[Rant] Health Conditions I have overcome by Breaking-Free of the Pharmaceutical Industry and going Natural [Video]

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Warning: Language may offend (went on a bit of a rant/tangent about 37 years of sickness that didn’t need to happen if I had of known then what I know now)

Mostly Health-Questions to answer – so this is the video I didn’t think I was ready to do for many months, but I rambled out something regardless & hope to redo one when I’m ready that will be a lot better than how this one turned out. Also the camera was too dark so most of the video is dark or with images/audio instead.

Questions answered:

1.) Matt via Facebook asked:
When you find the free time text me the list of health conditions that you identified and have removed and got your health back. I am interested in all but mostly the lungs and breathing.

2.) Larissa asked via Facebook
Hey Penny.. I’m trying to tell my man about you and I can’t remember all the illnesses you had before you got all healthy n shit. Can you tell me?

3.) Lori from Facebook asked:
Penny, you are recovered from COPD right? How long did it take you to go from say your diagnosis to feeling reasonably better?

4.) Via Facebook:
You were diagnosed with COPD at one time, right? and it’s completely gone? How long did it take to heal?

5.) via Facebook
You should have started your very own page a long time ago for COPD

6.) via Private Facebook Group
Penny, I have never asked, what Malady have you acquired that has taken you one this Journey to a better life. What medical issues have you faced in your extremely young life that leads you to this point.? I hope you don’t mind me asking

List of Health Issues overcome:

  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Emphysema / COPD
  • Chronic Asthma (Oxygen Tank to School / 20 years in/out of hospital
  • Excema
  • Severe Depression, Anxiety and Stress issues
  • Hayfever / Allergies
  • Darkness – End-of-World – Zombie
  • Procrastination/Lack of Motivation
  • Underweight at school and Overweight for the past decade 
  • Skin Problems:
    • sebaceous cyst on my inner thigh
    • face & back acne
    • body rashes
    • an all-over-body itch that could never be relieved
  • Headache / Tumor Scare
  • Fatigue
  • Dead-Person’s Blood (Stringy, Gooey, Sticky/Goopy Blood)
  • Laryngitis
  • Pain in side 

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Video Transcript Notes (Not Verbatim)

I think I need to start where I think I might make the most sense, because that might even be too much for some people… and the basic realization that we can heal ourselves is such a foreign concept to anyone who is listening to people who say “there is no cure”. so first, I guess I’ll tell you what I’ve been able to heal.. and then a little tiny glimpse of how I started to heal from a biology standpoint. And later on, I’ll get into the weird stuff, but I do believe that by starting here, you’ll reach the same place, even if you don’t understand what is happening.

List of Diseases
Chronic Asthma & Severe Excema
From an early age I’ve had severe chronic asthma.. spent the first 20 years of my life in and out of hospital and heavily medicated. Lost my life a few times and I was the kid that took my oxygen tank to school

Severe Depression Anxiety and Stress issues
Whole life until I changed my mindset and lifestyle

Emphysema/COPD known for just under past 4 years
It was the one thing that I feared.. but that fear is absolute bullshit – that fear, guilt of smoking, grief about my life going downhill beyond what I could repair, & stress “caused” my biggest fear to materialize – and I will share with you later on why I believe that – there are quite a few of us who have been able to turn our lives around after getting an incurable diagnosis.. by making it not “incurable”.. by having hope and belief in that hope. We fixed ourselves by cancelling our subscription.. and before you get all scared and angry and think the worst – remember how brainwashed you are and go and watch my hour-long video to try and unbrainwash yourself and think for yourself first instead of just acting on auto-pilot from your conditioned beliefs that are popular with the masses.
Depression/Anxiety/Stress – whole life until I changed lifestyle

Hayfever/Allergies – ditto.. my immune system was screwed..

Darkness – End-of-World – Zombie / life just stopped, under the table rocking kinda thing – just over 2 years ago approx

Procrastination/Lack of Motivation
goes hand-in-hand with depression

Underweight at school and Overweight for the past decade until the lifestyle change

Skin Problems – sebaceous cyst on my thigh/terrible acne/ rashes / the eczema that I previously mentioned / and an all-over-body can’t stop itching but nothing there to itch

6Mo Before Complete Life-Breakdown
Just before the worst.. about 6 months leading up to the end of my business, relationship and losing my house and so on.. I was under a great deal of stress and continued to not be able to breathe, leave the house, get off the couch, depression, and started getting sores on my body… but the biggest thing that I was really scared about at the time was suffering with a major headache that would never go away. To give you an idea.. I would buy 2 packets of Nurofen a week.. (like paracetomol or asprin – I don’t know what the american equivalent is.. maybe advil?).. whereas right now… I buy one packet for an entire year .. only use it every other month or so for “that time of the month” and I share the packet with my sister.

I started to think I had a tumor. Actually I was pretty frightened and convinced I had a brain tumor. The doctor didn’t take me seriously and I had to insist on getting a brain scan done but nothing alarming came up on the test. But eventually it got so bad, that I could barely get off the couch. I would just lie there, cos moving hurt too much.

At the same time, my blood turned into a dead-persons blood – I need to figure out a way to describe it, I don’t think I’ve ever known the medical term for it – if there is such a term. My blood was thick.. like, everything felt “stringy”.. when I walked and moved my arms and shoulders, it felt like “goop or glue” was running through my veins, that I was held together with stringy stuff, not blood. Everything hurt as far as shoulders and back and head especially .. and for the first few months I would put it down to posture – always sitting at the computer because I was an internet marketer, but it continued to be like that even after I was no longer able to sit up at the desk. I would give myself massages and go and get massages and other therapies to try and move my blood around. and Despite many years studying natural healing – I was well and truly stuck in the modern society way of thinking of things.. I had stopped doing natural health stuff when I got into the relationship because he was such a fussy eater and well and truly stuck in the matrix, so I adjusted my lifestyle to fit his because I was in love and that’s all that mattered.

So anyway.. after about 6 months of going through hell with my health – my life finally collapsed, I was no longer able to function. I lost everything within a matter of 3 months, the job, the house, the business, the partner, and most importantly my health and sanity. There was no getting through to me.. my mind & body was gone. My depression and darkness too deep. I had hit rock bottom and then the earth opened up and swallowed me whole.. I already thought I had been through the worst.. and I kept saying.. “what else could go wrong?” and bam.. another thing.. and another thing and another thing.. it became a sick joke as I kept thinking I was at the lowest I could possibly go and that it could only go up from there.. and then the universe would hold out it’s whip and hit me again
I had always prided myself on being able to handle what other people couldnt.. but not this time. This time I saw no way out… I just saw no outs.

Being diagnosed with emphysema was not even the final kicker… but came with it’s own set of worsening. The doctor gave me medication that made me poo out blood, spit up blood, make me jittery and my voice hoarse.. I was always thirsty but no amount of water would quench my first. I can’t remember the other symptoms but I was also trying to start a new job at the time, and it was getting ridiculous.. I didn’t feel safe driving or working or dealing with all these negative energies when I was still so sick and thinking I was going to die but trying to earn money to get out of the house.. hehe

Anyway, I haven’t fixed everything yet.. I still have a few last things to conquer and figure out. I’m not ready to explain it to people who can’t think outside of the matrix… because I think I’m the only one in the world who believes my reasoning & I would rather people focus on the things I have been able to resolve rather than get people involved with the things that I haven’t figured out yet.. I pretty much believe that the reason I’m still allowing myself to keep poisoning myself is to help others.. is to not be so far ahead that I lose track of what it is like to go through this stuff. I think once I’ve been able to relate to others and help them up.. that I will then take another step up myself.. to keep my ego in check pretty much.
So yeah.. pretty much.. I was fat, ugly, couldn’t breathe, couldn’t move, couldn’t be happy, deathly sick, couldn’t look after myself, I lost my voice for a while too, I couldn’t keep my business going because I was too sick, and the relationship was going really badly and I was very, very stressed about everything, especially because my clients were no longer paying me and I couldn’t pay the bills or the house or buy food.

Everything I Knew About Health was a Lie
But it’s all bullshit.

We are made of 100% cells. We started out as just 2 single cells.. .or a single cell that combined (Sperm and Egg). And then that cell divided, which grows and divides, and continues until we are born. Then it continues throughout our lives, even now. New cells are forming, old cells are dying.

And our body is miraculous.. in that it also kills of damaged cells.

Basically.. even if you don’t ever get to hear my weird energy philosophy on how we heal ourselves with our intentions alone.. the biology of it should actually help you turn the lights on – because that’s all I needed when I healed myself. The biology of it helped me get started on a cure.

So nutshell version. we are damaging our cells.. and Cell damage can be stopped within days or weeks

We have a choice in so many different ways to either continue to regrow unhealthy, sick cells, or rebuild and regrow healthy cells
Scientists say we rebuild our complete bodies every 11months-2 years (depending upon which research you pursue). Every single cell you have in your body right now is dying and renewing all the time.

So what if, I was able to help my body to regrow healthy cells instead of diseased cells? Healthy lung cells, healthy blood cells, healthy organ cells, etc.

That’s what gave me hope. Just that little bit of awareness made healing a “possibility” for me. And that’s all I needed to get me off my butt. If there was a “possibility” of reversing my diseases through regrowing healthy cells and protecting my body as much as possible from the things that do cell damage, then I wanted to do all I could to learn everything about it.

After months of research, I realized that I should stop focusing on the disease “COPD” and start concentrating on cellular repair. I realized that these disease names.. they are just words that describe different cell damage. For me, I needed to research about cell repair rather than focusing on the disease.

Once I changed my focus to cellular repair, it opened up a possibility of curing every disease (that we did to ourselves or any disease that is caused by cell sickness). It gave my life new meaning, I looked at my family through new eyes too as I learned more about cell regeneration.. I felt I could leave behind a legacy that will help them reverse their diseases and live a healthy, happy life.

Our Cells Adapt to the Environment
Our bodies are highly adaptable. We adapt to the environment around us.. and it takes some of us years of ignoring symptoms for us to start showing up serious diseases.

Doctors don’t treat the cause, they don’t even look at the cause, we don’t hire them to look at the cause. We have a symptom and we want that symptom gone. But that symptom is the body’s own alarm bell. It’s your body communicating with you. It’s telling you “warning: you are doing damage”.. and what we should be doing is looking around and trying to figure out what is causing our bodys to react that way, but we are so brainwashed and so used to going to the doctor whenever we have a symptom and getting them to remove the symptom so we can go about our lives, that we turn off the alarm bell and continue to damage our cells!

We do this to ourselves. We turn off the alarms. We medicate ourselves – we numb the symptoms until we no longer think about it – we just keep popping those pills and taking those antibitoics and sprays and god knows what else.

We have only ourselves to blame. And that’s not even the half of it. That’s just the first step – it’s realizing that you have been ignoring the cause.. that you are doing it to yourself. How do you undo it? You need to find and eradicate the cause

The Cause is Fear
Many and I myself also thought this, that the cause was obvious.. smoking or coffee or junk food or chemicals and things like that.

But the biggest cause is likely something emotional – stress, fear, anger, jealousy, hate. All of those types of thoughts build defects back into our body. But I don’t have enough time to go into that today.. although I’ll include some links in the description if you are ready to start researching that before I create videos on it.. but seriously.. I will spend the rest of my life talking about this stuff and still might not be able to get to a point where people get it maybe – I mean from me.. a non-medical professional.. people are so conditioned that they don’t want to hear this kind of stuff from anyone outside of the educational institutes, not even if they were able to reverse the incurable. But I still have to share this, you know that’s the reason I am ultimately doing this.. to share this stuff and help others.. but I can’t go through the deepest stuff of it until you are ready.. I feel I need to take you step-by-step outside of your conditioned beliefs and just get you started on the right track so that you can come to your own realization that you can heal yourself. The biggest problem I find is that once people think they have something incurable – they stop trying – they give up hope and don’t even look for the answer, they own their story, they become a victim. And I’m no different than that.. I was a victim too. I went through that. I didn’t want to believe it, but I did and then I gave up, and then I started preparing for my death. And when I was in that mindset, my health kept getting worse and worse. And my depression and zombieness worse and worse.

We can remake good cells.
And now I’m crazy. hehe. But hey, I would rather be the crazy chick on the video telling people stuff they have never thought about before, than the girl that gave up and was just waiting for death to take her.
We can remake good cells. That’s all you need to try and get your head around at this time. The healing process can take months and years dependent on what our brilliant but poor bodies had to do in order to survive. But you can stop doing the damage to the cells very quickly and see improvements.

Penny... on Health
Penny... on Health

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