Re-Integrating “Permission-Slip” Philosophy [Hangout]

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Re-Integrating “Permission-Slip” Philosophy

I’m so grateful to be able to reset my beliefs.

To be able to look at them from this new angle of hindsight and re-integrate only those beliefs that resonate with me completely from where I am in the right now, rather than trying to make past beliefs that served me then, fit into my current ‘now’ journey.

Permission to be me, be unique, do what I want to do, be who I want to be, live life the way that I want
Permission to discard conflicting/confusing beliefs
Permission to begin again with hindsight

Mental breakdown gave me permission to not seek approval from YouTube, Friends, or the Spiritual & Conspiracy communities. To branch-out to my own beliefs, to break-away from beliefs that may of served me at certain periods of my life (levels) but that need to be re-evaluated and adjusted or even discarded as I enter new levels.
Permission to change on a daily or even moment-to-moment basis
Permission to release some more judgements that I was holding
Permission to change on a daily or even moment-to-moment basis
Permission to be present, to get back to the now
Permission to slow down, pause, breathe, de-stress
Permission to know, have further compassion and understanding to those who are going through traumatic, dark & even demonic experiences
Permission to see thousands of ‘teachers’ in a new way

Permission to see “permission-slips” in this new way.
How it can be a philosophy that connects religions, delusions, positive thinking, confidence & personal development, spirituality, higher consciousness, higher self / best self, to remove negative, limited beliefs without having to try and integrate beliefs that my logical mind & where I am right now to that which I found difficult to conceptulatize & integrate, let alone believe:

Such as chakra clearings, angels, spirit guides, channelled messages, reptilians, pleidians, aliens, multi-dimensional beings, etc.

Even though some are easier for me to integrate and work with than others, and some may be re-integrated at a later time if it comes to me naturally, rather than me “seeking all that I don’t know and trying to understand”, I am more “allowing” now of what my own soul, my own inner-being, my own unique journey and part/role to play on this timeline in this reality reveals.

This wonderful breakdown has enabled me to remove all that gives me ‘dis-ease’ and ‘discomfort’, enabling me to rediscover beliefs from within, and to re-focus with the benefit of hindsight only those beliefs that feel in true alignment to my inner-being – that which I feel can serve my life in a more beneficial way.
I have a whole new level of understanding about facing fears and anguish.

To learn the difference between fear-overcame – that powerful feeling when you face and conquer your fears – those fears that are more like roadblocks, that when overcame you grow as a person, learn, expand, evolve, become “better”, vs the fear that is there as a life-threatening or alarm bell guideance system that is serving as a message to warn you that it is not the right road to go down.

In the high & height of my higher-consciousness experience, when I was getting daily insights, downloads, and revelling in all that is, I was consciously perfectly excited when a new trigger came up to work on.

I really relished my buttons getting pressed so that I could transform and transcend them into something else and become a better person because of it. Less judgements, more awareness, total compassion, and seeing the whole duality and the fun soul adventures on this journey.

It was fascinating, empowering, and I could witness the whole orchestra of life. My fave level so far by far. Love for all and connection with all that is.

This new level/experience of my mind going cross-eyed has helped me too, and I am still learning from it.

I was very addicted to seeing love and the highest good in everyone, as interacting with them on a soul level, as all from the same source, connected, and helping each other.. there was so much love in that space, even though I was a little bit off with the fairies.

I was on such a high from that, that I also got boundless courage to face my darkest fears when they came up. I misinterpreted the scary discomfort feeling in my gut as a new challenge to work through, a new fear showing up for me to transcend. A new soul lesson to evolve from.

I had a spiritual view & the recent successful experience still fresh in my mind of transcending fear and past programming only fueled my desire.

I wasn’t aware of the subtle but now obvious difference between fear-overcame, that helps you become a better person, that gives you courage and removes self-doubt and allows you to detach from limited beliefs, that limit your potential to soar through this level, to the fear that is there for the reason we have fear in us – the warning, guidance system, alarm bell to stay the fuck away and guide you out of the danger zone.

Now I can hopefully recognize the difference.

Yet, as messy and as murky that completely losing my mind has been, would I have ever come to this realization if this wasn’t presented to me exactly the way that it played out?

It actually gives me permission to do & be so much more. This experience has been a total permission slip for all the things I mentioned earlier and a lot more.

Which brings me to soul-family. Another “permission slip” for my own mind to ‘give myself a break’ & not be so hard on myself about the whole experience. To learn from it and let it go, move on to the next.

I can see why people believe in soul family and think it’s for the same reason, even might be true, but it’s still a permission slip to learn and move on. I saw this experience as a soul family experience, and still partly believe but for different reasons now.

I thought I was there to help, instead it was me that got all the insights, life-lessons, and benefit at the end of a complete letting go & belief reset.

I can also see how “helping others” or doing anything for the “benefit of others” was my permission slip to give myself “permission” to get happy and healthy when I didn’t think I deserved it or that it was possible for me, but it gave me permission to “try” so that I could help those that I loved. Having a purpose “outside of myself” gave me permission to make myself more worthy after seemingly destroying and making a mess of my life. I gave myself permission by using myself as an example to show others what is possible.

Yeah. Permission-slip / placebo effect philosophy has been successfully re-integrated into my being, for this level, for this moment, for the ‘now experience’ that I am currently conscious of and present in.

I’m moving forward with my permission based beliefs. It serves me and it can serve all who can understand it, and it fits in with all helpful philosophies out there, spiritual, non-spiritual, religious, non-religious, great master teachers and logic.

I have given myself a “Permission-Slip” to have Gratitude for this experience because gratitude and appreciation are higher-frequencies and “feel better”, because dwelling in the past in a negative way frankly doesn’t move me forward at all. Gratitude for this experience gives me permission to let the negative parts of it go, and learn from it, and move on.

It also gave me Permission to fail, getting rid of more remnants of “perfection-based’ masks that I still had lurking.

This whole experience and re-integrating this permission-based philosophy gives me permission to open up to all that is possible, it discards a lot of the programming that I had delibrately programmed in, and gives me permission to go in whatever direction I feel like in the moment.. .like, gave me permission to reset and start again, to be wrong, to be a student, to live in the now and decide what next, without having to resort to past bucket-lists or wishes or anything that I was doing to consciously or subconsciously protect my identities.

There is a profound sense of peace and freedom from allowing myself to let life allow itself through me, to experience life from the now again, to shed decades of information-overload and begin again from a new “I am…”

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