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Karen & Rodney did another QA session with the guides. I didn’t ask any questions this time but decided to transcribe as I watched because I always get value out of their messages. They answer subscribers’ questions about psychic gifts, guides, birthmarks, soulmates, crop circles, past lives & more (15 questions). Please note that I paraphrased most of the “additional thoughts” (but the Q&A’s are as read-out by Karen & Rodney).

5:00 Hali Brannon:
Q.) I would love to know if I really have an ability. Sometimes I see things that I can’t explain like visions of things that have happened (or I think have).
A.) You seemed surprised to know that you have an ability beyond of what you expect to be normal. Normal is what you expect, so if you see things and you trust that they are real, that will be your new normal. When this becomes your new normal, then what you see will expand and you will see with greater clarity, and then that will become your new normal, and so on and so on.

Karen thoughts… // Trust your self and your abilities – begin to trust it and give it an opportunity to exist/happen. Write them down and it will start growing with you and it will become your new normal, and you will find you realize you’ve stepped-up.

8:40 Milena Deltorto:
Q.) Must I sell my house to survive?
A.) What is it that you need to survive? Is death upon you? Is your house so important that you will or will not survive with or without it? A house is simply an object that you have given a certain amount of power to, and it may as well be a bike, for the importance and relevance it has on your life. Therefore, this question is best answered by you and the needs of your life and the idea that this is the best way to get where you need to be going is important to always remember that there are several different ways that you can go to get to the grocery store.

Karen thoughts… // Open and allow and maybe allow other options to emerge

Rodney thoughts… // They say it’s best answered by you – if you think that’s it – then that’s it.

Karen // … right, because your belief carries everything. You’re seeing it as life or death – and they’re saying it’s just an object. It’s important to open to your options. Guides with your best interest at heart will never tell you what to do. They will never say “sell your house”. Before you make a decision, ask for possibilities to come through.

Rodney // … the grocery store is a metaphor – there’s different roads in your life that you can go down, different ways to get there.

15:00 ParariPaari Paarri:
Q.) I want to sense him strong and clear (e.g. hear his voice and notice him knowingly etc.) What should I do? Am I a pain in the a*se for him? (Just kidding)
A.) For you to see him in a light that is soft and true and brilliant, take away your ego that only lets you see him in the most narrow thoughts and dreams. Open to the possibilities that you are the one and only that you are the most important, and that the pain is felt only by you.

20:20 Amber Choisella:
Q.) My question would be, is my birthmark an imprint of my soul identity, my soul name?
A.) Birthmarks are just that – they are an accident at birth, or are they? Every spot in your body, every hair on your head are carefully planned – all are meaningful. You are keen to ask this question at this time because it has so much meaning for you – and for you to have found this explanation is not an accident. So move forward and find the rest without fear or hesitation, and then, like this revelation – trust that which you find, that will surely unravel any mystery behind this mark of excellence.

25:30 Nikky Radinger:
Q.) Since I was a child I have always been aware of the other world and read many books and participated in Ouija sessions growing up and for the last 4 or so years I have been practicing mental mediumship and sitters tell me I am quite accurate. So why is there such a silence between me and my beloved soul mate who was my father in this life? His name was Ron Radinger and I have not heard or seen him even in my dreams. It’s been 28 years since he crossed over and I miss him everyday. Where is he?
A.) Sometimes we are so consumed with first love then grieve that we did not see the tree in the forest. It may as well be a desert. But there are several reasons beyond that. Some you will understand. Many you would not. That you would understand that a soulmate from another life could be your father in this life, is a knowing that is rare. Because of the taboos of humanity and in lack of understanding as this has a foundation of truth so does the concept of depredation, like breathing it’s almost like second nature until you are stuck on water knowing that breathing in water means certain death. So that when you can finally surface and be there, that single breath carries greater significance than all other breaths in your lives put together. Try to imagine meeting this soulmate again after all this time – what a breath that will be.

Karen thoughts… // Soulmate doesn’t mean a romantic love affair. You have a knowledge that goes beyond what many could even contemplate with this type of topic we’re talking about. Don’t hold your breath looking – don’t get consumed. Instead, use your imagination – in your mind’s eye – he’s not coming to you when you’re channelling, you’re intuitive/empathic ways, in your mind’s eye imagine meeting this soul again – however it wants to present to you, and then go from there. That’s when you’re going to take this great breath.

Rodney thoughts… // You’ve been deprived this for so long, it’s like you’re under water. When you finally see this other person – that breath is going to be the greatest breath of your life.

Karen… // Whether it happens right now in this dimension, or in another dimension… you will continue on, and bring all this energy with you. I’m also hearing “don’t make it into that right now” – being consumed by it might be taking away your chance. “Try to imagine this soul again”. I think there’s a key there for working with this energy. When somebody transitions – it’s like a breath – “breathes” – like literally right there – that’s how close they are. Your love never ends. That’s the main source gift that we were given and continues on forever.

35:00 ArtsyCat:
Q.) How can I meet my guides?
A.) How is it that you have not to date? Are they not with you always? The answer is yes – they are. This is your responsibility not theirs. They still guide you, they still support you – you just do not acknowledge this so it becomes hard for you to see. So meditation and dreams, walking and talking also is within your ability to use. And then you will begin to see and communicate with them directly.

Karen thoughts… // They’ve always said that “We are always with you”. Your group of guides and it’s what you believe. So my group of guides – I believe it’s source-wisdom that I’m talking to, and so that’s what it is for me – just go right to the top. They’re saying “even though you don’t think that they’re with you” it’s our responsibility to invite them in and to have that direct communication with them. Now – easier said than done – and I totally get this. So one of the things I devised and developed my channelling abiilities off the board is I would go on walks. And in the walk, I would give permission to the guides – I would say in mind’s eye “I give you permission to either come into my thoughts or to use my voice”, now I’m working on my voice channelling. “I give you permission to be with me” “I give you permission to allow me to experience you”. Something of that nature. The way you experience your guides is not necessarily be the way you think it should be/want it to be/hope it to be/expect it to be. It will come in different ways. I “hear” them through feeling. I hear through my heart. The senses become a whole other realm of sensory perception – super powers if you will – where I begin to feel ‘whatever I’m hearing, seeing’. If you can get away from “it’s gotta be auditory or visual or images”, etc – let it come the way it wants to come. When you’re doing something in movement – it’s amazing. “Movement meditation”. A lot of ideas come to me – from me? or from them? I think it’s a mixture of both. Just know when you get some great inspiration – with the goosebumps and all that kind of stuff – that’s communication to you. Everyone has their own way. Just be open to possibilities.

45:00 Anya Fox:
Q.) How can I tell if I’m talking to a good spirit or a bad spirit?
A.) When you are speaking with source, you must know that source resides within your soul. If this is true for you, then you must also know that there is no evil that can reside in the same space as source. Since source is love and love alone – bad or evil has to be made up by humanity. Even if evil could manifest itself through a fallen angel, say there is still no room within source space for it to reside.

Karen thoughts… // Align yourself first with source. Align within your centre and your spiritual nature – the core of who you are. You are source in expression in a 3rd dimensional being in this 3rd dimension plane of existence in humanity. So if you are source and source resides in you and your soul is as an aspect of source and source is love and love is all there is – where is the room for anything but that. Humanity creates this stuff. So when you know yourself to be an expression of source – the more you’re going to understand that you will know and you can choose and always speak with nothing but spirits that have your back. There are lower forms out there – but these are energies that have forgotten that their an expression of source – humans forget all the time. Most humans don’t even know it. We act out of our ego or fears or terror or shame or worthlessness, we forget that we’re more powerful than we really are, and we’ve got to remember our empowerment. When you know this – that’s all you’re going to attract to you, because you’ll go “Source is love, I am source, so therefore I am love”, and that’s all you’re going to allow in.

Rodney thoughts… // Since one of our gifts is freewill and freedom, then we can choose to steal that candy at the store. It’s a choice we’ve made. We’ve decided that stealing is evil. We know it inherently – noone has to tell us. I think if we’re born alone on an island, we would know that certain things are good, and certain things are bad. And so, when there’s even a question mark about the goodness or the lack thereof, then your answer is in front of you. And you might want to look inside and say why am I projecting this type of archetype into my life?

53:20 Jo Eager:
Q.) Any tips on the best way(s) to develop skills as a medium and spiritual healer?
A.) Is it possible that this question is best answered by Q (queen) ceo KAD. (So they want Karen to channel)

Karen channelling: We are pleased that you asked this question for it is a common query that many of you search for and you want to understand better because you feel like with this answer you will be able to allow your abilities to emerge. And when we say we wish that you can allow these abilities to emerge what we mean is, we want you to reclaim that that is us within you.

Karen thoughts… // When you allow yourself to get to know the inner-you. Get really empowered in yourself. Do not see yourself as separate from source. And know that source is with you every single moment – even the moments we mess up. Get to know this feeling within yourself, and you can begin to discern that and begin to trust the images, the messages, the words, and the feelings that come through. I’m learning to hear through my feeling-sensations. I get real clear, I know it’s Karen talking to you, but also in the back, I’m feeling this inspiration – I’m feeling inspired to say things I might not normally say – and I step aside to allow it to come through. I can feel them.

Karen channelling: As you mentioned before to another person who asked a question, of how to know the guides are there, and how to meet your guides which is also a part of us, we are saying that you must trust yourself to go into the imagination, for the imaginal realm is very real and true. It is the place where you meet us. It is a place where you meet these abilities. So use your imagination with such drive and conviction and belief. Step into that place, see it in your minds eye, and allow that to move into the pictures, the feelings and sensations as KAD is discussing with you right now. You get into that space and you will FEEL it as she says in your heart.

Karen thoughts… // Your heart is your portal – it is the opening to these places. If you can get centred and imagine in your minds eye that this heart is the connection back to all that is – to God – to source – to the one spirit – to the Cosmos – to the Universe – if you can make yourself connect to that. I do it through my imagination, I do it through my mind, or with guided meditations, or visualization. And the best visualization is when you can imagine there’s a light within you, and you grow this light within you and expand it. Things will start bubbling up and you will start to wonder if you’re making it up. Things will flash across your mind. The best thing to do is not doubt that, to consider it practice. Write these things down and watch over time how they start to make sense. The more you believe in your process of doing that – going within and seeing, hearing, feeling, and waiting for those things to come – and taking the risk to share them – the more practice you have at it – the more you will develop these gifts. It’s a calculated risk – not a scary risk.

Karen channelling: We also want to add that what’s important here is that you begin to do this work and you trust within yourself. You must put yourself in the highest vibration of all – and guess what that is? That is joy. Joy is an aspect -subdivision – subsidy of love. Put yourself in love and when you find that love, that joy, that’s all entangled together in a good feeling – it’s much easier to do this process. We thank you so much for asking this question, because many of you seek this, and we know that KAD has too, so we’re happy to share this with you. Thank you for asking.

Karen thoughts…//
1.) Get to know the centre of yourself
2.) Use your imagination and trust in this process
3.) Make sure that you’re willing to take some risk to share it with other people; whatever mental images, words, feelings, sensations you’re receiving
4.) Always elevate yourself to a higher level of energy such as joy or love, and work from within that space

1:04 Marz:
Q.) Are vibes (good or scary) worth listening to?
A.) Simple answer is that all vibrations are worth listening to. To go further, it is what you do with this information that is more important. All information has value. Ignore none of it. Interpret it carefully. If within your syntax: you go to a job interview and get the idea that you are going to kill it of course – this is a good thing; and noone will be harmed. A bit over-simplified but easily understood.

Karen thoughts… // Your syntax or your vocabulary can define “killing it” as a good thing or a bad thing – it’s all good information but use it to learn how to discern the information as to what direction you want to go.

1:10 Christina Lannan:
Q.) Am I supposed to be a witch in this life?
A.) Why do you wish to put yourself into a very small box? The complexity of life is often easier to deal with if there are only a few choices. We do not discourage, for choosing that which you are most passionate about, but always remember that life comes with infinite possibilities and to label is to limit.

1:14 Christine Walters:
Q.) What job will I end up with?
A.) What job would you like?

Karen thoughts… // They really believe that your beliefs create your reality, what we start to focus on is more what we draw into our lives. So they’ve posed this question back to you. They just wanted to pause and make a point there.

A.) How may we point you in a perfect direction? Often we may seem to avoid a question with verbose nonsense, however we must remind you that we are but tutors in a life of your choosing and not a messenger of fortune. You walk the path – we walk with you. Not for you. Go get your favourite job and do it with all your heart and when it is no longer your favourite – leave it by the side of the road and move on to your next favourite.

Karen thoughts… // It’s saying follow your passion, follow your joy, do it with vigour – get your heart into it and see where that takes you, and when that’s done – go to the next step.

1:20 Smiley Days:
Q.) What is the language used in the Crop Circle symbols?
A.) A language of mathematics more complicated than anyone viewing them could understand or comprehend.

Karen thoughts… // I want to know more and want to add to this that there seems to be more cropping up.

1:22 Karen:
Q.) What else could you add to this phenomenon?
A.) To understand them is to know them when finally you meet and you then are able through telepathy to understand the math. You will then see the beauty written there.

Karen thoughts… // when you meet? I wonder if it’s a being or an orb or energy? I can ask more questions on this.

1:23 Karen:
Q.) When they say “they” or “them” – what is the them they are talking about?
A.) What you would call ETs and their method of creating these messages.

1:24 Journey to a Better Life: (Huh? I didn’t ask a question? .. ohhhh.. she must’ve added my comment to the hat when I posted on another video of hers – an interview where I said she should ask the Ouija board to help the guy further). So this is Karen’s rephrasing of my original comment on this video which was “Wonder what the ouija board has to add which might help him further :)”

Karen explains… // William Lawrence uses quantum entanglement of photons for extraterrestrial communication. So Journey to a better life is asking on behalf of William and we’ll get him to come back and watch it.

Q.) “Wonder what the ouija board has to add which might help him further :)
A.) Every journey has a pioneer, and as we have said Source has provided us with an infinite number of ways to communicate with source. Also there is no limit to the ways of seeing source or the angels of same, and though his work is unique, to this time it is not unique to this world, because this is his journey, we sit in amazement and look forward to what he does next.

Karen thoughts… // So what I’m hearing is how they can help him, is validating to him the work that he has pioneered. What I really find interesting in this answer, is that there is no limit to the number of ways to communicate with source, and so they’re saying whether you’re seeing this as Source or the angels of same.

Rodney thoughts… // Loves how they are amazed – “we’re just going to sit back and watch what he does next”.

Karen thoughts… // If we’re all an expression of source – so are the angels, so are the ETs, so are you and me – we’re all expressions of source, so they sit back in amazement watching how we create them. How does source express itself in all these different directions, and how will it rediscover and find itself.

Rodney thoughts… // We’re always trying to figure out how it all works – they said we’ll never know – we don’t have the intellectual capacity – but what they do like, is that we’re constantly trying to figure it out.

Karen thoughts… // What I like about people like William Lawrence is that they’re pushing the boundaries of what we can or cannot do.

1:30 Julie B:
Q.) I would love to know if things that happened in one of my past lives is still affecting me in this life. Thanks in advance!
A.) Everything and all things are connected by the dots of time that literally does not exist. So what are the dots? They are the threads – the golden threads if you will – that connect your past, present and future that too, do not exist. So as you live each of these lives at the same time, these are the connections that bind them.

Karen thoughts… // Now they didn’t quite answer your question. I practiced as a past-life therapist and underwent a lot of past life regressions and what I learnt was very much what they are talking about – everything is simultaneously happening, now we can’t understand that with our little pee-brains, although I shouldn’t say that – we can’t understand with the amount of our brain-energy we’re using now – so I think it’s fantastic to go explore these different lifetimes, but what they’re saying that it’s all simultaneous and that your past-present-future is all really “right now”. So to pull one out and say that it affects you differently, in the grander scheme of things would be really hard to do, but I understand on a personal level. From my own sessions I found that there was a lot of things that you are able to heal that tends to repeat through time.

Rodney thoughts… // The dots are there. The dots exist. All of them are connected through what we want to call time. Can we draw upon those experiences we’ve had in other lifetimes? I think that there is some place in our mind – that there is space to be able to connect some or all of those dots.

Karen thoughts… // I think they are trying to say to not get caught up with what’s happened in the past and look at what is going on right now and allowing yourself to see yourself as this multi-dimensional being that has many dots to connect.

Rodney… // Throughout this whole theme tonight – that the answers to the questions have been more concise. But the tightness of the answers and sophistication of the answers has been greater.

Karen… // They put the ball back into our own court. Allowing things to progress naturally.

Rodney… // “We don’t walk for you, we walk with you”

1:36 Jeanine Murphy:
Q.) Who was I in a past life?
A.) Let us say you were a chamber-maid, and a sailor, you tended to fox-hounds and tended to wounded-soldiers, you were caring and you were rogue, as a priest you baptized many, and as a thief you broke every commandment, what you’ve done little of but wish to do more of is leadership. Well done.

Karen thoughts… // We’ve had thousands of lives to explore infinite possibilities. In this life, you came to explore more of leadership.

Final Statement from the guides before we close this session:

As you read these messages, find an equal number of MM within the pages of the queries and we are so happy that we were invited into your lives even if for but a moment.

Karen: MM stands for Moon Messages.

Karen’s website: http://creativevisionspublications.com/
Karen’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUSEUfxsReUM_OAuX6cZDzQ

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