Numerology – 26th February 1976

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Packing up my things, and there are some papers that I keep that I don’t really need to keep – if I can just make a blog post out of it :) 

Here is my numerology stuff that I can now keep in digital form:

Day Born: Number 8

(Lesson: Authority & Financial Mastery)

Eight is a child of fate – life does not deal kindly with them. They suffer through those they love and life brings upheavals, heartaches and changes, drastic changes some up in their lives through great sorrows, losses and humiliations which follow them through life. They have to fight for personal happiness, they struggle to be loved and find the love they need. If they give up, life becomes a torment and a struggle mentally and emotionally. They live on a seesaw going from extremes of emotions, e.g. great happiness to great despair. They must keep fighting to attain their goals in life to make life worthwhile.

If religious or spiritual, they can go to extremes and become fanatics or become fanatical in their interests. An Eight has to learn to compromise over plans, they don’t like opposition to their plans but to get their own way, must learn to compromise. They appear cold and unaffectionate at times (especially men), they tend to keep their feelings within themselves – if they can live up to their inner feelings they are very loving and affectionate people. If deeply hurt they hide their feelings and allow people to think what they like. A number Eight can feel hurts of any kind very deeply especially in love but they have a knack of hiding it until through frustrations, bring about a verbal release. For an Eight, their business successes are great successes or great disasters, they have to learn the value of money. Once they make up their minds, they can accomplish anything.

An Eight should never be judged, their life is one of being an instrument to teach others lessons in life, and they get judged badly for it. They are very much misunderstood throughout their lives. They seldom reap the reward of their own labours, fate gives credit to others. Those on the lower planes (drink, drugs, sex and crime) come into conflict with justice (the law) or have tragic circumstances ending their life. If an Eight does anything wrong they will get caught. Sometimes it’s not their fault, but they still suffer.

The number Eight is governed by the Planet Saturn. Saturn is the taskmaster and brings suffering and fear and makes mankind think, reflect and have new ideals. Saturn makes one responsible for their own life and growth, makes us feel responsible towards other people, it can also bring selfishness in human nature, cruelty, depressive moods and into life hardship, sorrow and ill-health. Saturn teaches us lessons through these things for the individual to grow through. All Eight’s have come into this present life to grow through great emotional and mental stresses and be deeply hurt in their love life or through someone they have really given their heart to.

Eight’s have come to learn through marriage and loved ones the importance of love and affection. Once they realize what love is they will stop having love affairs. In their marriage they must face up to the emotional needs of their partner and children.

If negative, they are over-ambitious in order to attain leadership or power, have callous disregard for others, are materialistic, demand recognition, love display and can be abusive. Have a fear of failure, poor judgement, and careless regard for money.

When positive, they have executive ability, are good judges of character, confident, and administrate with personal consideration for others. They are very capable and efficient and good organizers, and good at working for a cause.

They have to give their “all” to whatever they undertake. Repeated effort is needed to get results, accompanied by mental strain and long periods of frustration. The number Eight finds its greatest opportunity through a real purpose or goal: something to plan for that has usefulness, beauty, and wide service to the community or nation. There is a philosophical trend to the nature of the number Eight. It likes to theorise, to discover the motives and feelings behind human action. Often it is the wise counsellor, guiding and directing without prejudice or illusions, an ability gained only after many experiences and a few hard knocks by life itself.

It is the number of honesty and frankness and may, at times, speak out bluntly and severely, for it is annoyed and may even show temper over repeated blunders and inefficiency on the part of others. Its anger is soon over and it is more likely to feel condemnation for itself than for others. In love and romance it is loyal and true. It needs love and admiration to soften its nature. These people should find time to express love, beauty, and sweetness to those it loves. Life becomes happier when the Eight learn to deal more patiently with others and to realize its own sometimes overwhelming driving force. It should take time to rest and relax and find an inner peace which will take away the sense of strife, strain and frustration which accompanies “too much” effort. 

The Month of the Transcender is the last month of the Personology year, and can be viewed as the most highly evolved. Those born this month symbolize the merging of the human soul with the cosmos, a necessary step before the next incarnation may begin anew, and a deep belief in the highest powers of the universe.

These people swim freely in society and represent the highest lessons of fellowship, but also the capacity to see deeply into the life and nature of things. They can submerge themselves in the depths of life and partake of hidden and ultimate mysteries. They teach us not to be afraid to let go of our earthly form, and that death is only the beginning of new life.

People born during the Month of the Transcender transmute airy, detached and eccentric energies into fiery, direct and uncomplicated ones.

Their personality symbolizes a spiritual letting go of earthly attachments and a merging with the cosmos. There is a dreamy, spiritual and deeply emotional quality to them. They are not known for their practicality but can in fact be masterful in their understanding and expression of abstract ideas and systems. Thus, they can be typed as dreamers yet when they make a gift of their visions to humanity it is indeed a fine offering. Generally speaking, they are easy about sharing material possessions and enjoy friendships and close partnerships more than most. Yet they also need to be alone a good deal of the time and run the risk of becoming escapists or loners who isolate themselves from the world.

Extreme sensitivity can make it difficult for these people to lead an easy social life. Though often characterized as the sign of sorrows, suffering is born well by them. However, they can be vulnerable to depression and occasionally beset by self-pity. Escapes involving addiction are particularly dangerous. Their deep and complex emotional life makes them highly attractive to those who long for contact with the profound in life.

Those who are born during the Month the Transcender are often blessed with excellent memories, perhaps due to their impressionability. In addition, they tend to be devotional, and make true believers—this applies not only in the religious sense but also in regard to other belief systems and principles. They can be very generous and are highly empathic and sensitive to the difficulties of others; they tend to respond with compassion in the face of misfortune. However, they must beware that others do not impose unduly on them or take advantage of their acquiescence.


The Path of Introspective Spirit

Their fulfillment…

Personality of this configuration…
Week of Spirit people are likely to face the challenges of reconciling the material and nonmaterial sides of life travelling the Way of Introspection. Naturally spiritual and gifted with the ability to devote themselves completely to a task, person, or cause, they do run the risk of becoming too self-sacrificing and idealistic and will have to cultivate a healthy degree of self-interest before they can truly progress. Some of them may be confronted with the demands of material reality and struggle with a excess of physical drive, sensuousness, or overindulgence, while others may learn through the management or mismanagement of money and material resources. Grounding themselves in the simple pleasures of domestic life will be especially beneficial for Week of Spirit people, as will learning to accept professional responsibility gracefully. Yet if they do not allow their periods of solitude and meditation to degenerate into escapism and worry, their life’s journey promises fulfillment and peace.

The Way of Introspection

Those born during the Way of Introspection must explore the deeper aspects of themselves and others fearlessly and fully. Because they are naturally attracted to social involvements and causes, they must periodically withdraw from the world in order to touch base with their unconscious, reflect on its workings, and use what they learn in the development of a greater understanding of their fellow human beings. Only then will they be able to renew their societal contacts in a more meaningful fashion. Born with a naturally helpful nature, these people too often neglect themselves and their own personal development by devoting themselves to others. At some point they must learn to place themselves first and to put their energy in service of their own spiritual growth. Introspection can be an extremely painful and difficult process for them. However, it is usually only after they learn how to do battle with their inner demons and to periodically check in on their inner life that they can unlock the true source of spiritual power within themselves.

These individuals can be characterized as rigid in their viewpoints. They tend to be didactic, and much of the way they approach others takes the form of expressing strictly held opinions rather than engaging in an easy give­and-take or an exchange of ideas or feelings. Their core lesson is to broaden their own views and opinions and to become less judgmental of others and, most important, themselves. Otherwise they will tend to become self­condemning as soon as they begin to examine their own inner workings. Loosening up is imperative for these men and women, since it is important for them to get in touch with their own humanity in order to accept differences in others. They present a certain inflexibility, and therefore they must strive to remain open to change. Standing steadfast must not be confused with refusing to acknowledge other viewpoints. Ultimately, they will learn that truly caring for others is less about imparting what one considers to be the truth than it is about taking the time to peer into the depths of someone else’s being in order to understand what might be true for them.

Another important lesson that must be learned is how to take the time to be alone and to key into a quiet, meditative state. In addition, they must actually discover and believe in the value of such a process. Divesting themselves of social contact is not easy. They love surrounding themselves with others, not only to partake with them of all the good things life has to offer but to use them as an audience, as a medium through which they can express their ideas. These people are happiest seated at a crowded, noisy dinner table consuming the finest food and wine and enjoying a lively debate. Natural teachers and lecturers, they must learn to be their own teachers, to teach themselves what they need to know. This knowledge, locked within their hearts, can be revealed only in the peace and quiet of solitude. This struggle to turn the teaching process around will lead to self-knowledge, of course, but also to the ability to tune in to the hearts of others and to learn from them. One of their great gifts is their propensity for reading and study, as well as physical self-discipline and sports. All these activities serve to encourage they to spend more time alone.

These folks tend to be interested not only in causes, both political and social, but also in cultures different than their own. Often, those who become mired in their preoccupation with the plight of others will have difficulty proceeding further in their spiritual development since focusing on someone else is far easier and more comfortable than turning the spotlight on themselves. This, however, should not be confused with gaining a deeper understanding of others. Frequently, these men and women can spend their lives wrapped up in one involvement after another—without giving it too much thought. Often, only a crisis such as an illness, the death or loss of a loved one, or some other serious disappointment or rejection will throw them back onto themselves, forcing them to look to their inner resources for answers. However, they are strong and can withstand much, so ultimately they always emerge from any dark night of the soul more self­assured and fulfilled. But for these individuals one major life experience of going deeply within is not enough. Once they have gotten to know themselves, continuing to touch base with their deepest self is imperative, and so periods of solitude become a necessary part of their lives.

The home is usually the arena in which the process of introspection takes place. Only here can these individuals find the serenity they need. Should their domestic situation in early life be chaotic, or their parents or siblings unduly repressive, they will either fight to establish their own private space or wait until a bit later in life when they are able at last to establish privacy. In school or at work, they initially tend to become involved in teams, projects, and other group endeavors and because of their gifts can achieve substantial social success. At some point, however, they will feel the call to turn away from these activities and find a quiet place where they can be alone. Perhaps only one single friend will prove to be their link to the world, often an outgoing type of person who is sensitive to their needs.

Although some see these as quite serious individuals, others may view them as riotous types who love to have fun. Humor is their saving grace and they usually prefer to spend time with lighthearted types. However, those are exactly the type of people who seduce them away from their work. Thus, not only must they learn to be alone, they must also learn not to indulge their more fun-loving or superficial friends. Cultivating friends who are more sensitive, spiritual, or involved in psychology is important. These friends will often play the role of a sounding board or mirror when they run into a rough patch in their spiritual process. However, care must be taken to be sensitive to the viewpoints of such friends. Usually they haven’t much patience with what those who are unlike them have to say, particularly if it contradicts their already established worldview. They must learn to accept the help of such friends gracefully, with full consideration for the feelings of others.

A family that can understand their need to be alone can be particularly helpful, but even more helpful would be a single person, perhaps an aunt or uncle, cousin, or grandparent, who is sensitive and responsive to their needs. When they have a large or energetic family of their own, often the workplace can be the place of retreat they require. Choosing a life partner is something they do not jump into quickly, particularly once their process of introspection has begun. They do not trust easily and know enough about themselves to be extremely careful about choosing a partner.

What is generally best for them is to find a life activity that can absorb them completely. Such work not only complements them but also allows productive use of their more solitary nature and, ultimately, may allow them to emerge as an expert in a field—something that will also satisfy their need to teach. Whether through academia, the arts, writing, product development, or other business endeavors, they will be able to use what they have taught themselves to become highly influential members of society. Therefore, they would do well to specialize and avoid going into too many areas of interest or spreading their energy too thin.

Those born during the Way of Introspection bring to mind the butterfly, which must isolate itself from its fellows and create a cocoon within which its metamorphosis can take place. Only after its successful emergence will it again be free to take part in the life around it. Inevitable as it is, this process cannot be rushed or hurried in any way since without undergoing it and giving it the necessary time, no real development is possible. Likewise, although it is highly restrictive, this ultimately leads to greater freedom, strength, and self-sufficiency.

The Week of Spirit


  • Sometimes you need to be more aggressive.
  • Keep in touch with everyday matters and remain attentive to your needs and the needs of others.
  • Beware of alienation through placing yourself on a higher plane.
  • Seeking a higher state of consciousness need not mean avoiding shouldering the work of life.

Personality of this week…
Those born during the Week of Spirit value the non-material side of life. It’s not that they lack either respect for money-making and business or abilities in these fields. It is simply that, whether engaged in the arts or in finance, in religion or in administration, Week of Spirit people generally approach their work devotionally, elevating it to an idealistic plane. Nor are they without strong physical drives, or a love of the pleasures of the table and the bed. A blend of a spiritual and a sensual approach is at the heart of their personalities. Many of them do not see spirituality as denoting an ascetic approach that would ask them to cut their bonds with the everyday world. On the contrary, since they seek the spirit in everything around them, they rarely feel the need to reject worldly considerations.

Spiritedness is also characteristic of these people, who are often lively and entertaining. They have a youthful air that can believe their actual age. Not infrequently, they are also engaged in the personal pursuit of health or are advocates of it. It is important to them to lead a healthy life, so as to increase not only the longevity but the quality of their earthly existence. A desire to do good, in the sense of leaving one’s immediate environment, or the world in general, a bit of a better place at the close of a career or a life, is characteristic of them. Watching environmental mistakes or catastrophes happen, then, may be particularly difficult for these involved, caring individuals.

Their devotional and service-oriented side urges them to give up their own wants, making them subservient to their need to give pleasure and benefit to others. As a consequence of this quality, they may easily become the target or prey of more selfish individuals, who see them as an easy touch, and a dependable source of sympathy, energy or money. Making big-hearted offers to others, and then coming to regret or resent these promises, may lead them into arguments and emotional crises. Indeed, sending mixed signals is one of their characteristics.

They are prone to feeling hurt when others do not meet their high standards of friendship. In fact, they put such high expectations on their relationships that they set themselves up for unhappiness. They have an intense emotionality that is often difficult for them to control, and that gets them in trouble with others who see things in a more detached or objective way. They are transparent, wearing their hearts on their sleeves and are not particularly good at hiding their feelings, particularly disappointment. In one relationship after another, they can refuse to learn how to protect themselves, or to keep their egos from merging with their love object, no matter how much they swear to do so.

For all their humanitarian and empathic qualities, they may tend to imagine themselves on a higher plane than those around them, often without realizing it. This unconscious attitude may keep them from a deeper involvement with others, leading to a somewhat superficial involvement with life, or, worse, to negativity and bitter cynicism toward the world. The know-it-all attitude of some of them is difficult for others to deal with, and can lead to resentment and ultimately rejection in personal relationships. By admitting mistakes, and above all by being open to suggestions and criticism, these philosophical individuals will rise to an even higher personal level in their search for meaning in life.

Sharing at a deep level with family and friends is an essential need for these folks—the knack for enjoying the pleasures of life alone is not usually part of their makeup. Unfortunately they are not always successful in their attempts to share, and this can be a source of continued frustration throughout their lives. In their love relationships they often display an emotional instability. Changing partners can become a way of life for them. In fact, what they are really seeking is an ideal, and if they find it they will not hesitate to commit to it in a permanent relationship.

One of the biggest problems in their treatment of mates or spouses is backing off emotionally, though they remain loyal and devoted. In turn, they may make demands that others find suffocating; these folks can be a lot to handle. And no matter how much they insist on their belief in mutual independence, or in an “open” marriage or relationship, they can be quite unrealistic in not recognizing their own possessive and jealous nature.

Rather than living in a world of expectations, concepts and ideas most of the time, those born during the Week of Spirit would do well to accept the responsibility of simple everyday tasks and chores that will ground them in the here and now. The stability of their relationships will be enhanced if their mates and friends insist that they take on firm responsibilities, even performing mundane, repetitive tasks which are difficult to idealize. Partners who fail in this, perhaps just refusing to rely on them and doing what needs to be done themselves, will simply reinforce their mate’s bad habits: these folks are regretfully prone to walking forgetfully out of the kitchen before the dishes are collected and washed.

The Day of Arousal

Those born on February 26 have a great capacity to arouse others both emotionally and mentally. They are highly attuned to people’s sensitivities and therefore able to stir them deeply. Very adept at wielding irony and satire, they are also able to bring critical faculties to bear on the faults of both people and social institutions. More highly evolved individuals born on this day devote themselves to selfless causes in order to benefit their fellow human beings, often awakening them to the possibilities of both material and spiritual advancement.

Although February 26 people are highly individualistic, often engaged in a somewhat lonely pursuit of personal goals, they have a quiet but magnetic effect on those they meet. Most born on this day are not given to public displays of affection, and are more comfortable when spontaneity and impulsiveness originate with the other party. But while in private they are often quiet, serious and peace-loving individuals, they generally adopt a much more aggressive persona in their work life.

Because those born on this day are capable of wounding others deeply with their criticisms and probing insights, they must beware of arousing enmity and antagonism. But though February 26 people, particularly as parents, can be overly authoritarian on occasion, they are rarely as firm or decided in their stance as they would like to appear. Actually they are very vulnerable to emotional appeals and their buttons a bit easy to push. Where indulgences for their lovers, family members or children are concerned, this may not be such a bad thing.

However, it is best if those born on this day lessen their reactiveness when handling their business or professional affairs. Many February 26 people have a bad habit of presenting an overserious or even high-handed demeanor, and should therefore try to lighten up and take themselves a bit less seriously. More highly evolved February 26 people develop a much-needed capacity to laugh at themselves, without losing dignity or self-esteem.

Due to their empathic powers, February 26 people can strike a common chord in those whom they do not know that well or even have never met (through their work or creations). Being on the same wave length with others and sharing good feelings is very highly valued by them. Those born on this day are extremely happy when there is no need to explain themselves but can feel assured that another person silently understands their thinking.

Because many February 26 people secretly feel on the outside of society, being accepted carries great significance for them. In gaining social recognition for their often unusual achievements, they are brought into meaningful contact with society at large. However, should they assume positions of importance or receive a great deal of worldly success, they may feel but a heightened desire to be alone once again with their work.

Those born on February 26 often have confidence in their ability to keep themselves in good health through autosuggestion and a positive outlook. They do, however, have strong sensual needs, often manifesting in a love of food and other physical pleasures. Diet can be a real problem for them for this reason. They must make a special effort to curb their love for butter, cream, rich sauces and delicious, but fattening, foods. They can be prone to all sorts of allergies, particularly those that produce mucus, which makes cutting down on milk products still more vital. Although physically active in their youth, many February 26 people get too comfortable and sedentary as they grow older and in some cases ignore their need for physical exercise altogether. They should fight this tendency and partake in regular, moderate exercise (of a non-competitive nature).

Those born on the 26th of the month are ruled by the number 8 (2+6=8), and by the planet Saturn. Saturn posits responsibility and a sense of limitation, caution and fatalism; in the case of February 26 people, conservative and dictatorial tendencies may be emphasized. The combined influence of Saturn with Neptune (ruler of Pisces), can make for magnetic, almost hypnotic powers of attraction. Those ruled by the number 8 generally build their lives and careers slowly and carefully. Although they may be quite warmhearted, saturnian influences can lend them a forbidding, even grave appearance.

The 8th card of the Major Arcana is Strength or Courage, which depicts a graceful queen taming a furious lion. The queen symbolizes the female Magician who can master rebellious energies and stands for moral as well as physical strength. This card’s positive attributes include charisma and determination to succeed; the negative qualities include complacency and the misuse of power.

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