Life is giving us no choice but to go within (New Timeline / Catalysts)

IN Philosophy & Spirituality

We’re all going through the same thing, coming to the same realizations, getting the same messages, having to go “within” to deal with everything, all going through our cycles, but interpreting them with diverse perspectives.

Grateful to be here right now, especially now in this timeline, as these massive changes happen all across this planet.

Everything is new now, we’ve never done this before.
We’re discovering new things about ourselves, and old ways will no longer work. The only way out is in.

All our shadows are coming up to be transmuted, all our demons, all our darkest fears, all our past negative deep wounds.. coming up because it doesn’t belong in this new world, this new time, this new way of life that is revealing itself to us – unfolding.

Getting rid of our egoic, stubborn ways.

Original (Longer) Version: Life is giving us no choice but to go within


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