I’m little me, I have no power – David Icke

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Our state of being, our mental/emotional state – our self-sense of perception is being broadcast constantly as a vibrational pattern. And that vibrational pattern is drawing to us, energy fields that sync with what we’re putting out. We call these energy-fields “people, places, ways of life, jobs, locations” and so we create a life experience based on what we’re putting out and what we’re drawing in through vibrational-magnetism.

When we go through this transformation “I can see the situation I’m in, I choose freedom”, then there is often a dramatic change in our vibrational-broadcast state because we have changed our attitude, and our sense of perception. What happens then, is what we were pulling in before changes because we’re no longer sinking with that. People go out of your life because you’re no longer connecting them vibrationally, locations change, jobs change, what you do – lifestyle’s change – everything can change because you change, because we are creating that reality by drawing it in.

And this is why the control-system wants us to believe we are “little me – I have no power” because when we believe that, we are putting out a vibrational pattern that says “I’m little me, I have no power”. So that’s why they are trying to programme us to believe in that because we’ll then create it in the holographic reality.

When we go through some of these transformations and we’re breaking out of the whole patterns, it can be frustrating. There was a time that I was almost crushed from what happened to me, so I found this hill not far from Stonehenge, and I walked up this hill, and when I got to the top, I screamed my bloody heart out – just to get this frustration “out” of me.

Once we start to awaken, we start to “know thyself”, and stop relating to our names/labels that we give to our experience and start to connect to the true magnitude of who we are. This is who we are. From the beginning. My birth, my ancestors, my children, my wife, everything comes together simultaneously. There is no time, there is no sequence of events, there’s no such thing as limitation of distance, of period, of time, of place. I could be anywhere I wanted to be simultaneously. That is who we are and that is what the control-system is desperately wanting us to stop us from remembering. And when we know thyself and we realize that’s who we are, our perception of our possibility explodes.

People say to me “Why don’t they kill you?” … “Because they can’t!”. That’s why. They can’t. And I’m not kidding. If they cannot enter my decoding system as being able to remove me – they cannot remove me. Because if I don’t decode it, it cannot manifest holographically.
Years ago when I travelled America in the 90’s and I met loads and loads of whistle blowers and they were going “I don’t know how long they’ll let me do this before they’ll kill me”. All those people are either dead or have had their lives destroyed financially by the system. Why? Because they believed it was possible, therefore they decoded it into a holographic reality and bingo – it’s happened.

We need to redefine ourselves to the true magnitude of who we are – but living it – bringing it into this reality – and then we’ll see where the power is. And it’s not with a few dark suits in some government deparment. It’s here. That’s where the power is.

And if we redefine ourselves from “little me, I’m just a human” to “I am infinity having an experience as a human”, no more little me, no more control-system. One depends on the other for their existence.

This is that fork on the road at the start of the day – are going to be consciousness or mind? Are we going to be “all that is” or “little me”? And if we choose all that is or anything like it – the control system’s over.

Cognitive Dissonance – you have a belief system and you come across an experience or information that puts a challenge on that belief system, and you go into an uneasy state because there is a difference between your belief-system and the information or experiences you’ve had, and they call this uneasy state in psychology “cognitive dissonance”. This is a good thing if it makes us go “hold on a second…in the light of this new information or this experience, I’ve got to look again at my belief-system” – that’s fine, that’s brilliant. What so many people do, not least the sceptics and religious fanatics, is when they come across this situation with cognitive dissonance, they have to find a way of explaining away that, so (their beliefs) do not move. They don’t move on, they find a way to make their belief-system to keep working.

If we can be honest with ourselves and say ok, I’ve believed this up to this point, but in the light of new information I’m going to move my perception. That’s when we start to move on and expand. Without hiding from the truth while claiming to try and find it, and going into denial, change the subject, “don’t wanna talk about it” mode.

When you talk to someone who has a rigid belief system (maybe a family member), when you start to give them information that’s putting their belief system under challenge, they get angry and wound-up some of them. “Don’t want to hear that nonsense”. What they mean is, if I listen, this belief-system is going to be dangerous, so shut up, because I don’t want my belief system to change.

This is what I mean by being honest with ourselves and being open to all possibility instead of being defending pre-conceived ideas we’ve had to this point.

Instead of being embarrassed because we’ve suddenly realized that we’ve not seen the world it really is up to this point – none of us have – none of us know what there is still to know.

This is the other thing about fear – “be afraid – the big bad monster’s coming”. A key way of taking our freedom back is to let go of fear. Because it’s fear that’s being fed to us ALL the time, to keep us in vibrational-servitude. No more Fear.

I'm little me, I have no power - David Icke

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