Pink Hair & Surrender of Ego

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A.M. Work Drive –

  • Accidentally dyed my hair pink but I like it.
  • Back to work today, yucky feeling. Bad attitude. Lump in stomach.
  • Remembering my complete Surrender. Surrender of ego. Ramble about society and taking on the masks again. Past surrender was a white-flag – “I give up” & then a total letting go. Life was never to be the same after that moment.
  • Another guy brought up that he lives in an “Always-surrendering” state but he’s choosing an enlightened life where he doesn’t interact with the real world anymore. He believes he’s found Truth. I used to believe the same thing.
  • Still good to Have Faith, Trust, Let Go. Accept everything.
  • Work Anxiety. Too much coffee.
  • And finally Work-hate upon arrival.
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