Missing Gaps in this Earth Game / Galactic Experiment hypothesis

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Missing Gaps in this Earth Game / Galactic Experiment hypothesis

Thursday Oct 29/10/15 Morning pages.

Missing Gaps in hypothesis of life.

So, most of you know how I spend my free time. My fun is trying to figure out this game, this universe. 

I am constantly leaning towards:

1.) That we are somehow creating all this, or at least co-creating it.

That we are here to learn/expand/create/love. That what else is there to do but create and learn.

2.) That this is an experiment, a game, an illusion of sorts, of either our own making or someone else’s, yet when you know it’s an illusion, you can manipulate it in some ways.

3.) That I’m crazy and this is all in my mind, but that it helps me get through my daily struggles to manifest these crazy things into my life, that I’m imagining all the stuff that is happening, but that because it gives me a ‘better life’ (aside from not being able to share the weird stuff with others).

That when I change what I believe, it manifests – at least in my own mind, at least in what “I” see, and that even though it’s crazy, others can do it too and that validates it for me, that I only lose the ability to do the things I do and experience the things I experience, when I allow doubt in.

The Missing Gaps

  • Create our own reality
  • Well what about all that exists, that we all see, touch
  • signs, symbols, messages from elsewhere

If it’s a game or experiment that from our perspective is of a galactic level, like a mass experiment from our perspective.

Why others don’t see what we see

We have a certain amount of free will.

We get to choose what to believe.

What we believe becomes our experience.

We see what we believe.

This is KEY.

But to what end? Perplexing.

And how do others fit into this picture? Diversity?

Rapid Evolvement.

If you can learn to develop your awareness of your lesson, the more rapidly you move through the game levels.

Is truth at the end of this game?

Is one-ness?

Is re-absorption?

Do we restart the game?

Is harm at the end of this game?

Can we choose our own prize? Ending

Or does it still depend upon what we choose to believe?


Choosing to see life as a game, gets you through anything.

Maybe we cannot begin to understand the truth in this form right now.

That we don’t want to know the truth until we’ve moved through all the levels.

The truth will spoil the fun, the game.

What do we know:

  • Love feels right, good
  • Hate/fear feels wrong/bad
  • Helping people = feels good
  • Ignoring the suffering = feels bad

Good Vibes, Bad Vibes.

Purpose – I know what I am here to do.

Unconditional love and spiritual growth.

Live + Love + Learn


Being grateful for this experience.

There is a way to get clarity in any situation.

Life is beautiful.


  • If we are all energy – so how does massage help us?
  • How can I feel an energy being sent from across the world? (Reiki)
  • Why Can I feel meditation in my stomach?
  • Does food convert to energy from our intentions?
  • How do we get more of what we want? Less of what we don’t want?
  • How do we decide what we want?
  • What is important for us to focus on?

Iraq to get some kind of relic? Nothing to do with Bin Laden or oil. 

This planet is their playground.

Not only are we playing the game as ants, other beings are playing the game from integalactic and interdimensional

We’re all playing the game

The game expands to include inter-dimensional beings as we reach those levells

Something else is powering the game and expands as we expand

Are we that something else?


Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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