Purity, Motivation and Love is what’s important [NDE]

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Purity, Intent and Love is what’s important in your Life-Review, not materialism, not your ego, not your social status, the small acts and the ripple effects of love, kindness, and compassion. I love NDE videos and especially love hearing about life-reviews, having had a few of my own similar experiences and these give me validation and conformation when I’m feeling ‘disconnected from truth’.

In this video, Reinee describes watching a review of her life and seeing that the greatest of all the things she did in her life was a simple, heartfelt gesture of love and kindness. To listen to Reinee describe her complete near-death experience, go here.

This recounting for the deeds of one’s life is not like what you would think at all in terms of this life. Because what was important were the choices that I made. And what was more important than the choices I made, were my motivations and my intent, and really the state of my heart in doing any single action…

I experienced in a holographic awareness that was instantaneous how every action that one takes is like a stone cast in the water. And if it’s loving, that stone… goes out and touches the first person that it’s intended for and then it touches another person and then it touches another person because that person interacts with other people. And so on and so on. And every action has a reverberating effect upon every single one of us on the face of this planet. So if I had committed a loving action, it was like love upon love upon love. A purely loving action was the most wonderful thing that I could ever have achieved in my life. This had more meaning than to have been a Rockefeller, or president of the United States, or to have been a great scientist, and to have invented something just incredible. If I had committed a truly pure and loving action, it had reverberated throughout the stuff of every individual on the planet and I felt… that action reverting through them and through myself. And I felt this in a way that is beyond… what we can feel on this plane of existence.

So the significance of one’s actions totally changed. What was not important was anything that I had owned or known intellectually (there is a sense of intellectual pride — not that knowledge is bad, knowledge is good), but what was important was the purity and motivation of every action.

And I recall the most important of my actions was an instant I would never have recalled except for the near-death experience. Many years ago I had worked every summer as a volunteer with retarded children. There was a day camp that went on and I spend all summer going every day, eight hours a day, to this day camp. And there was a child, one time… I had taken a child aside on a very hot day. And this was not a charming or a particularly lovable child. But I wanted this child to feel loved. I wanted this child to feel, really, the love of God that brought him into existence and that brought us all into existence. I took him aside, although I wasn’t religiously motivated, formally; I just wanted him to feel love. I took him aside and gave him something to drink and just spent some time with him. And he was very agitated, but I just wanted him to feel that love. And that was the greatest of all actions. And that filled with me with unspeakable and incomprehensible joy. And it was not an action that anyone noticed. And it was not an action that I even recalled. And it was not an action that I had done with any thought of reward. It was simply an action motivated by love. By selfless love. And this had great meaning…

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Penny (PennyButler.com)

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