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Work from Anywhere
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51 Entrepreneurial ideas on how you can Work from your laptop so that you can travel the world or free up your life.

Location Independent Trades

Portable Trades and Businesses You can Run from a Laptop

  1. Adsense Niche Sites
  2. Mobile Business Directory
  3. Network Marketing
  4. Offline Marketing
  5. Facebook Management
  6. Website Creation
  7. SEO Marketing
  8. Social Media Marketing
  9. Social Media Manager
  10. Ad-Posting
  11. Amazon/eBay Niche Sites
  12. Pay Per Click
  13. Pay Per Action
  14. Niche Business Directories
  15. Authority Sites
  16. Forex Trading
  17. Mobile App Developer
  18. Website Maintenance
  19. Website Hosting
  20. Graphic Design
  21. Copywriting
  22. Email Marketing Manager
  23. Affiliate Marketing
  24. Webinars
  25. Creating Courses
  26. Membership Sites
  27. Online Store
  28. Teach what you know
  29. Commodity Trader
  30. Seminars
  31. Photography
  32. One-to-one personal tutoring
  33. Direct Mail
  34. Reputation Management
  35. Virtual Assistant

Portable Trades and Businesses You can Run from your laptop… as an Expat in a foreign country

  1. Yoga Instructor
  2. Villa/Retreat/Resort Rental
  3. Tour Guide
  4. Immigration Agent
  5. Local Wedding Planning
  6. Tour Guide
  7. Travel Writer or Journalist
  8. Import/Export Business
  9. Real Estate Inspector
  10. Teaching English as a Second Language
  11. Vehicle Rental for Tourists and other expats
  12. Visa Agent / Adviser
  13. Local Travel Site/Directory
  14. Investor
  15. Missionary
  16. Teacher

Have I missed any? Please comment below to add to the list!

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