Overview.. what Now?

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Overview.. what Now?

You have:

What Now?

Well you’ve created your website, your brandable report, have all the top pagerank sites linking to you from all over the net, have your own groups, mailing list, autoresponders, your articles are circulating, and your “out there” in the community.

The next step is time-management.. you’re all setup.. ready to go.. but you now need to create your own time-management plan on what you are comfortable with in your ongoing promotion.

I suggest you start at: Time Management for Social Media post which will contain ideas (and comments from others).. a summary:

#1 Attracting New Clients = 40% of your time (Attracting, NOT chasing)
#2 Converting New Clients into Customers = 20% of your time
#3 Admin Tasks = 30% of your time
#4 Creating Content for your Business = 10% of your time

You’ve done the “hard yards” with your content and admin tasks over the past 30 days.. it’s time for friend frenzy’s, getting to know people, having fun, and diverting prospects to your online communities, groups, autoresponders, etc. You should concentrate on attracting new clients.. keep on creating those new videos and uploading them to all the social networking sites, keep updating your blog and your groups, but mostly, you get to have fun by getting to know people on a real level, gaining real friendships, trust, and integrity, and helping others to do the same.

Get your Outlook or Time & Chaos calendar out, and work out a daily plan based on the amount of hours you wish to work on the business per day.. and using the formula from the Time Management for Success, base your goals around that.. will you spend every Monday making more Facebook friends? every Tuesday chatting to your new friends? every Wednesday finding new Twitters? Every Thursday creating a new lens on Squidoo?

On my site, I have implemented a “daily checklist” to remind myself (and anyone else who is interested) on what I could be doing today to help attract traffic to my sites.

You should install Google Analytics on every page of your website to find out which traffic is working best for you and concentrate on those sites.. if you find that you get lots of traffic from YouTube.. then make sure you are more active in YouTube.. you get the picture :)

Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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