air & water here before communicating changes the frequency and “brings” it into physical form.

So crucial to connect with who you really are.
So crucial to verbalize these thoughts into creation.
So crucial to let go of limitations and fear.

Once you verbalize / communicate it. It is done.
That micro-step is witnessed/observed and the creation process begins.

We deeply desire in this world to be all we can be.
We put ourselves in impossible circumstances with impossible challenges, obstacles and limitations to overcome.
In order to experience creating and all we can be.

Connect with who you are, beyond this human shell to see, to be inspired, to get beyond your limitations, to realize what you are capable of.

Do not concern yourself with “not making it” in this wave. That puts you back in a “limited” “not enough” “not good enough” vibration.

The only way forward is raising your vibrations – connect with your true core of who you really are. Your Infiniteness. And create.
Observe what comes up on your path – they are your “challenges” you have come here to master. Those are your steps to evolve.
Those are your skills you are receiving to create “your” reality and help others defeat their challenges and create theirs.
Rejoice in your adversities. This is what you came here for.

Experience the deepness/depth of your changes. Big challenges. Big changes.

Connect with what’s important to you.
Be guided by your own intuition. Inner drive.
Be guided by your ‘self’.

Feels right/good/important/strong? Move/face that direction. Raises your vibrations? Relish in that. Swim around in that. Harness/cultivate that. Fully experience that. Create that.

Feels wrong/bad/meaningless/weak? Lowers your vibrations? What can you learn from that? This is your growth, your lesson, your evolvement. Next step stuff. 
What about this vibration do you need to become aware of/witness/observe/experience that will help raise the vibration?
What is it here to teach me? How is it helping me?
It is there to help guide us back to a higher frequency, so why is it there? What ‘next step/nudge/thought’ do you need to take on to remove limitations and become who you are.
We are all here to do the same thing. We are all receiving the same message. Be you.
Connect to who you really are. Become all you are meant to be.
Experience all you came here to experience.
Conquer adversities. Raise your vibrations. Create.
And help your ‘other selves’ and ‘other souls’ do the same.
Love. Love now.

See everyone you encounter as Infinite beings.
They do not know; they have chosen not to at this time.
That is their experience so they can fully experience what they came here to experience.
We are here to experience our limitations.
Their soul knows who they are. They will all make it. They do not need ‘saving’.
They will become aware when they are meant to, when they choose to.
Just as you have experienced all of this before, as have they.
Let them experience their own reality. Explore their own creation. Learn, evolve from their own adversities and experiences.

If you feel compelled to help, help them. Be true to you. Speak/help from a place of unconditional love, help raise their vibrations. Be you and your energy will help them get through this adversity.

Be the best, most connected, loving and blissful you that you can be, and your frequency range will spread across the universe and beyond to all your other selves.

Do not fear for them. Do not judge or have angst or worry for them. Simply have compassion and raise your own vibrations.
Big Suffering = Big Change.
Allow them to have their own experience and help by guiding their soul to reach higher vibrations to get them through this “limited” “less-than” experience, which is here to help them grow & evolve.
You cannot take this away from them, they will simply recreate this challenge in another form until they have experienced what they came here to experience.

Speak your truth with all the love in your heart & soul and their soul will communicate what will help them best to them, in the best way they need at this time to complete their experience. 

The best way to help others, yourself, and the world, is to keep raising your vibrations and sharing it out.

The best way to create your own reality is to connect to your true self, remember you are an Infinite being having a human experience, and speak/communicate what you want, raise your vibrations, and keep overcoming your limitations. Be you, and be happy about “being you”.
Smile. Embrace & fully live your experiences. Create. This is what you came here for.

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