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How To Add $35,316 A Month To Your Online Business (Session 2 Notes)

How To Add $35,316 A Month To Your Online Business –  Mark Sumpter

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You need a product to sell.

The most profitable product is Information.

Expert status.

All experts have their OWN products, what do you have?

100% Profits / Commissions

Only way to make SERIOUS money.

Build an affiliate army

Zero Risk and they work for free and sell for you.

Where to Find Ideas

Your expert knowledge

  • what is your passion?
  • what do you study?
  • what specific knowledge you have that others don’t

Surveys (

  • survey your customers and subscribers
  • ask them what their challenges and frustrations are
  • ask what they need help with
  • ask how you can help them


  • niche forums (“your topic + forum” in Google)
  • look for common complaints, frustrations, challenges

Google Ads

  • what are other people selling?
  • is there a market for your product?

Think two steps ahead

  • will creating this product lead you closer to your main goal?
  • don’t get side-tracked with your latest ‘great idea’
  • will this product lead to another?

Interview other experts

  • the teleseminar is a product
  • the recording of the call is a product
  • the transcribed call is a product
  • recommended resource

Product Ideas

1.) Video Tutorials

2.) Public Domain (eg Think & Grow Rich) – search “public domain” and “.gov”

3.) Book/Ebook

4.) Audio Book

5.) Seminar Videos

6.) Podcasts

7.) Resource CD or Report

8.) Mastermind Roundtables

9.) Free Coaching Calls

10.) Tele-classes

11.) Software

12.) Preview Calls

13.) Product Reviews


Perfection is not necessary

– Does not have to be perfect

– Remember, you’re selling your content, not your production skills

– Don’t worry about editing ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’


How to Create Software


– Be specific

– Draw a process map

– Camtasia video

– Pay only after testing the product to make sure it works correctly







– Network

Tools and Resources

– Camtasia








Fulfillment/Duplication Services




So what do I sell?

  1. Create your own:
    – Ebook
    – Articles & Reports
    – Audios
    – Videos
  2. Private Label Rights (PLR)
  3. Ghost Writers
  4. Partner with Other Authors
  5. Interview Experts

Action Steps

  1. Grab a sheet of paper and start brainstorming what kind of products you could create
  2. Don’t judge yourself – just write down whatever comes to mind

You get 6 Sessions including video instructions & action plans with the complete WSO, so please purchase to get the full details, this is just a note-form version of Session 1 & 2.

Session 1 is “Success mindset = Focus on the positive”

Purchase Complete WSO Read my notes on Session 1  

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