What is the Best Version of YOU doing today?

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Woke up with this thought today. As you know – I don’t “know” how I feel about parallel universes, but this was on my mind anyway so I thought I’d “let it out” like a journal kind of entry the way that my mind unravelled this morning:

Every choice you make, every moment of every day.

  • when you step towards one direction
  • when you choose to smile or frown
  • … to be kind or nasty
  • … to do something you are passionate about
  • … to stand up for someone
  • … to go to work or not
  • … to take that road or that highway
  • … to have a smoothie or a cookie

Every choice can lead to a new reality, a new outcome, for you and those around you.

Every choice creates a new potential outcome.
Another choice will lead away to another potential outcome.

It is not good or bad, right or wrong. It is what it is. We have millions of potential outcomes from the moment-to-moment choices we make.

What if we looked at it, as if “We have millions of potential “parallel universes” to enter from the decisions we make?

i.e. That every choice/thought we have, the decisions we make on a moment-to-moment basis leads us down a different path, and you are able to move in-between the different realities and experience different possibilities.

Have you ever seen the movie Sliding Doors? That follows Gwyneth Paltrow through 2 potential realities – one where she misses the train home from work and the other where she makes the train, both lead down completely different potential outcomes in her life. I need to watch that movie again, it’s been about 10 years or more probably… but it illustrates this thought I had this morning a little better than my words will.


Step Into a Parallel Universe

Let’s say you choose to buy a coffee at a cafe, and while you are waiting for that coffee you look around the cafe and meet eyes with a person sitting down. First Choice: Do you choose to smile or look away?

parallel universe
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ywn2Lz5zmYg


In Parallel Universe #1

You choose to smile.. that person chooses to smile or look away? Let’s say in this parallel universe; that person chooses to smile. There is a connection, a happy energy has been manifested, a kind energy has been transferred.

That person leaves the cafe, he walks out to the carpark and along the way, his eyes meet with a stranger. He & the stranger have choices – do they choose to smile, acknowledge or look away?

Let’s say in this parallel reality, because he is already feeling pretty good about the previous silent energy transfer with you (either consciously or unconsciously), that he chooses to smile again. The affection is spread. The “good vibe” is shared.

You can choose to share a “good vibe” or a “bad vibe”… or “no vibe at all”; ‘apathy’.

The person who receives this new smile, can now choose to smile, acknowledge or look away. A smile/acknowledgement is another connection, another kind, friendly energy… leading to potentially more kind, friendly transfers throughout the the day and in life… moment-to-moment, these small split-second seemingly unimportant gestures that people can do, can have lasting ripple effects.

In Parallel Universe #2

In another reality, the person chooses to look away or scoff. So now in this reality you have a choice to make as to how you want your reality to play out. Do you scoff back? Smile back? Smirk? Walk away? Keep the warm, kindness, and good feeling in your heart and continue to create the reality you want? You have a choice. What reality do you want to step-into?

That person who scoffs is choosing a particular reality for themselves. It’s perfectly fine whatever they decide – it’s their life and this is yours. Maybe today they want to experience a world of solitude. Maybe this month they want to grieve their son. Maybe in this moment, they didn’t even notice you. Maybe this hour they just don’t care about anything and have something else on their mind. Maybe they are pre-occupied with a pain or a difficult errand or problem. Maybe in that particular second, they just decided they didn’t feel like smiling or acknowledging you. Maybe they smiled and acknowledged ‘after’ the connection was broken (one looked away). That’s their choice, the reality they chose to experience. 

The ‘thought’ (that I woke up with) that I’m trying to illustrate is:

What if you purposely choose to “step-into” each parallel universe? That you are doing it right now and you are doing it in even moment of every day with every decision and thought you have.

What if today, you decided to make choices to “step into” a parallel universe where you are healthy, kind, positive, &/or successful? The best version of you? What choices would you need to ‘step into’ for that to be a reality? What does a healthy, kind, positive &/or successful person do? How do they walk? How do they talk? What do they eat? How do they treat others? What do they do? What do they think?

What if every choice you make, is another “step” into the universe you wanted to live? the life you want? the planet you want?

When you make a choice that ultimately leads to a universe you ‘don’t want’ for yourself or for others – you feel ‘bad’, ‘uneasy’, ‘anxious’, & ‘stressed’. You can feel it in your gut that you have entered a universe that doesn’t have the outcome you want – that is not leading in the direction you ‘want’ for your life – it doesn’t feel ‘good’, and it’s that ‘good feeling’ that helps direct the life we want – follow the good feelings.

If you chose poorly and your body reacts with anxiety, illness, fear or that gut-energy – that “instinct”.. then it’s time to look for a new choice or decision that enables you to ‘step-into’ and re-enter the universe that you ‘do’ want for your life. But with our next thought, decision, action – we can “step” into another parallel universe – the best version of you, the worst, or something in-between.

Thoughts Create Reality

It’s just another perspective – another way to remember that your “thoughts create your reality” – another way to make healthier decisions, kinder choices, to be more in align with the person you which to be and the things/experiences you want to achieve/feel/observe/learn from while you are on this planet.

What you do next.. is up to you.

What connections will you make today? If you are out and about – you will come in contact with potentially 100’s of ‘energy transfers’ / connections. Which affect their experience as well as your own based on your decisions and based on theirs.

  • Help people or hurt people?
  • Smile or Scoff?
  • Eat well or eat crap?
  • Take offence or send out empathy, compassion, love, understanding?
  • Connect with people or ignore them?
  • Live in fear or live in love?

Eye Contact
Look at everyone’s eyes just long enough to name colour

Look into People’s Eyes….

I watched something the other day that said to try and make eye-contact with people (not a creepy stare – just enough to notice their eye colour… “brown, hazel, blue, green”, etc)… and if your eyes meet, acknowledge them.

It changes your reality and theirs. Potentially to a better reality, a better world, a better “domino effect”. Lifting the “energy” of all you encounter and potentially them doing the same – a “ripple effect” of positive human intention – of positive energy.


What reality do you want to have for yourself?

Step into the reality you want and make conscious choices that lead you there.

“Step “into” who you want to be” – The life you want for yourself. And help others do the same.

Which parallel universe will you choose to experience today?

And what is the “best you” doing? feeling? experiencing?

What is the Best Version of YOU doing today?


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Penny (PennyButler.com)

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