Good Vibes, Loving “Newness”, Taboo Chat [Video]

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Winter is not a great time to do video updates.. I live for the sun, and I seem to be more in “hibernation-mode” this Winter. This is my attempt at trying to do videos in Winter lol.. but I can’t wait to feel the sun on my skin and get that life-force energy back!

Today’s Video:

Good Vibes, Loving “Newness”, Taboo Chat

Loving the “good vibes” and “passion” in life right now.

Things You’re Not Supposed to Talk About
Dying for *real* conversations about life and death and conspiracy. lol. I don’t want to talk about what I had for breakfast or what that person said/did/didn’t do or how you screwed up your life, or how much you hate that person or group or the miserable thing you watched on tv the other month – whatever.

I want to talk about CERN and HAARP and consciousness and parallel universes and vaccines and corruption and who are the real “rulers” of this planet or even universe?, and who runs the ‘system’ and natural health and how to remove the fakeness of society, and the sickness, and the zombie-ness, and apathy, and ideas for changing the direction this world is going, and anything that comes up that is “not” part of our lifetime of programming.

I want.. something NEW.. new input, new data, new neurons firing, new solutions and answers and ideas and … stuff that stimulates that critical-thinking part of the mind that is sooooooo zombified by the daily shit that I am just so bored of listening to everything you learnt when you are a child that you are just repeating – I don’t want to listen to what the teacher & your parents conditioned you to repeat because thats how we “behave” in society.. I want to hear what your soul thinks about.. I want to talk to your suppressed-self. That voice you made so small that it is barely audible now.

Maybe I should start a google hangout every week and invite anyone that wants to get this suppressed shit off their chest.. the weird stuff they feel their ‘tribe’ won’t allow them to explore.

I really want to start to see people thinking/activating “NEW” stuff, no matter how “out there” it seems – ESPECIALLY If it’s crazy out-there! .. bringing up ideas that noone has ever mentioned before, not bring their lifetime of “brainwashing/books/education” and ego’s into the mix.. that’s just soooooo old..

I want new stimulation… a little more OOMPH! …a little more.. crazy/weird.. a little more.. different – a little more delusion – yes!.. a little more “new” :D :)

This Week “I worked” – The End. (My Driving Face)

This Week “I worked” – The End. (My Driving Face) – yep, I do not speak in this video.. at all.. :)

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