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In some places it’s law and for some jobs it’s law (01) (02), and that’s a whole other predicament these COVID days are putting us in, but this post is triggered ‘by the request of the family” – it’s happening all over the world, where people are requesting their guests show proof of being vaccinated or of a negative COVID PCR-test before being able to attend a wedding, a funeral, to visit a newborn, or to visit the aged, etc.

A valid fear… on both sides

Now, these people are well-meaning; they want to protect their guests, they have been exposed to one-side only, they don’t have an understanding of the new vaccines, and don’t realize that many have valid reasons to be hesitant. There is a strong “anti” and “pro” division happening that are nothing to do with mandatory laws – it’s VALID fear (on both sides).

(Don’t know both sides? Click here) (03)

There are obviously differences in risks, dependant on where you are in the world. Right now, I’m in Australia in a smaller city and obviously here, where I am, I’m going to have a different level of risk than those who are in the middle of a covid-war-zone area, but these posts are triggering me, and I need to have a bit of a vent.

Whilst the mainstream media narrative across the world is “these new vaccines are safe” – not all of us are convinced of that.

.. even if everything they are saying about these vaccines is truth.. of which we cannot all agree that is so, especially as it has been released only as an emergency solution, it is not approved officially, and has no long-term effects studies or know the kinds of interactions it will have for people with underlying medical conditions… (because they are too new, so nothing they can do about that, but it’s a fact regardless)..

… but let’s say for the sake of “getting on the same page”…that:

‘everything they say on mainstream about the vaccines is truth…’

… Why are people having the vaccines?

Most people are taking it because they think it will:

  • 1.) stop the spread, or
  • 2.) stop themselves from suffering worse affects if they come in contact with the virus, or
  • 3.) scared of infecting someone else who may be vulnerable to death if they should catch the virus, or
  • 4.) fear of death or illness, or
  • 5.) total trust in the ‘science’, or
  • 6.) social or work pressure, or
  • 7.) have taken ‘normal’ vaccines all their lives and they are still around, so they have total trust in anything slapped with the word ‘vaccine’ without realizing that this is not the same as what they have taken previously.

What we know… is that:

… most people DO NOT die from catching COVID. The media do not focus on this fact anymore because it’s not a compelling headline, and they are focused on “the vaccines are here!” or “this country is losing control”.

But the fact is, most people who come in contact with it, just get cold or flu symptoms and recover just fine, as they would contracting any other virus – they are told to stay at home, quarantine themselves, and only contact if their symptoms worsen. MOST use a headache pill for their symptoms.

(Unlike pandemics in our history books, we did not have people dropping dead on the streets).

The opposite of this has been drummed-into you daily for so long now, that you probably don’t even think the above paragraph is truth, but it’s true: if you get COVID, you will be told to quarantine yourself and recover in your own home. Those with severe reactions are the ones that make the news headlines. I’m not trying to downplay that COVID-19 is seriously dangerous – it IS seriously dangerous for people with underlying conditions (and so are the vaccines).

We had bad management of information throughout the entire pandemic. From immunity-building (literally that narrative has been censored since day one), had bad tactics with dealing with it (wrong advice given to health professionals), (07) and we had a lot of fear-mongering that even scared the shit out of doctors and health staff because they didn’t at first know how to deal with those with the severe reactions to it, and because when something was found to be working successfully, the organizations that the medical staff trust are still not sharing what’s working (without requiring double-blind placebo studies), so people died needlessly because the ‘observational’ results of the front-line doctors who were directly having success with their own COVID patients (08) (09) (10) (11) (12)- are not able to share what is working with the other doctors who are getting misinformation from W.H.O. (13)

The risks of catching COVID are actually very similar to the risks of taking the new types of vaccines. Those who would suffer tremendously if they get COVID, may also suffer from this particular vaccine, and that is those with underlying health conditions, or who are on particular medications, or have certain issues that they didn’t account for. People with poor immune systems are at risk of dying – whether they contract COVID-19 OR take a vaccine.

No Safe Option for Unhealthy People. The dilemma that we have at the moment, is that there doesn’t seem to be a ‘safe’ option for them. (IVM may be their safest option, and immediate treatment and close-monitoring is the only other way – whether they get covid or a vax). The health authorities are asking that the most vulnerable take this experiment, without knowing if it really is the safest option for them, and those who are reporting the adverse reactions from the vaccines are being censored so that their stories ‘do not scare the public away from getting a vaccine’.

There is no Open-Disclosure on what is happening to people with underlying conditions when they take the vaccines – so these uninformed people are holding out their arms to get protected – without being aware of the dangers (14) (15) – so they ignore critical symptoms assuming them to be harmless side-effects of the vaccine, and therefore not get treated fast enough to prevent their demise.

A healthy person, especially the young, are mostly not at risk if they contract COVID and will recover just fine, (and a healthy person seems to also do just fine taking the vaccine). But why would a healthy person need to risk an experimental procedure (something that asks your own body to create a part of the virus so that it can mimic a virus in your body for you to get an immune response) when they are unlikely to die from COVID anyway, and it may actually be more beneficial to their immune system if they catch it naturally; they will have a natural-immune response to all parts of the virus (whereas the vaccine will give you a natural-immune response to just the spike protein).

If you get the vaccine, you are not protected from contracting COVID. The vaccines do not and are not designed for you to not ‘get the virus’. In other words.. if you get the vaccine, you can still catch COVID, and you can still spread it.. so getting the vaccine doesn’t prevent the spread.

Both the vaccine and COVID are unsafe for unhealthy people (unhealthy people are the ones who are having the same adverse reactions as catching the actual disease)

  • Don’t say that this is safe – we don’t know, and we can’t know
  • Don’t say it’s approved – it’s not – it only has an emergency-use authorization
  • Don’t say it stops the spread – the vaccines create an antibody response, they don’t stop you from catching & spreading COVID

And most of all don’t force or coerce others into getting it who are ‘rightly’ still trying to figure out whether it ‘is’ safe for them, or even needed in their situation.

What the mRNA vaccines are designed to achieve is to ‘lessen the severe reactions’ in the event they get COVID, so that their bodies have a little army of antibodies ready to attack the spike protein faster.

The vaccines that are currently available are only focused on one part of the virus (the spike), (16) and will not work when/if the viruses mutates the spike shape, so boosters will be needed (already some vaccines have lost efficiency against the mutants, and boosters and ‘new types of vaccines’ to combat the variants are already in production).

The entire globe in a medical trial all at the same time? There is no need for the entire population to get this as it’s not a traditional vaccine. We can’t have the entire globe on a medical experiment at the same time – that’s insanity. It’s unknown to what extent it could stop the spread because that’s not what (the mRNA vaccines) are designed to do, it’s unknown it’s effects on those with underlying conditions, it’s unknown it’s long-term effects (because they haven’t been around long-enough), and the viruses are mutating with every person it comes into contact with, and people still contract the virus after taking the vaccine are not ‘immune’ to catching COVID – they should just get lessened-adverse effects (get a cold instead of getting hospitalized). The risk and main concern is whether this is even a safe option for unhealthy people to take though because some are suffering death and severe side-effects (17) from the mRNA vaccine too.

I’m really steamy about this ‘requirement of proof of vaccine’ on something that has so many unknowns even from a ‘mainstream’ perspective, using all the ‘mainstream available data’ that they themselves are putting out.

We need much more information to be able to make an informed choice and they are probably well-meaning in their intention to ‘keep everyone safe’ and ‘stop the spread’ but they are not informed enough to know that this may not ‘keep everyone safe’ and is not designed to ‘stop the spread’ because they haven’t researched what is ‘known’ and they don’t know what is ‘unknown’ – because even the scientists working on it are unaware of the ‘unknowns’.

I know people are well-meaning. I know they trust their tv’s. I know they trust their doctors. But they are not working on all the information in their well-meaning intentions. This is the great divide – both sides are well-meaning – both sides believe they are doing the right thing. So very hard for everyone to get on the same page when they are coming at it with different information in-hand.

That being said, millions of people have had the vaccines with no problem: whether they needed to have it at all, and what they are risking long-term by making that decision, is another thing that is debatable and unknown. (18) And that those who did die or have severe injuries or debilitations from the vaccine are kept on the down-low. (19)

Those who are unhealthy – are at risk – whether they take the vaccine or get COVID. Our most vulnerable – the ones we are taking the vaccines to protect – are at risk either way. And if you are healthy – and you take the vaccine – you can still contract COVID – and you are still at risk of giving it to them. If you are taking it just to protect someone vulnerable – you have a false-sense of security – you are not protecting them.

Questions and concerns are being censored. What I’ve found is that people who are “pro-vax” are going to be pro-ANY-vax, and people who are “anti-vax” are going to be anti-ANY-vax, and people who are vax-HESITANT are rightly-so, because they want to weigh-up the risks, gather more information, and when they research, they have questions and doubts (20), and their concerns are being censored (by both groups) and the mainstream media and social media (21) for ‘fear-mongering’, which is not what they are trying to do at all.

If everything that has been drummed into you for over a year has been “it’s safer than getting covid” or “get vaxxed or die” or “the vax will end this pandemic and anyone who says otherwise is delusional”… and anything else is censored or erased… where is the avenue for open-dialogue for the many things we have concerns about? There are no alternatives in that narrative. What a shame that we can’t have an open-dialogue without social media giants shutting it down. (22) How can we express these concerns when the collective have chosen to ignore them or have joined the oppressors themselves?

The truth is some doctors are still waiting for more information before they decide. (23) (24) (25) (26) (27) (28) So I understand the people who are requiring vaccinations have really good intentions: their intention is to keep everyone safe, but some of us are not yet convinced it will keep anyone safe.

How could we have protected these people and how can we protect our most vulnerable going forward?

Here are some people who didn’t fair so well when they took the vaccines. (29) We have questions on what can be truly done to protect these people from both COVID and the new Vaccines.

Useful Links

“You do you, I’ll do me…”

If you want to jab me, my friends, my family, and the whole of humanity, you better believe I am researching the heck out of this. If this is ‘too boring’ – sorry. I’ll post some cat videos and fresh funny meme’s once I understand everything I need to know (and I don’t understand why this isn’t of utmost importance to ‘everyone’ actually) – especially as it’s already mandatory in healthcare and they are considering making it mandatory for all. Like the entire planet is likely going to get this – how is this not the most important thing to research and get a complete understanding of?

Maybe I’m just wired differently (..always have been.. ) but nothing else holds my attention right now. We each have our own interests though. My obsession with alternatives to vaccines, and also to understanding exactly how each of the different vaccines work, as well as what we are really looking at these days with the covid situation, is pretty much all I can focus on until I have a complete understanding so that my family or anyone I care about, or those that don’t have time to know what’s going on, knows how they work, what the risks are, what the alternatives are, and what to look out for. I just want them to be fully-informed rather than sticking their arm out blindly?

I’m actually super-excited about the alternatives to the point where I will most definitely become annoying over the next however long.. my excitement and interest in researching this to death, makes for boring reading for those not interested… but I think it’s important, and so let’s just agree on one thing… “you do you”, and “I’ll do me”.


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