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There’s many people that experience an interference with a relationship from what I call a paranormal factor (for lack of a better term) or what we call a third-party entity type of visitation which could be a type of inter-dimensional being but it could also be an E.T. or military, or MK-ultra handlers, a sorcerer, demons, angels. There’s actually a lot of different kind of beings in which this can happen. The general symptoms so that the viewers can recognize it as opposed to a regular relationship are:

  • Alien abduction history or ET Contact
  • Astral or inter-dimensional visitations
  • Bonding-Scenarios of various kinds with the targeted partner, which sometimes happens in trauma or in different relational/sexual or astral-sexual unions or meldings). Often remembered in dreams or as an abduction event.
  • A love-obsession is one of the huge symptoms because that tends to follow after these bondings take place (from one or both can take place.)
  • Switching off or psychic-unplugging of one partner (leaving the other unrequited and pining-away in yearning/obsession/grief). And this is something that was clearly observed as part of the whole scenario of the love bite.
  • General emotional turmoil during the drama of the love obsession
  • Increased alien abductions or visitations during the duration of the love-obsession.
  • Stage-managed dreams and virtual-reality scenarios
  • Trainings with the other partner
  • Super-natural and paranormal events
  • A lot of synchronicities regarding the targeted-partner which suggests that they are ‘the one’ or the ‘twin flame’ or ‘soul-mate’.
  • Spontaneous Kundalini activation
  • Increasing the people’s psychic abilities
  • Exhaustion, that suggests that one is still connected to the love-bite partner, even after the relationship or obsession is over, there is still a psychic link going on.
  • Emotional and telepathic linking with the love-bite partner during the bonding-phase and sometimes afterwards.
  • The sense of being under a spell
  • The relationship between the two bonded individuals is such that both persons are magnetically attracted to one another, often in unlikely situations.
  • The love relationship set-up may include a number of bizarre synchronicities, vivid dreams, supernatural events and bonding exercises during alien encounters.
  • The orchestrated experiences are often intimate and sexual such that one or the other develops an intense chemistry and love obsession with the targeted partner. Oftentimes, either person is married to or has an existing relationship with another mate. It makes no difference.
  • The emotional, passionate and even telepathic connection between the bonded pair is unlike normal relationships (whatever normal is, anyway). Some have described it as the most exhilarating love imaginable, to the point of total spiritual immersion or indwelling with their “beloved.” Then the inevitable happens. It’s absolutely devastating. The targeted love partner becomes “switched off” and the love-struck other half becomes painfully unrequited.
  • The switching off is described as an emotional and sexual disinterest in their once “attractive” partner. The chosen partner may have an initial attraction or even a strong love for the other, but then loses interest, often right after an abduction or vivid dream. If one or the other abductee has a good recall of their dreams and abduction memories, they may remember being previously bonded together in one or more experiences.
  • Some abductees report spontaneous remote viewing images and visions of the intended partner in such a way as to elicit emotions, such as jealousy, obsessive love, yearning and grievous unrequited love pangs. The alien manipulated love obsession process is akin to a carrot being dangled just enough to get the obsessed lover into a constant cycle of love and unrequited love.
  • This can extend from relationship to relationship and is emotionally exhausting.

The flip side of the ecstatic highs and blissed out soul connection is deep emotionally wounded rejection, energy loss and incomprehensible grief so deep that it can throw one into a delirium of madness, or even sustained soul loss. And in some cases, a kind of partial possession or entity infection can take place, if the Dark Side of Cupid love bite partner was “hosted” by a malevolent inter dimensional entity, who fed off of your energy for an extended period of time – or if you literally gave up to this predation, not understanding the consequences.

This can give them power, expanded psychic abilities and awareness, and a great sexual partner/lover who will most likely fall in love with the hosted energy vampire. The sad part about this, is that when such a cunning predator manages to link into deep levels of your being, such as the chakras, they can catalyze blissful energy sensations, elicit a profound love obsession, heart chakra expansion or even spontaneous kundalini activation. When ones energy centers are blown open this way, there can be positive side effects, such as kundalini rising, blissful energy in various parts of the body. One may experience expanded psychic awareness, love and other emotions. The sex drive can go through the roof. There can also be unpleasant emotional lability and a triggering of all ones inner psychological wounds all at the same time. And when ones energy centers are exuding all this bliss kundalini energy it can also attract other beings in your life.

It is akin to a powerful love spell—and perhaps that is exactly what it is.

As the relationship progresses, and depending on the degree of energy vampirism, emotional drama and narcissistic abuse factors, the soul energy loss and emotional wounding increases. It may get to the point where a break up has to occur or ill health or possible death can result from this kind of soul loss and extreme emotional damage.

It is usually in the aftermath of such a relationship that a client will contact me, seeking healing and some explanation for how and why this can happen. Many hold on to the hope that they will reconnect with their partner, believing that their unconditional love can change or “heal” the partner who is either narcissistically wounded or carries within them an attached entity, or both. The desire to hold on to the illusion of the “soul mate/twin flame” partner is very strong in such situations, even despite abusive behaviors and consuming ill health. It is like an addiction that we grasp onto because having a connection like this is unlike any other.

The drama of the love obsession seems to be proportional to the degree of how ones energy centers were melded and opened up, creating lots of bliss as if we were one soul. Our level of earlier emotional childhood wounding can also exacerbate the vulnerability we have for getting into such a love bite. If we never really knew “true love” we often fall for the counterfeit and not perceive that it’s orchestrated.

Of course this all sounds paranoid crazy, for those who haven’t experienced or witnessed it first hand. In certain sub-populations of anomalous trauma — especially those who have had MK Ultra, ritual abuse and milab abduction histories — it is more evident. But there is something else happening, that may be unrelated to these sub-populations, that indicates a deeper underlying reality of different types of “humans” that exist. Some may call them ET hybrids, but I’m not certain that is what it is. It seems to be more of a soul and spiritual difference between humans, that predisposes some to be natural “energy vampires” who predate specifically upon the more spiritually gifted types of humans who exude a type of energy highly sought after.

Essentially the process of awakening began with the exploration of soul experience which was all about the psychic initiation process. The essence was to know who you are from the personality standpoint, while developing empathy and good ethics. The pneumatic initiation was about discovering the experiencer or spirit Consciousness that is the ground of all experience. The latter is similar to Buddhist higher level meditative insights where they realize there is no ego self, per se, but rather a deeper connectedness to All. The larger Dreaming Self. It is the All experiencing itself through the reflection of individual selves, and the sense of an all embracing love in this Oneness of being. It is a Mystery, and for those who have come to the place of Gnosis realize that they really know nothing, and instead realize this is an unfolding mystery of becoming and beingness.

Source: The aftermath of the alien love bite

“In several of the cases, individuals reported feeling that their partner was some kind of conduit or host being overshadowed or temporarily possessed by another spirit.

In the case of Wiz and Koral, Wiz experienced a twisting, contorting knot in his solar plexus area after having sex with Koral. As the relationship progressed, he became confused, exhausted, and depressed. Even after he and Koral broke up, Wiz continued to experience paranormal activity and unusual dreams, as if a dark force followed him around, sucking his energy. He reported this to me years after the relationship ended, and could feel a distinct energy-draining sensation between his shoulder blades, as if an entity had become attached to the back of his heart chakra area. This often happened in conjunction with sexual “astral attacks” in which he believed his sexual energy was being siphoned by predatory inter dimensional entities.

What could be happening with the Dark Side of Cupid is an indirect form of psychic feeding. One partner tends to have the greater psychic vampire features, but instead of being a direct, consciously feeding vampire, the partner is used as a sort of portal for an interdimensional, parasitic entity.

One of the disconcerting issues that Dixon brought up with deep psychic feeding or communion with a vampire is the permanent psychic link that will be maintained with the donor or unwitting partner. This powerful connection is often felt as true love for the one being fed upon. For the vampire, the partner may be nothing more than an energy fix or addiction. This may result in unrequited love for the unfortunate ones caught in the nest of psychic feeders, as unintentional as it may be. A hazardous by-product of psychic vampire sexual feeding, is a powerful connection which feels like one’s true love or soul mate. Hence, the counterfeit soul-mate connection.

This may sound prudish but I do think human sexuality is powerful and threatening to the dark forces and they use normalizing sexual deviance and loose sexual behaviors to destroy people and to prevent the true spiritual potential of human sexually from being realized and enjoyed. There is no comparison when sacred sexuality is honored, realized and or known. Lower forms of sexuality are then obviously repulsive, low and degrading to every person involved.

Having the good sense to set appropriate boundaries, finding and addressing our blind spots and past traumas that create unconscious reactions and developing the capacity for highly evolved skills of discernment is of extraordinary importance. If we have not addressed our own blind spots and unconscious triggers or do not have a clear sense of what is really going on, this can be one of the easiest ways that narcissists and entities can use to take and misuse our energy.”

Source: Eve Lorgen, The Dark Side of Cupid

To remove entities – see my blog posts about different ideas:

Penny’s view: I really don’t know what to make of any of this. I can resonate so much but my mind does not want to believe. From all the stuff that I’ve experienced in the past few years that relates to this, I kept on going “yes, there must be demons/evil/negative entities”, to “nah – surely not, can’t be, this is just delusional”, and so this is one area that I haven’t been able to explore properly because of my own blocks and disbelief. I want to open my mind so that I can just be more knowledgeable and aware about the subjects – maybe because I do agree that the more knowledge you have, the less fear you have because you see things for what they are, there is no uncertainty when you have investigated something more thoroughly than what the masses-put out, or what you learn from watching “movies”, you know? I kinda tend to believe that they are a manifestation of our own making. Our own fears being manifested. Or they are real. And the best way I can describe the way that I actually think about them currently is that no matter if they are real or imagined, it’s because of our own weaknesses and vulnerabilities and not living true to our own soul’s values, that would cause them to turn up in our lives. That doing the work on our own selves is what defeats them or makes them irrelevant. That they are.. or can be viewed as.. helpers in a way – showing us where we are weak/vulnerable/out of alignment. Showing us what to work on. I talk about it more in my blog posts above. But yeah.. I can’t just believe because someone says “hey, believe me”.. but I have had some fucking scary experiences that would make a lot more sense if these things were actually real. So eventually I hope to marry my own experiences with some form of truth that serves me, and in the meantime, I guess it’s healthy to just explore and see what I come across, keep open-minded to the possibility that what I experienced could actually have been real – and keep open-minded that it could also have been psychosis or delusional, whilst ever working on myself in regards to weaknesses/vulnerabilities, physical & mental health, and living balanced & true to my own sense of what’s right.

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