How to Get your Press Release to all the big news networks (Google, Yahoo, MSN), etc.

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  • How to get your Press Release accepted by journalists.
  • How to “sneak” your link into your PressRelease
  • Free Press Release ebook & templates
  • How to Get your Press Release to all the big news networks (Google, Yahoo, MSN), etc.

Here are some ways to get your Press Release up-to-scratch!

How to get your Press Release accepted by journalists.

  • Put yourself in the headset of a journalist with a marketing mind as well
  • Headline is all important for keywords (for both your site, and the journalists searching for press releases)
  • It has to sound like a news story


How to “sneak” your link into your PressRelease

  • To get your link into the press release, say something like “YourName of” says..
  • Contact information at the end of the release

Penny Butler example


Press Release Checklist – Every Press-Release must have:

  • Company Letterhead, Name, Address, Phone Number, Web Address
  • PRESS RELEASE in all caps
  • Contact Person’s Name
  • Immediate Release or Release Date(all caps)
  • BODY-Must contain: Date/City-who,what,when,where and why.
  • Catchy Text
  • Sum it up…
  • Basic Font, Double Spaced, Page Numbers, and ###
  • Action Plan/Calendar


Press Release Principles Free ebook Download:

This guy got number 1 search ranking on Google within a week of registering his domain name without spending anything on advertising. He “promoted” the site with one press release and he wrote this ebook to show you step-by-step how he did it. N.B.: The graphics are dismal, but it still makes for an interesting read, and it obviously worked for him.


Social Media Press Release Template:

  • PDF Social Media Press Release Template (free)

Social Media Press Release

  • See also: a real example using the format above (website)

PR Example

Press Release Tips (Sample Template) from


PRWEB Template


How to Get your Press Release to all the big news networks (Google, Yahoo, MSN), etc.

The answer is
For $20, you can get your press release to all the big news networks with these guys! They will do the hard work for you :)

You have to login (free) to their site to see where they submit to now.

Also new this week.. Bobby Walker has created a simple program called Press Release Submitter that allows you to submit press releases directly from your computer to the following press release websites:

Press Release Submitter Pro

Click here to buy/more info about Press Release Submitter software.
It’s just a simple program that allows you to save your logins for each of the above sites and submit your press release to each of them at a click.
(You get a 7 day free trial of the software and a PDF + video tutorial on how to use).

There are a couple of things I felt that this program was missing:

  1. A way to click on the links directly to the websites (you have to type it into the browser to register for the first time.. annoying.. time is money!)
  2. Should have an awesome Press Release template in-built, with tips, etc on writing better ones 

Just my two cents.. basically worried that a bunch of people who don’t know how to write Press Releases will spam their services with junk like we see all too often..

Press Release Submitter Pro Manual


Extra Sources of Info for Writing Press Releases:

Oh and don’t forget to look at the Publish Your Way to Profits notes – it explains the “Press Kit” for use when writing your book and there are a few tidbits there that you can use for online Press Releases.

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