Finally got pendulum to work [Long-drive Ramble]

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  • I have to have a direct experience for me to believe. Finally after about 4 months of trying randomly to get the pendulum to work for me, I had a win :)
  • Blab about what I did differently this time that might of made it work for me.. so if you have trouble getting yours to work.. maybe something I did might help.
  • Ramble about conformity to the system, getting out of the matrix, life purpose, community, lightworkers. Learning to trust myself.
  • Proving to people who are like me (on the bridge between two worlds) that this spiritual stuff is real. People like me need validation.
  • Open-skeptics who “want it to be true” and can’t “blindly believe”.
  • Most people won’t share their spiritual experiences because they know/think that noone will believe them & will only tell you when they feel safe after YOU bring up the conversation. Most people have at least 2 spiritual experiences that they can’t explain and have never shared.
  • There’s just as much value in coming here and having a total human experience without knowledge of the other realms, but others are called for a different, more combined experience. Each on our own journey, each here for different reasons.
  • Exploring being human with closed-minds is actually grounding and good too… exploring the programme… and it’s also good to be around like-minds and by myself where I can explore the soul and the “director/creator/that which is outside of the human programme”.
  • I don’t need to say the right things to get external forces to approve & like me. I don’t need your approval. Free to be me. I’m happy for wherever I’m at in the game. Whatever level I’m on, I like it. Appreciating where I’m at. That part where you go from open-skeptic to believer is pretty cool.
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