[Miguel Mendonça] Everybody has their own truth

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In our culture, we’re the ones who are struggling to accept. It’s conditioning of obfuscation, the policies of secrecy, deniability, and ridicule that has worked.

You are not just your story, your narrative of who and what you are. You are an infinite, immortal being.

The nature of reality; it’s multi-dimensional, it’s multi-layered, we each live our own reality within an inter-connected reality.

Reality is to me, momentary and contingent. Our reality shifts on a constant basis. I would say I’m more open, as best I can I’m less-judgemental; because everyone has their own reality, it’s irrelevant to try and judge someone else’s reality if we are all here on a spiritual-tourism thing. We’re all incarnating here for different experiences, so it’s not necessarily for everybody to have the same experience or believe the same things.

Everybody has their own truth.

We’re all seekers. We’re all explorers. We’re all moving through this, attracted to certain things, driven by certain things.

Consciously as a soul, what do I want to experience in my next incarnation? So you pick the most appropriate form for that.

I got comfortable living with contradiction and paradox.

You are not your body, you are not your name. You are not defined by outward things. The body and the personality, doesn’t define what you are. It’s an expression, it’s a vehicle, it’s like my car is not who I am, but it’s how I get around, it’s how I get to do the things I’m here to do.

All of us have a part of ourselves that we’re afraid to talk about in public, because of the amount of toxicity and prejudice that exists in our culture.

Random notes that I resonate with from his interview:

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