Today’s Motivational Message: Nick Vujicic

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Wow.. what an amazing, wonderful, inspiring video this is.. and I might’ve missed it.. 

I went looking for Twitter Firefox addons & as a result of looking at and installing the various add-ons, I came across a gem called Feedly (It makes your homepage sort of like your personal magazine of all the things you’re interested in.. it pulls in content from RSS feeders, Twitter, your bookmarks, and organizes them all in a very favourable way). As I was reading through my new "start page" magazine checking out all my fave feeds, I came across Michel Fortin’s blog post urging everyone to watch this video.. and am very glad that I watched it, it’s "changed" me in some way.

So amazing to think, how the little events that you do, can lead you to find the most incredible things, and now that I’m posting it here, wondering what little events that you did, to lead you to come to this post and find it.. that our lives might be slightly changed for the better from watching this video. And, more importantly, where it might lead us to next… ?

Please watch it, and be in awe.. then visit Nick Vujicic’s site (the star of the video – I’m in love..) and Michel’s post so that you can read what he & all his visitors are saying about it.

Penny (
Penny (

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  1. Viv says:

    Hi Penny

    We are following each other on Twitter – you DM’d me (Viv10) about Mr Tweet. Anyway, love your site and mostly thank you for this tremendous motivational video. Made me extra grateful for all the good and wonderful aspect of my life.

    Stay in touch

    1. Penny says:

      Thanks Viv.. I just love this video, it just warmed me up and made me so hopeful and encouraged. Went to his site and bought the pack that he has, can’t wait to get it. :)
      Penny xx

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