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What would your higher-self or subconscious mind speak if you put yourself into a trance state?

A Universal Message QHHT

Random notes from video:

time: 10:00
(How long has she been gone?)
Millennia. She’s been off on other planets.

(Does she have a special mission?)
To clear her heritage. The past lives she’s accumulated throughout the centuries has brought her great joy but also great pain and sadness and she has decided to choose this path in order to clear her ancestral pains and ties.

By staying on the planet she adores. Planet Gaia (earth).
She has come to a conclusion. Her cycle is soon to be ended.

(How is it that you communicate with her?)
Telepathically, making frequent contact through meditation and spiritual union.

(Does she know who she is when she’s in her physical body on earth?)
Yes. She knows who I am as well.

(Do you have anything to communicate with her about what’s going on with you)
I am her masculine counterpart. It is my mission to overlook her every-step and decision in this lifetime, it is paramount for her to achieve her mission in embodying the necessary frequency to ascend.

(When is this ascension process going to take place?)
It can vary. For many people it may take lifetimes. It is everyone’s destiny to completely ascend.

She has completed this pathway but needs to forgive herself. Her pain may be holding her back from embodying it’s highest frequency.

(What does she need to forgive herself for?)
Not trusting others, not trusting in God and the Universe, letting her doubt overshadow her guilt and fear about her mission. Her turning her back on her planet.

(Where is she from, where is this planet?)
Orion. She chose to embody a different frequency than what she was supposed to. She chose her body in an effort to bring the purest amount of light, but her indecision, she changed her frequency to lighten her own load. So in lightening in this load, she turned her back on Orion as it was a council’s decision to decide what was best for her, but instead she chose a different path to her ascension, but in seeing this path, she knows her frequency can be lifted once more. And in going a different route, she’ll learn that through pain & suffering, there’s also always the path back to light.

(How many lives has she had on earth?)
7,101 and more on other planets.

(What other planets has she lived on?)
She’s lived in a star-ship, Pleiades, Mars, planes of Arcturus , the canals of Arcturus, (are these different planets?) star-systems. She loves Gaia.

(What is it about Gaia that she loves so much?)
The pain and the suffering of the people. She feels it’s her duty to help in every way that she can.

(Between lifetimes, does she come back to you?) Yes, not for long

(When we disembody from human form, when we die, how does that work?)
Some choose to enter the higher dimensions, some may call them star-ships, some may call them other planets, but they’re all part of the same hologram.

(So you’re saying, we’re making this all up?)
No, not exactly. It’s part of your energetic signature that is your choosing to decide where you go after you disembody.

So depending upon your personal likes and dislikes, you may choose to go to a place with mountainess terrain, or with sun’s.

(Do people ever choose to the place we describe as hell?)
No. Many people may think it’s like hell. But it’s all a part of their energetic signature, their frequency. If their frequency is vibrating low, they may attract such a place, that some describe as hell. But it’s not hell. It’s simply a way of them paddling out their inner struggles when they were embodied on earth. Like a continuation of their frequency.

(She has questions about why she was brought here today)
That energetic meld? is almost complete. We needed a necessary progression to take the next step. The energy given here in this session is a powerful wavelength that allows the higher self to permeate each cell and that is necessary for every person on earth to embody, their highest selves.

Our mission here is to acknowledge that part of me that is lacking in my highest self’s wisdom. It is the higher self’s wisdom that allows others to extract the frequency needed to continue their soul’s mission. The soul’s mission is a powerful gateway to the ascension of your new earth.

The earth has undergone major dramatic breakthroughs and frequency upliftment’s but needs the energy of it’s inhabitants to become truly anew.

(How do we do that, how do we help?)
For many people of earth now are coming together with their higher selves for a mass awakening of humanities potential and blueprint. The blueprint is to become embodied highest-selves so to speak. The embodied highest self is what is needed to anchor the energy that affects the upliftment of earth’s frequency and it’s neighbouring star-systems.

Whether you choose to believe it or not, the mass awakening of humanity has undergone a supreme acceleration and has affected even neighbouring planets, and affecting their planet’s ascension process because of humanity’s strong-willed nature which may sometimes be ego-driven, it has given many other planets that may not of seen an ascension process before, but now can embody earth’s process as well.

(Can you describe the ascension process?)
Ascension is like fitting a lightbulb into a tiny dark space. The light can be too bright for one human to handle. But when one goes through this process of cleansing and clearing and taking out what is unneeded, the body can become more light, and embody more of this light.

(What are the things that are not needed)
Past-life trauma’s, comparing one’s own process to others, leaving things behind

(What kind of things?)
Not choosing to confront one’s own issue’s in a lifetime – to leave it for the next. Confront your issues head-on in this lifetime.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis technique allow people to become more aware of their actions and deeds, though good or bad, it allows them to become more conscious of the energy that they put out into the universe.

And their way of being, they become more aware of all around them, as energy, as energy-holders they are sending out these pulses or waves, the .. holds within them.. codes or activation’s for the universe to embrace and to respond to. They can counteract their words or deeds by shifting their frequencies to embody more light. By embodying more light, the waves or pulses are feeding the universe and the universe responds to embrace you and more light.

With so many lifetimes, the dense energy of this earth has brought many pain and suffering. The awakened ones have served their purpose in holding the keys to awakening humanity.

Now humanity has the power or the calling to bring their own ascension and spirituality no longer is needed. The awakened light-bringers have all are becoming awakened. All are embodying this light.

(Media is showing a different version)
You may say so, but what this light does is actually unearth all the residue from past karma’s and imbalances, so what you may see on the media is actually the light-doing exactly what is necessary to bring about exact of change and revolution to the masses, what many may see, is darkness and despair and hate, is actually the light stepping in to embrace the change that has resulted from these indecencies.

Many people have chosen the path of darkness, in order to bring out more light. The darkness chose their missions – their soul purposes to bring out the missions of those in light.

So when a murderer is charged for ending a life, a new light is born, and the soul of whom may have been murdered, the light is excreted(?) out of a wish, out of a need to bring back change, and so the light can thank the darkness, for it is soul purpose to help awakening the masses.

(She wants to know how to personally experience joy & happiness in her everyday waking life)
Joy and happiness is about inner peace. If there is something in your waking life about to be changed, you may experience discomfort in that area of life, so for example, if you’re experiencing pain and suffering and depression, there may be an indicator that your life may be rapidly changing before your eyes. Your body may not be accustomed to the change, so it may out-lash in it’s discomfort, but the problem with the discomfort is that the discomfort is not truly there, it is part of the illusion you’ve trapped yourself in.

Your setup in this lifetime is to experience all that you truly are not, in this knowing of that which you are not, you are truly able to be blessed with pure happiness by ways of clarity or duality – the happiness can be accustomed to the difference in feelings, the sadness, so one cannot know true light without being in darkness. And many lifetimes you have chosen to be in that darkness, so that your soul can truly embody more of light, in this light there is clearing and dignity to fully move you towards your true soul’s passion and purpose. For in darkness they seeped into this reality, you can become more acknowledged, and lighter as you continue not to falter in this darkness.

For there is always a reason and a calling to experience this pain. For many take on the suffering to become more light. For light-workers, it is their duty and their purpose to experience all sides of their lifetimes, so many may hear a calling towards the light, where some may hear more towards the darkness. There is truly all the same. As we are always merged into one. Light cannot exist without the darkness.

(She said recently her dreams are more intense)
This lifetime has brought her forward in an acceleration phase through her true awakening, so for this to happen, she needs to clear all of those lifetimes in which she could not see divine truth. In one of those lifetimes she couldn’t control her power in witchcraft.

(She believed she was a / in wicca?)
Yes. More-so, she chose the darkness out of fear that the light couldn’t control her destiny. Her destiny is forthcoming. That is in control of the universe. The universe plans for things to be brought into her awareness that needs to be shown and to be changed for the better, so in dealing with darkness, we can learn to control the impulses and cravings we desire for this power. This power is a disturbance of the energy that she came to embody. For in this lifetime she could control the weather and many people would come to her for guidance in their lives, but she only desired true power for revenge against those who did not see her eye-to-eye, and so she used the disturbance in her earthly incarnation and used many entities that did not desire light for this planet, and for that, she has chosen a great path of struggle to return to the light.

She can forgive herself easily now.
Because she has chosen her true divine path, empowered to divine love and light that she is willing to forgive all the trespassers she has made in her decisions to not allow the universe to work its magic.

(Can she use her powers in this lifetime?)
Not for now. She may as many more people wake up and need more guidance in their lives, she can use these abilities to speed up humanities mass awakening and in turn of these events, many people can begin to use their special abilities as well.

(What is her speciality?)
Love is her highest power and desire.
In love there is an embrace and change for all (?) divine power. In this purpose by embodying love, you affect all of those you come in contact with. So by holding this energy, you allow others to embody this as well.

In a career sense, many people will be looking for forward-momentum in their waking lives, and may need a seeker to help bring out the truth in their divine destinies. So many may call them mediums and/or psychics.

(Does she have that ability?)
She’s controlling many of her abilities.

(Why is that, she says she is blocking herself)
She doesn’t like them. She is afraid that many will see her as different.

She must be able to bring herself out of this fear because this is the clarity needed on this planet right now, and for many that may be seeking, they need the guidance necessary to become their actual divine selves. Their potentials lay dormant within them because many have forgotten their truest divine calling, so for many, they may be unconsciously attracting people in their lives that will bring them sparks of remembrance and true joy, so when the higher calling comes forth, many people will use their divine abilities to help speed up the progression of their counterparts and the inhabitants of earth.

(How can she open herself up more to love, to higher wisdom, to doing more in this lifetime? Is there something that you can do right now to help that)
By simply embracing the natural progression through the many stages in this session I will bring forth the most powerful light that she can receive in this now but she must not allow herself to doubt her abilities to progress forward as it comes naturally for her and for many it will become second-nature to be psychics or in many call them, mediums. We all have this divine ability waiting in us to become embraced as it is this embracing of the natural abilities to become one with the universe and to become one with others for it is psychic-links with others that brings the purest form of love some may need to bring change in their daily lives. When you’re connected psychically to someone else, you can see all that is within them, that needs to be embraced as well, so when you embrace your own self, that is the self of you that is pure and un-tampered with, that you become more aware of your affect on other people.

Your relationships are a source of constant change, as the change is what is needed in order to embrace more power in your life.

(She would like to be able to attact someone in her life that will help her)
She has a divine calling toward others, of a like-minded vibration but she must choose to decide to be with someone. It is this purpose to become more authentic in her true self as it is this way she may attract some may call soul-mates by being as authentic as possible, you will soon attract some who embrace their authentic selves as well.

(So we need to fall in love with ourselves?)
Absolutely, it is a must. By doing so, you allow your higher self to become more fully merged with you.

There are many but there is only one true-pairing, some may call twins, but not like brother & sister, more like the other self as a mirror, embracing all that you are and all that you are not, in order to truly show you your mishaps or faults, your truest divine qualities as many are called towards this divine destiny, many may find themselves making or pairing with their true soul mates, many call these twins, twin-flames, but as the term has been understated and misused and misinterpreted, it is our divine will to find others that are actively pursuing their spiritual missions. Can she find her truest soul-mate.. perhaps, but she must believe in her ability to do so. To come home is to merge with ones truest soul-mate, to bridge that gap between the selves that has split-off into pairing from times ago. But she can find her path back home by first resolving her own issues that may be brought up in her daily life.

(What’s the most important thing that she needs to do for the next 6 months?)
Practicing her truest soul-calling. Which is to bridge or anchor light in her body to bridge connections with other people to find her career in the truest sense as something that she mustn’t ‘do’, but ‘live’. Her mission is not to find ‘one’ career that is sustainable, but to find a lifestyle that is more accustomed to embodying light and for instance, many may become teachers, but as teachers, they are only embodying one part of their true calling, some may be teachers singers actors but by living their lives so focused on one aspect of their selves, they are completely blocking their creative flow to live and to embody their truest selves. So we say embrace every aspect of yourself. Which may be in the form of creating drawing or writing and become more focused of simply living, living is the most important part of being incarnated on earth.

So many people have found themselves dis-enthralled with their life because they impede the flow of their creative juices so-to-speak, this creative flow, this part of their divine blueprint, and by impeding this natural flow, so many become depressed, or sick, or sad in their lives. They must take it upon themselves by healing naturally all of societies beliefs about what one must do in their lifetime, so that they may become more creatively inclined to embrace all of their natural talents and abilities.

(She was thinking about becoming an elementary teacher, will that benefit her?) Yes
Children are part of her soul’s mission to naturally enhance this psychic abilities that many children now possess. Many children incarnated here in this lifetime may find themselves dis-empowered, even by their own parents as their parents cannot explain what may be occurring in their child’s behaviours, so by teaching, it is simply by embracing this energy of psychic-ownership, she allows these children to find a safe-haven and place that they can embrace their natural selves.

Initially it may bring a lot of fear to the parents that cannot explain what is happening, but the administration may find themselves likened to the results that is brought upon what many may call psychic-intervention but by observing the effects that can occur in these children, by these methods, the administration can no longer sit back in disbelief as the results are tangible and easily weighed and observed. They must shift their perspectives and in this, they become more aware of different worlds, more dimensions and they may become more open to all that they cannot explain.

(Is this part of the plan for the new earth?)
Oh yes. Many children now are speaking up or lashing out as this paradigm can no longer contain their natural-given abilities, so with this influx of the most sensitive children, the administration can no longer contain their old, out-dated ways of thinking. So in this they must embrace a new system in teaching these children. It is ahead first, dive into the unknown, for many of these administrators, but because they have found no results in any other outlets or moulds of teaching, they have no other alternative than something that has given obvious results.

So many children cannot find their true calling in their lives because they have been so programmed to what the world they live in has called life and so in embracing this new change, starting with the children, you can exact the same change from many waves of children being born today and in the near future.

(You said we are going through the ascension process in the new earth, are we going to physically see some changes, or are we going somewhere else? it’s unclear.. are we going to remain on Gaia or is there another earth Gaia?)
So many changes are occurring right now as we have talked before, the media has shown you what you may have seen as dark and dire circumstances, but in these karmic turn of events, these circumstances are tangible and are clearing up old energies that have been so ingrained in your society’s way of thinking. Injustices, persecution, danger and in many ways, people have seen their lives become so out-of-balance because they do not allow their true knowing that all that occurs physically is what is necessary for what is to come. New earth is not a hologram, but is actually a frequency to be held. By tuning into this frequency, all that is around you changes. You become brighter, healthier, happier. Diseases can no longer be sustained in your body. The way things smell or how you may touch things, may feel completely different as it is what you have chosen to embody on this earth. So new earth may not be a physical new place, but actually a completely different reality.

Are you familiar with parallel lifetimes?
Parallel lifetimes are dividuated frequences that can change when you consciously choose to shift your own, so you may be vibrating here, on the 5th dimensional frequency, but there is an aspect of yourself that is vibrating at an even higher level, so she may be experiencing her life completely different to yours, she may be experiencing life in the completely different embracing of her light and so you can be more joyous, more fulfilled, more happy in higher-frequency than that you embody now, so parallel lifetimes can occur simultaneously. So you may consciously choose to embody a different lifetime, you then choose to ascend to a higher frequency, and then you may attract such events in your life .. in a whirlwind speed, that completely changes all that is around you, whether that be a new home, new friends, new car, new tastes in clothes or food or hairstyles, so you truly become a different or new person.

(Is that what has happened to her before?)
New friendships may come and go as you are embracing a natural state of change.

(We shouldn’t fear abandonment from people?)
No, not at all. Abandonment is a fear, a cause of multiple lifetimes of not allowing others to see you for who you truly are, and in this fear of abandonment is what you endowed in your reality to become part of you in order to fully feel the pain that is exacted by this fear or programming.

(Can we break this programming?)

(What is the fastest/best way?)
If you truly desire to dissolve outdated programming, you must tap into your inner-mind’s power in the awakening process, your healing abilities and your abilities to tap into unconscious areas of your brain, your mental awareness or thinking, all that you wish to be brought up, can be accessed in an instant, if that is your will, so by bringing yourself to a state of contemplation or meditation, you allow these mental patterning’s to come forth like actual beings, to be talked to, to be reckoned and acknowledged with, to be comforted and soothed so that they may be able to find peace, and in finding this peace, you allow this mental outdated ways of thinking to go forth into the light.

(Everything that we think can be talked to like a being?)
Yes, and in visualization you can bring forth any aspect of yourself that you wish to acknowledge, so for example a child may wish to embrace her fear of heights, so by talking to this other aspect of herself who is height-challenged as an actual being, there is more healing that takes place because there is empathy in this length.

(You said before that you were going to bring forth the most powerful light, where is that light coming from?)
It’s source.

(What did that light accomplish for her today?)
To bring her most empowered self to embrace her highest potential and in knowing that she’s always safe and protected in her mission.

(Is there a reason why you brought her here today?)
This session brought forth new awareness that she needed to hear.
In hearing this, she can allow herself the sense of relief and freedom to go forward in her next step.

(Do you have any msg for me?)
Alba, you are a divine, true peace-maker, in this lifetime you have touched so many great lives and in helping so many people, you allow your truest self to come forth and embrace this light-workers mission and purpose as you are allowing your highest self to fully meld within your body. You’ve become more intuitive and altruistic in being who you truly are. It is my greatest wish to bless you with gratitude and love and I say thank you so much for your divine mission and soul-purpose in helping so many whom are awakening now, thank you Alba.

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