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Living Document. First Published April 1, 2022. Last Updated, May 27, 2022

Here’s my attempt to try and tie all the Octopus together in one place, although it would take up mountains of books and probably decades more to truly understand what the hell has happened to our planet — but, this my blog, my scrapbook, my notes, and my own way to “process” trying to figure it out.

I haven’t got a “blog post” for everything (the magnitude of this global takeover is infinite!) so I’ll link to the posts I’ve done, “reference” (with a 1, 2, 3, etc) the posts I haven’t yet done. (It will also make it easier for me to figure out which info I haven’t shared yet). And I’ll note which research I’ve got in my online folders by linking to “Mega” downloads. (Meaning, no post explaining it but research available).

[ Nutshell / Overview ]

The Octopus has infiltrated every area of our lives

Nutshell of what I can figure out so far: (where I’m at currently)

(No wonder people struggle to believe it, this Octopus has infiltrated every area of our lives)

Despite what the media and fact-checkers say (and you’ll find out why), humanity as a species is in grave danger from a (relatively) small group of psychopathic, narcissistic, greedy, wealthy & powerful control-freaks.

We have had ‘rulers’ since the beginning (hundreds of thousands of years), but it’s been ramped up since the 1940’s when they devised a plan to further tighten control of the planet and cull the population down to a more manageable size, in order to secure their place / remain in power as the controllers of earth.

We were first used as human slaves to mine gold and minerals for these rulers, but as we have progressed as a species, we are now more used as human slaves to debt, labour & consumerism.

The clever plan that these psycho’s are enacting, is public and marketed to us in such a way that it’s designed to manipulate us into not only accepting it, but even demanding it.

They “programme” and “shape” public opinion in a number of ways:

  1. Government-run Academic Institutions & Scientific Journals
  2. Corporate-Media (Radio, Print)
  3. Digital Media (Google, Wikipedia, Fact-Checkers, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Online dictionaries, etc.)
  4. Hollywood, Netflix & Disney
  5. Music industry
  6. All Regulatory groups (Pharmaceutical, Hospital, Unions, Academia, Food, Water, Agriculture, Committees & Councils)
  7. Governments (Laws & Treaties that override individual country Constitutions)
  8. Religions, Spirituality, New Age, UFO-communities
  9. Global Corporations
  10. Global Banks
  11. Amazon
  12. Fear, Bribery, Threats, Mind-control
  13. Fluoride / Aspartame (brain-suppressants), Agri-chemicals, Graphene, & Lab-Created Foods
  14. Nano-Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Technotronics, & Electromagnetic-Frequency
  15. Geo-engineering

They control the One-World Government (which “they” call the New World Order) which is mostly already in place. The organizations they control are in the thousands, but the main ones are:

  • World Bank, Central Banks, Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund
  • United Nations, World Health Organization, and all their subsidiaries
  • NATO & UN Peacekeepers/Military, as well as the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.
  • European Union
  • Council on Foreign Relations
  • Trilateral Commission
  • World Trade Organization

Their plan involves:

  • Universal Digital ID. (Centralized Population Control / Social Credit System)
  • A rulers & servants society. (They rule, everyone else is enslaved)
  • Reproduction will be a privilege. (Done in a lab & only permissible if your genetics are deemed desirable)
  • Wipe-out 95% of the population: (13 in every 14 people under the guise of “it’s unsustainable”)
    – extermination of those who don’t obey. (non-conformists)
    – extermination of useless-eaters. (those they can’t use as slaves including the elderly, terminally-ill, people with disabilities, non-essential workers)
    – extermination of specific DNA-groups they deem a threat or undesirable.
  • Experimentation on the population to advance their technology to be able to further control the masses, as well as to learn how to extend their lives and enhance themselves with “super-powers”. (current roll-out)
  • Control over education. (already in place)
  • Control over media. (already in place)
  • Control over digital-media/internet. (almost already in place)
  • Ownership/Control of all land. (almost already in place)
  • Centralized control of governments. (mostly in place, will be controlled at local-level)
  • Centralized control of global health. (almost already in place)
  • Digitization of global health. (current roll-out)
  • Centralized control of the legal system / world court. (almost already in place)
  • Centralized control of Free-Trade & World’s Resources. (already in place)
  • Centralized control of the world’s military. (almost already in place)
  • Centralized, digitized control over the global financing system. (current roll-out)
  • Big Brother Surveillance both externally and under the skin. (current roll-out)
  • Centralized control of food, land, and resources. (almost already in place)
  • One World Religion / Cult / One World Government Church.

In addition to these organizations, they use puppets such as the following to enact their plans:

  • Bill Gates (Microsoft / Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
  • Anthony Fauci (NIAID – Whitehouse / Ralph Baric –  The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill / EcoHealth Alliance – Wuhan Lab / Francis Collis – NIH)
  • Klaus Schwab (World Economic Forum / Global Governance Summit / Great Reset / Young Global Leaders)
  • Celebrities & Influencers
  • Religious & Spiritual Leaders
Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci (NIAID), Francis Collins (NIH)

Covid is (a brilliant) part of the agenda, it has been a way to enact & fast-track most of the plans in a short amount of time including:

  • Building concentration camps in every country for mass-extermination.
  • Experiment on, collect DNA, and track the global population.
  • Pandemic laws & ‘Human Rights’ treaty’s that override the constitution.
  • Convert all businesses, healthcare, and academia into digital format.
  • Destruction of the middle-class. (destroy all small-businesses they don’t control / by placing them into hardship and debt or putting them out of business entirely)
  • Laws giving immunity to foreign military.
  • Install extensive surveillance in the cities.
  • Laws to restrict information to control what you see, as well as meta-data kept on everyone (since 2015), as well as ability to over-take your online accounts.
  • Mass-purchase farms, land and housing in order to make it unaffordable so that people move closer to the smart-surveillance-cities, and in order to take-over the global food production.
  • Introduce abhorrent mandates to trick the world into taking an experimental injection of unknown ‘trade-secret’ ingredients.
  • Mass-censorship of the world’s leading experts in law, science, medicine, health, as well as investigative journalists, religious leaders, whistle-blowers, vaccine-victims, and everyday people.
  • Total information control over digital-media and corporate-media.

If you can get your head around this, much of the last 22 years & especially the past 3 years will make much more sense.

They will not win (they outsource everything to the general public and the public is waking up by the millions since 2001 but more especially during ‘lockdown’), but they are going to make a real mess of things on their way out, which could take several years/decades, as there are many thousands of organizations “just doing their job” who are enacting the plan without realizing their part in it (or who realize it and are choosing to ‘take care of their own‘).

The public plan for the New World Over takeover can be found on the United Nations website under “Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030” which is sold to the general public as “Sustainable Development / Climate Change”. The World Economic Forum’s website also has all the plans for the Digital ID and extensive changes planned for the world including the genetic-editing of humanity and the Global Governance plans.

They have recruited the world’s leaders and infiltrated governments and global organizations who have been mind-controlled/manipulated to believe they are doing “the right thing” – (or, they have a nice, fat, yellow-envelope under their door) – in other words – there are good, naïve, innocent people being used, and there are evil shit-heads that know exactly what they are doing.

The Agenda 21 documents were drawn up by Russian communists, and the organizations they run were started by a network of ex-Nazi’s. They have infiltrated everything using our own “goodness” against us. Behind them is another rabbit-hole altogether which goes back hundreds of thousands of years.

Who are 'they'?

Who are they?

Wouldn’t it be nice if it were so easy to point to a few to blame everything on? It’s Fauci! It’s Gates! It’s the Rockefellers! It’s the Rothchilds! … Bilderbergs! If only it were that easy – but corruption rules this world. Corruption is praised and rewarded. The more deceitful and corrupt you are, the richer and higher-up you go. Corruption has ruled this world for hundreds of thousands of years, so how do you name-names when anyone participating in this system is corrupt?

Do you think the doctors know they are killing people with their poisons? Some may, others may just blindly trust. It’s ‘educated’ into us, and unless you question, maybe you never ‘wake up’.

People just “following orders or directions or instructions” from those before them. People who don’t question – there’s not a single job that I’ve had where I haven’t heard the utters of “I’m just doing my job – just following company policy” – people who don’t question or think of the ethical, moral or harm they may be causing another – they just mindlessly obey – in return for money, career-opportunities, social-praise, or feeling choice-less – the “unquestioning obedient” are the reason we continue to have corruption rule society. The fact is, it could be hundreds of thousands of people by now – maybe everyone is responsible.

And depending on how far you want to go back, there are bloodlines and families who have mastered the control, and orchestrate the corruption of this world.

But let’s start with what is verifiable.

The main perpetrators that we can ‘name’ are:

  1. Whoever is behind: Vanguard, Blackrock, State Street, Berkshire Hathaway & FMR (Fidelity) own it all: Who Owns the World?
  2. The Committee of 300 (Club of Rome, Royal Families, Insurance companies, giant corporations, communications networks, Order of the Garter, Royal Institute for International Affairs, NATO, UN, Black Nobility, Tavistock Institution, Council on Foreign Relations, Stanford, Military & a list of 300 institutions & organizations)
    [1994] Dr John Coleman – New World Order
    South Australian MP Ann Bressington Explains & Warns about Agenda 21
    Claire Edwards (Ex United Nations)
  3. Whoever attends: Bilderberg Group / Council on Foreign Relations / Trilateral Commission (Rockefellers, Rothchilds, bankers, political leaders, international corporations, major media giants, royalty)
    Amr Waked Hollywood Actor Investigates Bilderberg Group [NWO]

What they want: Consolidation of Global Power & Control

How they do it

They control the entire “system”:

  1. Infiltrated global corporations & governments.
  2. Created and control the world’s regulatory agencies.
  3. Created and control United Nations, IMF, World Bank, WHO, European Union, etc.
  4. Infiltrated the world’s education & history.
  5. Mind-control (chaos, confusion, distraction, fear, drugs & chemicals, bio-technology, and public-opinion via academia, media, Hollywood, music, fact-checkers & artificial intelligence)
  6. Information control (internet, censorship, search-results, social networks, Wikipedia, online dictionaries, scientific journals, & digital-technology)
  7. Bribery, threats, assassinations, and fat, yellow envelopes (good ol’ fashioned human-greed).

[ Information-Control ]

Information Control (Mind-Control)

Censorship of Health Advice to Public & Health Professionals

Censorship of Health Information to Public & Health Professionals

Health Professionals Speaking Out:

Pandemic Experts left out of Covid Taskforces


Narratives to Manipulate Public Opinion

Change Definitions = Change History & Manipulate Public Opinion

Change Definitions – Change History & Manipulate Public Opinion

  • World Health Organization
    (Definition of Pandemic changed) (02)

  • (Definition of Vaccine changed)
    (Definition of Herd Immunity changed)
  • CDC
  • (Definition of Fully-Vaccinated)

Internet is Information-Control of the Masses

Internet is Information-Control of the Masses


  • Dictionaries
    (Definition of Vaccine changed)


Social Media

Covid-Bots create “COVID Hysteria” to Manipulate Public Opinion & Govt Policies

Fact-Checkers are Vaccine Promos

  • Reuters
  • Politifact

BMJ takes on FB Fact-Destroyers


  • Wikipedia
    (Instananeous re-writing of reputations of anyone who speaks out)

Media is Mind-Control of the Masses

Corporate Media and Hollywood is Mind-Control of the Masses

Celebrities on “The Agenda”

See how “Hollywood” attempts to make “ALL” Conspiracy Theorists Crazy [Netflix Disjointed]

“Artificial, Paid-For Reality” Manipulation of Media [TedX] [Video]

[Rant] ‘War of the Worlds’ Media Voodoo

Microsoft, Social Media, and Corporate Media Lockstep

Media at NWO Tabletops

WHO Immunization Agenda 2030 https://www.who.int/teams/immunization-vaccines-and-biologicals/strategies/ia2030
15-16 October 2019. In the Vaccine Safety Net Workshop, in preparation for WHO IMMUNIZATION AGENDA 2030, conspicuously concealed, that Microsoft, Pinterest, Google, YouTube, Facebook and academics were retained to: “surface trustworthy, science based, high quality vaccine safety information in the digital sphere”

Recruiting Religious Leaders & Celebrity Influencers & Hollywood Actors

Journalists speak out

Honest Journalism is DEAD

Hey, 60 Mins, Stop Lying to the People of Australia

[ Rigged-Disease ]

Creation of COVID-19

Creation of COVID-19

What is COVID-19?

Inflating COVID Cases to create Public Hysteria

Inflating COVID Cases

Rigged PCR Test

PCR-Test Videos & Links

A question about the PCR Test?

  • Diagnosis of COVID Case – irrespective of positive-test, or actual reason for illness, or whether someone is not sick or contagious at all
  • Asymptomatic Spread is a Farse
  • How lethal is it?
  • What they did in Aged-Care Homes
  • Bribing Victims families to keep COVID on Death Certificate for Funeral Costs
  • COVID Hospitalization
  • The Missing Flu, Pneumonia

Create Hysteria

  • Placebo & Hypercondraics

Placebo/Nocebo, Faith & Science (Brand/Campbell)

Inflating COVID Death Numbers to create Public Hysteria

Inflating COVID Death Numbers

  • Diagnosis of COVID Death – irrespective of positive-test, or actual reason for death, or vaccine-status
  • The definition of “fully-vaccinated” removes “innoculated” from statistics so “COVID” is blamed instead of “jab” even though 1/3 of deaths from the jab occur within 48 hours of vaccine

Died ‘of’ or Died ‘with’

Censorship of COVID Deaths & Hospitalizations Fraud

Aged-Care & Hospice staff publicly stating that something went terribly wrong

  • UK – Midazolam – dosing the elderly

Doctors publicly stating they are pressured to mark COVID-19 on Death Certificates

  • Dr Dan Erickson
  • Dr Scott Jensen
  • Kris Ehresmann

Remdesivir & Ventilators and Malpractice

Remdesivir & Ventilators

  • In a 2019 Ebola study, Remdesivir was dropped because it killed 53.1% of patients. (03)
  • Hospitals are paid $13,000 for every Covid-19 admission, and $39,000 for every patient that is put on a ventilator, on average. They are paid only $4,600 for influenza or pneumonia.

Remdesivir – the least effective, most expensive, and the most deadly treatment used during the pandemic. It’s “Eugenics”.

Doctors and Nurses publicly stating they have orders to place patients on ventilators

Doctors and Nurses publicly stating they cannot treat their patients

[ICU Nurse] All who died from COVID should be considered Murdered

Doctors & Health Professionals and Early Treatment saves lives

Honduras went from 70% Covid Mortality to Zero Deaths at a National Level

7000+ C19 Patients (0 Deaths). Cause: “Allergen to Spike Protein Man-Made Poison” [Testimony]

The censorship, banning, and smear-campaign of Early Treatment

[ Rigged-Vaccines ]

Rigged Trials & Fraudulent Publications

Rigged Trials & Fraudulent Publications

  • Unblinded Placebo Group (Vaccinated Control Group)
  • More Deaths in Vaccinated than Unvaccinated
  • Vaccines clearly show harm in Trials but was approved for Emergency-Use anyway

Pfizer’s Own Trial Data: 1200+ Dead, 46.5% Required Hospitalization & 30% Unrecovered in the First 2 months & 12 days of Rollout

BMJ: Unclean Data In Vaccine Trials (Pfizer & FDA Should Be Investigated & Rollout Halted), a whistleblower from Ventavia (in charge of one of the Pfizer trials) blew the whistle on the data integrity issues in the Pfizer trial via the British Medical Journal.

[RANT] Pfizer / FDA – Court Released Docs [1st Batch]

Leaked emails of communications between FDA, EMA and MHRA, show that they approved without getting the evidence of their safety. (04)

Known Scientific Risks

Known Scientific Risks


Taking a jab “increases” your chances of getting “Covid-19/illness”, which they cover-up by saying “but it would’ve been worse if you didn’t take it”. Even tell people who had to amputate their legs after the vaccine that it would’ve been worse.

Your white blood cells are suppressed for 7 days after taking the shot! – Pfizer Documents

89.7% cases occurred among the fully vaccinated

[Moderna] Over 100 School Staff called in Sick after 2nd Shot

mRNA Vaccines cause Immune Suppression (Paper – Jan 2022)

Stop falsely claiming the “unvaccinated threaten the vaccinated” – The Lancet


Myocarditis / Cardiac Degradation

Death of Shane Warne from suspected Heart attack sparks Vaccine Debate

Australian Emergency Department Doctor Warns of Myocarditis in Children

Neurological Issues

Senate Hearing – Jan 24 2022 – 3 Military Whistleblowers on C19 Vaccines – “Our soldiers are being experimented on”

Vaccinating during Pandemic can enhance highly virulent pathogens

Vaccine Victims

Aviation Industry C19 Vax Victims

Athletes who “suddenly” died or collapsed since vax rollout

Jab Injuries Australia

[Police Standing Up] Chantal Uren – Former WA Police

13yo Maddie de Garay [Update 9 Months Later] Permanently Injured from Pfizer Trial

Pfizer Deaths – Kids (VAERS)

Vaccine Whistleblowers and Criminal History

Vaccine Whistleblowers and Criminal History

Current Pfizer staff caught on hidden microphone

  • Chris Croce, Pfizer Senior Associate Scientist (Hidden camera) admits he feels like he works for an evil corporation – that it’s all about money – and that natural immunity is better.
  • Rahul Khandke, Pfizer Scientist (Hidden camera) admits Pfizer staff are bred to be vaccine-advocates with endless seminars and constantly told you can’t talk to the public. He also shares that your antibodies are probably better than vaccination.

Former Pfizer Staff speak out

  • Dr Michael Yeadon, former CSO and Vice President, Allergy and Respiratory Research Head with Pfizer Global R&D and co-Founder of Ziarco Pharma Ltd. (05)
  • Former Chief Scientist and Vice-President of Pfizer Respiratory & Allergy Research, Dr. Michael Yeadon says there is Clear Evidence of Fraud in the Pfizer study, explains how they exaggerated risks, explains variants and viruses, warns of Vaccine passports and the end of human freedoms.
  • Former Pfizer Staff Speak Out
  • Melissa McAtee Confirms Graphene Oxide Coverup in Internal Pfizer Emails, the Covid Vaccines GLOW when there’s a dark background, the cover-up of aborted foetal cell lines, & details the corruption inside the Vaccine Manufacturing plant (Feb 2022)

Pharmaceutical Criminal History

Why do you assume Pfizer are the Good Guys?

Most corrupt industry on earth – criminal history of Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Lobbying, FDA, CDC, Medical Journals, Scientific Data corruption, Changes of Definition, and so much more. (06)

[Comedy]? What FDA is like in their rigorous approval process…(JP Sears)

Doctors, Nurses, Health Industry

Why is noone asking why Nurses are Refusing C19 Mandates?

Senate Hearing – Jan 24 2022 – 3 Military Whistleblowers on C19 Vaccines – “Our soldiers are being experimented on”

List of Doctor Names (Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency)

They are not vaccines, people are being killed, & mandates are illegal – Hearing – Prof. Christian Perronne – Jan 2022

Police, Fire and Rescue, Nurses, Teachers & more – WA Parliament

Mandates / Vaccine Passports / Social Credit System / Digital ID

Mandates / Vaccine Passports

Unjustified Mandates or Vaccine/Pharmaceutical Corruption


Digital ID = Permanent Enslavement – Australia & World – WAKE UP!!!

United NT Businesses Stand Up against Unreasonable Mandates

Winning Victoria Back – COVID Mandates [Interview]


Senator Rennick “This is no longer about COVID” End the Mandates.

Senator Malcolm Roberts | Truth Bombs “We won’t let you get away with it”

Senator Malcolm Roberts | Australian Companies illegally backfilling risk assessments to justify jab mandates.

Hands off our kids! [C19 Aussie School Safety Letters]

[Police Standing Up] John Thomson – Former QLD Police

[Police Standing Up] Jordan McDonald – Former WA Police

[Police Standing Up] Message to Australian Police

[Police Standing Up] Stephen Kelly – Update – Criminal Mandates on Kids – Jan 19 2022

[Police Standing Up] Stephen Kelly – Former NSW Police

[Police Standing Up] Leith Phillips – Former NT Police


Brian Peckford – Last Living Architect of Canada’s Charter of Rights – Stands Up!

Canadian MP Rick Nicholls on Mandates

Canadian Joel Lightbound MP speaks out against own parties Covid Measures

Justin Trudeau, Canadian Crime Minister (+ JP Sears)

Canada shows World ‘Test-Run’ of forthcoming Social Credit System

Canadian Trucker Messages [February Timeline]

Military Pilot to Canadian Police & Convoy “This is Stupid”

[Police Standing Up] Canada


Croatian MEP & Former Judge: BigPharma =Dangerous Mafia & Covid Passes =Dumbest idea in History


German Politicians on Covid Mandates & Health-Dictatorship [Dr. Alexander Gauland]


Convoy Interviews & Speeches

Court Cases


[Legal] Court Case: Separated Parents on Kids getting C19 Injections


[RANT] Omicron as “Nature’s answer to a Covid Vaccine”

[ Bioweapon-Theory ]

Gain of Function research

Gain of Function research

What's in the Vials?

What’s in the Vials?

Pfizer CEO won’t budge: his vaccine’s secret formula. (08)

What Is In The C19 Vaccines? Trust Not. (Paper)

Doctors Panel: We don’t know what’s in the Vaccines

[UK Lab] What’s In The Vials? (Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca)

[NZ Labs] What’s In The Vials? (Pfizer)

Download the new LA FIFTH COLUMN report “Identification of possible microtechnology and artificial patterns in Pfizer vaccine with optical microscopy” PDF – DropBox (09)

Unknown Scientific Risks

Unknown Scientific Risks

Graphene Oxide &  “superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs)

Toxicity of Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles (Paper)

Graphene Hydroxide

Dr. Andreas Noack & Graphene Hydroxide

Nanobots & Modern Warfare

Weaponizable ‘brain science & nano-scale controllable robotics’ that can be aerosolized (Modern Warfare)

Bioweapon Informants

Bioweapon Informants

Dr. Francis Boyle, Bioweapons Treaty Author (Drafted The Biological Weapons Act Of 1989)

  • “Fauci and Francis Collins (former NIH head) are part of a network of Nazis that funded the research that led to covid-19 bioweapon.”
  • “We have an international-transnational cult of Nazi-biowarfare death scientists like Tony Fauci who has been up to his eyeballs in this since Reagan. Says when he got involved around 1983 or 84, Reagan put Fauci in charge of the US offensive biological warfare weapons program, and that is how long he has been there.”
  • “Its a cult of people including the British, French, Israelis and China, and that Wuhan’s bat-lady was part of the offensive US biological warfare industry. So, we have a network and a cult of Nazi biowarfare death scientists.”
  • “HIV are in the vaccines – According to Boyle, the COVID-19 virus is a chimera. It includes SARS, an already weaponized coronavirus, along with HIV genetic material and possibly flu virus. It also has gain of function properties that allow it to spread a greater distance than normal” (10)
  • The final piece of evidence, is an archive of virology, 2010 – and this is research done with the Australian Animal Health Laboratory, and again the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Where they DNA Genetically Engineered SARS and HIV. As a sort of a turbocharged Biological Warfare Weapon, that would consist with SARS, which is already a Weaponized Coronavirus – gain-of-function – of properties and HIV – and it as you know, those Indian scientists only did an analysis of the coronavirus, and it was published online. I read it, and HIV was clearly in there. (11) (12)
  • “The U.S. government spent $100 billion on biological warfare programs since September 11, 2011, up until October 2015” (13)

Dr Shankara Chetty: Spike Protein is a well-engineered slow-death poison

Virologist Luc Montagnier (1932- Feb 2022)

[ Convenient Deaths ]

Deaths or Arrests of those who spoke out against the narrative.


2001 William (Bill) Cooper (Veteran of the US Air Force & US Navy and author, radio show host, producer, and lecturer). Published a book & lectured on the New World Order. Did a series of radio shows calling out the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centre as part of the New World Order agenda – murdered 3 weeks later in the early hours of November 6, 2001 in a Police Shootout at his ranch.

Bill Cooper Notes [NWO]

2017 Dr. Mark Buller “US poxvirus researcher who conducted gain-of-function research on viruses related to smallpox, was killed Feb. 24 2017 when he was hit by a car while riding his bicycle. He was 67.”


2019 - Arrests

Julian Assange (Wikileaks Founder) Arrested – April 11, 2019 (14)

2019 - Deaths

Kary Mullins (Nobel Prize-winner for invention of the PCR test)

  • Would have warned us PCR could not detect disease.
  • Very publicly called out Fauci, CDC, FDA and NIH for past few decades as scammers who had “weaponized” the PCR test to hijack ‘the scientific establishment’ for corporate greed and to create public hysteria/customers.
  • Said that people were full of harmless retroviruses.
  • First became aware of how corrupt the industry was when he discovered that HIV had never been proven as the cause of AIDS and the real mystery about HIV is the billions of dollars it generated for corrupt pharmaceutical companies and their regulators, and how they mis-used his PCR test in the AIDS epidemic narrative because it could detect HIV even when antibody tests were negative and how they used that to get more customers/victims onto their AIDS-drugs, and that the only reason it “looked” like an epidemic is because of “cases”.
  • And so much more.
  • Died of ‘Pneumonia’ – August 7, 2019

Event 2021 – Part 1 (Sars-CoV-2 Origin & PCR)

PCR-Test Videos & Links

George Green – Elite insider, Author, Former military & investment banker.

2020 - Sabotage

Pharmaceutical HCQ plant burnt down (Factory producing Hydroxychloroquine APIs)

2020 - Deaths

David Crowe (COVID Whistleblower)

  • Publicly calling out COVID Corruption with Interviews and Books
  • Published book “Coronavirus Panic” – June 6 2020.
  • Died of ‘Sudden Onset Cancer’ – July 12 2020
  • Brief but intense illness – Only 5 weeks from diagnosis to passing
  • MegaFolder

Brandy Vaughan (former Merck Sales Rep, Vaccine Whistleblower, Founder of LearnTheRisk.org)

2021 - Arrests

Jordan – Prince Hamzah

  • Jordanian authorities arrested 19 people, including Prince Hamzah , who was put under house arrest. Arrests also included the prince’s chief of staff and other figures associated with him, Current events in addition to a member of the royal family, Sharif Hassan bin Zaid, and Bassem Awadallah , former Chief of the Royal Hashemite Court and Jordan’s former envoy to Saudi Arabia.
  • Arrested April 3 2021
  • MegaFolder

2021 - Deaths

In the UK, a whistleblower by the name of Wayne Smith claimed that the elderly were murdered by dosing them with large quantities of midazolam, and then the deaths were blamed on COVID-19; he was later found dead, supposedly of COVID-19. (22)

Dr. Andreas Noak (German Research Chemist who did his PhD on Graphene & worked for leading manufacturer of carbon nanoparticles)

  • “The vaccinations contain Graphene Hydroxide which is a highly intelligent poison of exceptional stability that causes internal bleeding, cuts and destroys the heart, brain and cardiovascular system and is not biodegradable. Even if people don’t drop dead right away, it cuts blood vessels little by little. We are absolutely sure that if you put Graphene Hydroxide in the blood, you are a murderer.”
  • Published Graphene Hydroxide Video – Nov 23, 2021
  • Had a ‘Sudden invisible torturous attack’ about 30 minutes after Video of which he didn’t recover.
  • Died of ‘Heart Attack’ – Nov 26, 2021
  • Dr. Andreas Noack & Graphene Hydroxide

2022 - Deaths

HIV Virologists and Professors - Deaths

HIV Virologists and Professors – Deaths


Africa – Two medical practitioners who have been globally acknowledged for their contributions towards HIV research in Africa died from COVID-19-related complications.

  • Dr David Katzenstein (Professor of medicine at Stanford University)
    • Research focused on the treatment and evaluation of HIV infection, including clinical trials to collect data on the long-term impacts of adults living with HIV.
    • Died from COVID-19-related complications – Jan 22 2021
  • James Gita Hakim (Professor of medicine at the University of Zimbabwe’s College of Health Sciences)
    • Director of the UZ clinical research centre and served as the elected African representative on the IAS governing council between 2016 and 2020. His dedication to HIV research was spread across antiretroviral therapy, prevention, opportunistic infections and long-term complications of HIV. For his work in the health sector he was honoured with the Ward Cates Spirit award in 2019.
    • Died from COVID-19-related complications


Frank Plummer (World-renowned Canadian microbiologist on HIV/AIDS)

African Leaders and Heads of State - Deaths


17 African Ministers & Heads of States

ChadPresident Idriss DébyDied from ‘injuries sustained in clashes with rebels’ (Replaced by his son) MegaFolder

Ghana – President Jerry Rawlings – Hospitalized for “short-term illness” – Died “Covid-19” on 12 November 2020

Burundi – President Nkurunziza

  • Expelled WHO on May 12 2020 accusing it of “unacceptable interference in its management of coronavirus”
  • Died of ‘heart attack’ on June 8 2020
  • Replaced by Évariste Ndayishimiye
  • In February 2021, the health minister, Thaddee Ndikumana told reporters that prevention is more important, stating at the time that “since more than 95% of patients are recovering, we estimate that vaccines are not yet necessary.”
  • In July 2021, Ndayishimiye joined Covax offered by the World Bank.
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Swaziland – Ambrose DlaminiEswatini Prime Minister

  • Died after ‘testing positive for Covid-19’ – December 13 2020
  • Gogo Mitsetfwa of eSitjeni tasked with ensuring royal dead bodies are properly buried and after electronic evidence, suggests that he did not die of COVID-19, but was poisoned.
  • March 24 2021, the Acting Prime Minister Themba Nhlanganiso Masuju launched the vaccination campaign.
  • Reuters fact checker used this post dated Nov 2020 as a “proof” the president was on-board with vaccines, HOWEVER – Archive.org for this page only goes back as far as May 26 2021 (2 MONTHS AFTER he had DIED) – that is 2 months AFTER the rumours were circulating that his death was because he didn’t go along with the vaccine.
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Haiti – President Jovenel Moise

  • Refused to receive free AstraZeneca vaccines in April 2021.
  • Assassinated ‘shot 12 times in his home’ – July 7 2021
  • Interim Replaced by Claude Joseph (July 7-20, 2021)
  • July 14 2021 – Haiti received 500,000 doses of Pfizer via COVAX.
  • (Replaced by Ariel Henry, who has been accused of having a connection with the July assassination)
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  • In April 2020 – President Peter Mutharika announced a 21-day lockdown which was meant to begin on Saturday April 18 in a bid to contain the spread of the virus in the country.
  • A high court in Malawi granted Human Rights Defenders Coalition a seven-day injunction stopping the government from implementing a 21-day national lockdown due to coronavirus.
  • Traders protested lockdowns “Lockdown more poisonous than Corona”, “We’d rather die of corona than die of hunger.”
  • Ernest Kantcheche (Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Information) – Died of Covid-19
  • Hon. Lingson Belekanyama (Local Govt Minister) – Died of Covid-19 one day later after 2 weeks of illness

Tanzania Rejected the Vaccine Programme – loses President John Magufuli + 10 x Economics and Politicians + 10 x lawyers + 3 x Professors in 2 months

  • Rejects vaccine programme in favour of alternative remedies as were not satisfied the vaccines have been clinically proven safe, and the Health Minister warned journalists about reporting unofficial figures on COVID-19 or any disease. In June 2020, President Magufuli announced country free from COVID-19. At end of Jan 2021, he said Vaccinations are dangerous.
  • Died March 17 2021 of ‘Heart Complications’
  • Replaced by Vice President Samia Suluhu Hassan – Joined COVAX June 15 2021
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  • Professor Munashe Furusa (vice-chancellor of Africa University, chairman of the Zimbabwe Universities’ Vice Chancellors’ Association and a board member of the Higher Education Internationalisation Council) died on 13 January 2021 at a local hospital after a short illness.
  • Rosemary Moyana (Pro Vice-chancellor of academic South Africa). Died on 21 January 2021 as a result of COVID-19 complications.
  • Ellen Gwaradzimba (Minister of State) – Dies of ‘COVID-19 complications’ 15 Jan 2021
  • Dr Sibusiso Moyo (Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister)
    • Husband of Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission (ZACC) chair Justice Loice Matanda Moyo
    • Been fighting a kidney ailment for some time and earlier developed lung problems, and was reported to have contracted Covid-19
    • Died on Jan 20 2021 from Covid-19 related complications
    • (Replaced by Zimbabwe’s permanent representative to the United Nations, and Ambassador to China, Frederick Shava – a convicted scammer who was released from prison after receiving a presidential pardon)
  • Joel Biggie Matiza (Transport Minister) – Died from Covid-19.
  • Piwayi Dzuda. He was well known as a presenter on ZBC and later worked for Star Fm. – Died from Covid-19.
  • Paradzai Zimhondi – Recently retired prisons and correctional services boss – Died from covid-19
  • Aneas Chigwedere – Former minister of education, sports and culture. Died after being diagnosed with covid-19.
  • Christopher Chigumba – Former Zanu Pf legislator and father in law to Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chairperson died recently. He was said to have contracted covid-19.
  •  Joseph Mashika – (Acting General Manager at NRZ – National Railways of Zimbabwe). Died at a private hospital from covid 19.
  • I did go through a lot to work out what their stance was about COVID and who replaced them. Some of them suspicious in that they were against WHO (to the point of kicking out their reps from their countries), or speaking out against the ‘killer vaccines’ or ‘lockdowns’, and were replaced with those who were on board. Some of them were not suspicious (replaced by unsuspicious leaders).
  • All had a substantial change in COVID-Policy after their deaths.
  • I haven’t gone back to this folder since, and I haven’t got a blog post about it.
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[ Global Control ]

Who Owns the World?

Who Owns Australia?

Who Owns the Australia?

  • 1999 – Oct – Charter to achieve “Global Governance” developed for presentation at the Millennium Assembly. It was made available to the public on UN day Oct 24th, 1999. (35)
  • 1999 – Nov – The Australian people voted in a constitutional referendum on whether Australia should become a Republic and whether to insert preamble to the Commonwealth Constitution. The Australian people said “No, we’re staying with what we know”. What they never told you is that in Oct 1999, the UN had already voted to bring Australia in. (36)
  • 2000 – May – Act appeared in Victoria that took the Oath of Allegiance out of the Legal Practice Act in Victoria which overrides the Referendum decision, and lawyers in Victoria are now under the UN – ie they know longer take the Oath of Allegiance. (37)
  • 2004 – Jan – Crown of the United Kingdom was removed from the State of Western Australia without the required State and Commonwealth Referendums on 1st January 2004. (38)
  • 2021 – Aug – The Australian Federal Police (AFP) & Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) will now be able to access the computers and networks of those suspected of conducting criminal activity online, and even take over their online accounts covertly, under the Identify and Disrupt bill, which was passed by the Senate. (39)

[1991] Planned Destruction of the Australian Constitution | Jeremy Lee

UN Agenda 21/2030

[ Documentaries & More ]

Collection of resources that give a more of an overview of the Octopus

Collection of resources that give a more of an overview of the Octopus



The Eternal Pandemic – The Truth About COVID-19 (2021)

Covidian Web of Lies [South Australian Edition] (2022)


[Film] Globalist Utopia – Australia – Social Credit System (15mins)

One by One (2014) A film by Diane Jessie Miller His last film (One by One – Jan 15, 2014) warned the world about the New World Order and de-population agenda. Died June 9, 2014 after a jog from suspected ‘Cardiac Arrest’ (43) (44)

Lectures / Seminars

2001 William (Bill) Cooper lecture ‘Behold a pale horse’ . On November 5, 2001 Mr. Cooper was murdered in a Police Shootout at his ranch.

“You have to understand the agenda, you have to understand who is brining it about and why, before you can see the manipulations and how people are being used and manipulated to bring it about. ~ Milton Wililam Cooper


COVID-19 Spartacus Letter

Australian Medical Network – Open Letter to Atagi & TGA

Legal & Courts

[2022] Grand Jury – Videos


Covid Songs (Unity & Truth Bombs)

Covid Songs (Reggae Truth Bombs)

Covid Songs (Australia & New Zealand)

Covid Songs (Angry North & Boris’s Bitches)

Covid Songs (Rallies & Protests)


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