Purifying water with sound, colour and symbols

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Purifying water with sound, colour and symbols

I woke up this morning with the knowledge that we can purify our water with sound and symbols. It’s now approximately 10 minutes later and I’m also thinking that colour and crystals could also do it, each has it’s own frequency, everything is energy.

What I’m wondering now is how to do it.
Purifying water with sound, colour and symbols
Maybe I could charge a quartz crystal with sound and intention, place it in my water and “wait and see”.
Maybe I could put a symbol on the side of the water.
Maybe I could play “sound” to the water.
And maybe I can put colour on the side of the water.

What made me think of this is putting my salt-lamp next to my water filter last night and noticing all the debris at the bottom of the water filter. Horrified I intended to clean it today, so it’s not so surprising that I wake up with “purify the water” thoughts and ideas.

Now I’m going to spend some time researching what is “already out there”, then take the nephews to school and do my errands for the day and hopefully get to try some methods later on today.

First place I stumbled upon is hospital wastewater which is polluted with lots of cleaning fluids and pharmaceuticals and a guys’ research using electricity, pressure & sound that is not yet developed, albeit interesting and showing me that my dream was on the right track. Although I’m definitely looking for something that doesn’t require wasting any energy – the electricity kind when it’s “not free”. See – Cavitation – Purifying Water with Ultrasound | Tomorrow Today

Next article that showed up is “528hz Sound “miraculously” Cleaned Oil Polluted Water In The Gulf Of Mexico, According To A New Study By A Canadian Researcher”. It’s not exactly a science article, but it gives me a starting place since the 528hz is an easy “sound” to find, so I can easily test that later today.

Just as promising is the next article “The U.S. Army and the University of Adelaide in Australia have both discovered how to purify water using sound waves.” See: Using Sound to Filter Bacterial Spores from Water & Separation Of Bacterial Spores From Flowing Water In Macro-Scale Cavities By Ultrasonic Standing Waves

Ultrasonic cleaning is apparently quite common I just learned, although restricted by size, etc. See http://physicscentral.com/explore/action/ultrasonic-cleaning.cfm

Found many “structured water” devices, sites and videos but I don’t intend to purchase anything, because I want to test what is available to me already and I can’t afford them anyway :) Some of them cost thousands of dollars! See a PDF summary here.

This was an interesting experiment about human energy changing water.

Dr Emoto’s work is also the big driver in my sub-conscious about “intention” and water. Definitely key, which is why I think “setting intentions” in quartz crystal and placing it in the water is worthy of a try.

Purifying water with sound, colour and symbols

Purifying water with sound, colour and symbols
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