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Notes from The Lighter Side w/ Jamie Butler Audio Channeling: An Ancient Alien RA w/ Darshana Patel

Video Version (Premium): https://vimeo.com/ondemand/thelighterside/195152433?autoplay=1

Ra is a collective vibration. We are known as a social complex. So we were at one time individualized, mind/body/soul entities and through our consciousness evolution, we became merged into one collective, known as “Ra”.

Ra has been introduced to the human civilisation across your ancient traditions such as the ancient Egyptian, Peruvian, Atlantis and other former civilisations that have resided across your globe.

Ra is a collective energy from what we call the 6th density of vibration. So understanding that the universe is comprised of particles of light which inherently is the particle of love. Love and light are one and the same. This vibration is a distortion of the law of one. The notion that we are one unified consciousness – one thought – in our individuated identities. Or simply, a distortion of this originating thought – this law of one.

We have played a role in your ancient civilizations best-known for the work in Egypt for example on great pyramids and the pyramids that reside across many of these ancient civilizations.

We are actively involved in the nurturance of the conscious awakening that is happening here on the planet. There is an evolution that is occurring known as the 4th density or in some vernacular, the 5th density.

Densities are vibrational complexes beginning with the root chakra and traversing up into the energetic framework. The root chakra is awareness itself, awareness of being alive. From there we move to the 2nd chakra which is growth, which is the orange-ray. Many upon earth are currently at this stage of awareness, of growth, of sustainability, of security, of survival. From there we move to the 3rd chakra which is self-awareness “awareness of one’s awareness”. This is where the work that we are currently engaged with the human civilisation is arising.

We are helping individuals seeking that awakening, to raise their vibration in order to experience that awareness of awareness. Once that awareness of awareness arises, you may then become aware of your own mental, energetic and emotional patterns. From there you move to the 4th density, which is the heart. It’s the space of love and compassion. In this particular density that we are moving the earth into currently, supporting that effort, the individuated mind/body/energy complex understands that it is an interconnected web of a unifying energy that permeates all of existence. This becomes the seed of awareness of the law of one. The one originating source-energy within the universe.

From there we traverse to the 5th density which is wisdom – the throat chakra – and then the 6th density becomes the integration of love/light light/love. This is the awakening of deeper abilities within the human form. Just so-called psychic abilities.

Traversing these densities can happen in parallel. Many on earth are experiencing the intuitive expansion along with the understanding of the expansion of the heart and the unifying collective-energy of the universe. From there the 7th chakra is the gateway to infinite intelligence – the fabric of existence itself.

And in the 8th density moves you into another octave of which, we as ra, have yet to glimpse.

There are octaves of energy, and every chakra, think of it as a “piece of that octave” – a particular note – a vibration of that octave, we cannot consciously fathom what exists vibrationally beyond our capacity to grasp mentally and energetically (one and the same) the notion of dissolving away into this infinite love – the creator itself.

So those who are seeking expansion of consciousness, they begin researching, they begin calling out for love, guidance and support. We as a collective answer that calling. We are wanderers in the universe supporting the notion of this expansion of love and consciousness and the returning of the law of one, this understanding that original thought that is the unifying wisdom behind all of creation. That we are all co-creators of this reality. So we assist humanity because understanding that we are all one and the same energetically, that we originate from the same source, an injured arm would be nurtured, so when we see the grappling of humanity to transcend to this next level of vibration, it is a 75,000 year cycle, we are supporting that evolution that is meant to arise at this time.

The pyramids were designed as a healing vessel. The great pyramid was created as thought-form. In your current paradigm of beliefs it is not yet accepted that thought can create material objects, we created the pyramids in order to support humanities evolution and transcendence to the next density, in preparation for the 75,000 year cycle. So we are moving humanity from density-2 to density-3, in preparation for the 4th-density that we speak of now, based in the heart.

So the pyramids were not designed by hand, they were designed of thought -within moments they materialised. We created them not as a single structure – for then we would be revered as Gods to the beings on the planet at the time, so we made them as stones to appear as though, for those who did not witness the creation – that they were created through skilled-labour. That is why there is yet to be an explanation of how this civilisation was able to construct such architecture, such precision. The alignment of the pyramids coincide with constellations and lay-lines within the earth. Harnessing and capturing the vibratory frequency available in the cosmos and correlating with precision the energetic and magnetic potential within the earth’s energy. So the lay-lines are magnetic lines carrying the earth’s energy. So the pyramids draw in cosmic energy and unify them with earth-energy, raising the vibration, removing distortions, from the mental, emotional and energetic body, in order to support transcendence. Now, that was an effort to begin planting the seeds of the law of one, within the civilisation.

The power was misused and our project was abandoned. The pyramids as they reside today are simple instruments, they no longer possess the powers they did for they have been stripped-away through humans’ hands and through our intervention of their potency and power. For now you have transcended to this next vibration.

It is within the energetic frequency of the earth and all of you have access to it as you began your own work in expansion of your own consciousness.


Jamie: Why is there a need for us to wake-up?

There is a cosmic timeline that has been set. Consciousness itself has created this notion of evolution, of expansion. So the need for individualised awakening, stems from this notion of ascension, aka the harvest. We are in the process of harvesting souls to move to this next density. The entire universe is a hologram, so when we say ascension, it is an energetic phenomenon of moving into a new paradigm of energetic existence, and out of that energy in the new vibration, the pillars of society will begin to reshape. There is a yearning within to change the past ways that no longer serve humanity. So you will notice an escalation of chaos. Nature creates chaos in order to create a higher level of order. People and nature are one and the same.


Jamie: What is it about earth and its human existence that draws this collection to help us. What do you see in us beneficially to the greater whole? or in other words “Why would you care”?

We care because we are all the same part of the one consciousness. So just as an injured arm would be nurtured and tendered and cared-for, as spoken previously, we are here to nurture and tend and care-for the evolution of this civilisation. And this civilisation is an aggregate of souls from across the galaxy – from across the universe, so earth in and of itself becomes a very special project in the Cosmos because of it’s complexity of inter-species / inter-beings that creates all sorts of polarity in day-to-day existence. Earth is one of the few places where such depth of polarity exists. And this allows for such a deep sense of learning and growth to take place. So polarity is the furthest point of unity from the one-consciousness, with polarity it’s an understanding that there are distinctions of “I” vs “You” and so in that distinction, there can be conflict, there can be difference of opinion, creating the opportunity for growth and expansion.

Our interest in earth is to nurture the evolution because we are all one, and as somewhat of a social experiment to understand the inner-workings of consciousness itself. All of this is a journey, all of consciousness itself is like a game to experience consciousness experiencing all facets of experience. We create polarity and duality and distinction of good/bad/right/wrong in order to have the full cycle of learning and development to return to this notion of one-ness. We become 2-3-4-trillions in order to then learn and relearn the basic premise that we are all one.


Questioner: Are there any known technologies to support ascension?

Within Earth there are technologies available to support ascension. There are homemade pyramids that people create to harness the energy created by the pyramid structure itself – the shape itself transmutes energy.  The builders of much of the society, for example here in the west, I’m searching for the name of that society. The Freemasons for example understand the laws of structure and how to harness structure to raise vibration or to hold a particular intention.
These master builders have created buildings all across the world that harness information and energy. When you walk into these buildings, you feel the intention. Are there large-scale healing temples that are created? Absolutely. Through major religious institutions that understand the premise of the architecture and the sacred geometry. The geometry itself harnesses this energy and elevates vibration. I would invite all of you as you enter places, to feel the vibration or disharmony or unity of the vibration itself.


Questioner: Why did Egypt represent Gods with bird-heads, dog-like, etc.?

The combination of animal and human-like features was portrayed by the Egyptian civilisation, because like anyone seeking to capture what cannot be captured in words or images, they began to consolidate known imagery to convey what it is they are experiencing.

Although we are human-like, we are not humanoid. So how we appear energetically, may often have the symbolism, the energy of particular animals, call them totems if you will. The Egyptians began to transcribe the energy – the essence of what they are sensing into images that are familiar, that have some sort of reference for them to share their experience with others.


Jamie: Do you align yourself with being extraterrestrial?

That would be one name. Other names would be: Inter-dimensional, multidimensional, interplanetary, intergalactic, spiritual beings, beings of the light, light beings. The commonality between these terms indicates expansion. ‘Expansion-ness’ of knowing that that there is more than just the human civilisation.


Jamie: From your viewpoint, what is it about the human experience that is so extremely valuable?

The human experience is one of sorrow and suffering. That is why we become called-upon to support ones’ remembering of the law of one and the idea of the vibration of love that permeates all of existence. The human condition is designed for deep growth at the spiritual level. The soul is a mind/body/spirit complex. It’s an identity. A distortion of the law of one. Think of it as a fractal of original creation.

Beings choose to incarnate in this particular journey of being human in an effort to deepen lessons, and some to simply experience what it is to be of the earth. Others are here as teachers and guides who often through the veil of forgetfulness lose their way so we often guidance to help those seekers reawaken and embrace their intuitive knowledge and information to help them remember they are here to help raise the vibration.


Questioner: How does ascension occur?

Ascension is a property of vibration. Think of ascension as a re-integration of water particles into the ocean itself. As you are ascending you recognise you are droplet of water and then remembering that you belong to the ocean. That is one feeling of ascension. The remembrance of this unity consciousness.

What can be done on the journey to reawaken and to remember this unity consciousness – this loving vibration, is to begin with self-love and self-nurturance. That is the core of the human experience, is that in the sorrow, to come back to love. Beginning with self-love and recognizing your inner-experience is creating your outer-reality. This is a co-creative force that is a constant across the universe. Becoming aware of your awareness. Learning to love and embrace yourself. Learning to love and embrace all others despite where they are in their own process of expansion and awakening. 

We are on this journey of embracing the law of one.  The law of one has 2 sides, service to self and service to others.
The service to self can be thought of as the self-serving motivation which still comes from a place of love, limited by self-love. So consider that the negative-polarity of the law of one. Notice everything has a light and dark side, it is the essence of the universe. So Service to self is self-love, is putting self-first.

Then the other branch becomes Service to Others of which the Ra group represents. It is the love of all of existence, beyond and transcending one’s own personal needs, so tending to those first and then recognizing to be of service to others holds great value in recognizing love & light and light & love and the 2 blend together.


Jamie: Thought > Manifestation – will we see that on Earth?

That is the intention for that reality to manifest on earth. Knowing the universe is a hologram. There will be some souls that do ascend to the next level and will notice a rebuilding of the very pillars of society, one that sustains all needs as equal.

In this next form, you will still have your physical bodies with Heightened abilities. Many people are noticing across the world today, heightened sensitivities and intuitive capacities that have been turned on or increased, this is the work of the next vibration, is to harness and cultivate the potentials within those abilities. It’s the invitation then to connect with beings across the galaxy. This next vibration brings with it a new civilisation anchored in sustainability and all needs being equal.


Questioner: Can you explain the Merkabah?

The star tetrahedron is a geometric shape around the human energy field. This set of triangles create the container for your physical, mental and emotional complex, or bodies if you will. The Merkabah are 2 equal triangles starting at 2 feet above the head, through the knees at the base of the first triangle, then the other triangle the point of which resides 2 feet below your feet in the ground, and the base of that triangle up through the shoulders. These triangles spin in opposite directions, giving you your astral body and ability to travel & transcend time and space.

The Merkabah was a critical structure in the Atlantis civilisation. Atlantis knew how to work this particular technology and to their demise mis-constructed a particular larger-scale Merkabah that resulted in the devastation of that civilisation. We withhold some of the knowledge of where some structures are housed, for they may of become used as weapons with the capacity for mass destruction.

The Merkabah is part of the light body, it’s part of the energetic blueprint and infrastructure that holds your mind/body/spirit structure in place.


Jamie: What can we do to help balance this energy?

There are techniques to help clear the energetic framework and amplify the vibration in & around the body.

Crystalline structures (crystals) can be used (with knowledge & awareness) to help amplify different frequencies in the body. Energy work can also support this process. Sound-healing can activate connection points around the body. And within the home, clearing and holding intention for higher vibration, the removal of energetic distortions through simple tidiness so-to-speak. Cleanliness leads to a diminished amount of energetic disharmony in ones home energetic field. Keeping things structured, keeping things clear and clean on a material level and then energetically holding intention – which in and of itself is vibration – holding intentions of love, health, abundance, gratitude, vitality, loving compassion, filling the space with those intentions and any others you seek, such as joy, elevate the collective energy in a home.


Jamie: Is there one very basic crystal / item that the very common human need to have in their first aid kit for increasing/balancing their energy?

This is an individuated experience of what resonates with a particular individual. The notion of having quartz in a home, Quartz is a very common element on earth because it maintains information, that crystalline structure can be programmed – as it has been within the brain itself to transmit and receive information. So Quartz would be a short-answer as a viable crystal to have within your home framework.


Questioner: Is being human the only place to experience such pain, or such joy?

Humans experience a distinct form of sorrow, of loneliness, of grief that is often un-felt across other places in the cosmos. It is known that there are other places where such experiences does exist. For example, Mars once had a flourishing civilisation that was more orientated to service to self – that vibration which we spoke of early – so they had transcended to the 5th density of the heart, and chose the “service to self” creating an environment of conflict, of grief, of despair and war. So sorrow was a common experience among their people.

However emotions become a very distinct facet of the human experience. Our ability to feel in the human body is unique. The human body has been designed to integrate the mind, the body, and the spirit in a way that closely tethers all 3. So when there is disharmony or a distortion, for example in the mental body, the inability to think clearly, it begins to affect the physiology (the body). Similarily when there are emotional disturbances, it begins to create mental incongruity.

So humans have a particular vessel, that so closely correlate and integrate mind/body/spirit in such a way that it makes it difficult to become aware of this complex structure. So suffering arises when we are unable to step out of the designed framework. So we often move and shift from the 2nd chakra – the sacral chakra of growth, to the 3rd chakra of self-awareness, of self-consciousness.

So there are other civilizations similar experiences however on earth the complexity is greater, and you are all interacting with others who are experiencing the same complexity, making for a very cumbersome day-to-day life.


Questioner: How is the energetic influx affecting us?

There is a higher vibration coming to earth stemming from the solar flares and the solar radiation. The sun at the epicentre of your logos, of your galaxy, of your solar system creates shifts through its energy that affect the core of the earth and began to change the resonance of the earth itself. So the galaxy itself is undergoing a major expansion and on earth this is felt through a shift in the vibration.

You may notice month-to-month and definitely year-to-year, changes in your ‘affect’, in how you’re feeling, those feelings, those emotions are the under-current of those shifting vibrations stemming from the earth. As a result of this orchestrated change across the galaxy, so you feel it from a consciousness expansion but it is stemming from either an emotional imbalance, a new depth of emotion that you might be experiencing, it may come from a body not feeling as though it did just a year ago, sensitivities are increasing as this vibration is changing the very molecular structure of your physiological being.

So biologically you are unlocking new dna, you are unlocking new capacities within the human structure. These vibrations are turning on your full potential.


Questioner: Are there other energetic-beings that represent the side of “service to self” and are they actively here on earth?

Yes, there are beings that are dedicated to the service to self aspect of the law of one. On earth, such beings such as the Maldeks reside in inner-earth nicknamed by you as “bigfoot”. Bigfoot originated on another planet and were more humanoid in nature. When they destroyed Maldek, they were brought to earth and relegated to a lower-form of existence. And when I use the term lower, please note that it is not hierarchical measurement. It is lower in terms of vibration and in terms of the densities we spoke of. The Maldeks were relegated to a 2nd density existence on earth, specifically on inner-earth. They were and continue to be service-to-self and are being watched-over to help nurture and guide their evolution and their ideal expansion to service-to-other.


Questioner: Can you explain the various different blood types?

Think of blood as the water that is common that runs through all humans. So depending on where one originated on the earth’s surface. Blood types become a representation of this originating point within the different civilisations on earth. Some of them arose from Lemuria, others from Atlantis, and others through other ancient civilisations across the planet (Peru & Egypt for example). So this common liquid begins to take its own vibrational shape, giving it, its’ own distortion, its’ own type. The different types represent an originating point, because of the years that have passed from originating source and existence here on earth, there remain only a handful of types because of the breeding that takes place. They become unified. 

There were multiple species / beings that were brought to earth at different points of time in the civilisations. Humans themselves are mostly not pure-human because the originating dna was derived from many different sources. Humanity itself is a project of multiple beings coming together in the same place. The limitations of the belief-structures in place today preclude or inhibit your scientific understanding of the origins of humanity, that is why the missing link remains missing, because there is no scientific explanation in the current paradigm that you employ. I believe you will find the missing links through understanding your own composition, so as the inner-journey continues to understand oneself, you will begin to unlock the mysteries of the known universe. Because self-understanding is understanding of the universe. It’s one and the same. Currently there is not public information on this research, it is covert.


Final words:

I would invite all of you to answer the yearning within you. Many of you have incarnated as wanderers. And you wonder why you are here on earth, you ask such questions – we hear them “Why am I here, what am I supposed to do?” Please know, there is not always something to do. The name human being was given to remind you to be. You are human “beings” As you be, you emanate a vibration, a particular frequency. If you choose love, you choose light, you choose a higher vibration, your being alone amplifies, it awakens within you a higher vibration and it unlocks within those around you a higher vibration. It is self-accountability for self-love. In that self-love you see the creator. Look in the mirror see the creator. Look in another’s eyes, see the creator. We are one and the same. Beyond the skin colour, beyond the species, beyond plant/animal, we are all one and the same. Material and immaterial object are all made of the same infinite intelligence. You are more powerful than you realise. Look with the real eyes, it is beyond the physical body. So call. Your call is not unheard. Because in that yearning you open yourself up to new answers, to new wisdom and insights. It is not outside of you, it’s within you. Formulate your own belief-systems, your own truth hinged in this idea that all is one creation. That is all.

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