March 2015 Meals [Food Diary]

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March 2015 Meals [Food Diary]

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So you might of noticed I stopped doing a monthly food diary. It was taking too much time.

I still take photos of all my meals, and I still record the “good” things that I do (I have a spreadsheet with immune-boosting anti-inflammatory foods & supps.. and I “check-off” the things I do each day).

Today I had a look at a food diary I did last march.. and I noticed that my diet was significantly better when I was “showing the world” what I ate.. when I was accountable to scrutiny.

But it does take a lot of time to do those kinds of posts. 

So I think I’ll just do an update once-a-month rather than weekly, and not go into great details and just see if that will mark an improvement in my choices.


Here’s the pics I took in March:

Main Meals:

Malaysian Curry Chicken

Green Smoothies

Eggs, bacon, burger, salad

  • Roast Chicken Salad
  • Tuna Pasta
  • Bubble n Squeak
  • Roti Bread
  • Chicken Salad
  • Chicken Stirfry
  • Nachos

Thai & Malaysian Chicken Curries / Stirfry’s

  • Cheese Tacos
  • Chickpea Curry
  • Massaman Curry
  • Turkey Salad
  • Chicken & Mushroom Risotto
  • Chicken & Dhal
  • Risotto & Carbonara Pasta
  • Chicken Mushroom Kiev & Salad

Veggie Soup

  • Fish N Chips N Salad
  • Scrambled Eggs / Salad
  • Thai Green Curry
  • 2 x Avocado Sushi

Random Other Pics

For Immune-Boosting Anti-Inflammatory foods and supplements, I aim for a score of +30 per day.. in March my scores were:

13 32 31 6 36 34 16 7 15 19 47 43 33 28 25 23 0 9 42 49 2 18 39 20 22 26 42 45 27 40 7

So I averaged around 25 which is still pretty good except I know how many damaging choices I also made in that time :) 

Most noticeable are the days where I don’t have a green smoothie.. that just knocks the points down so much because I can add so many different goodness to a smoothie… herbs, spices, fruit, salads, veggies, and supplements, can all go in the blender and consumed quickly, easily and tastily.. and very very healthy. If I don’t have a smoothie – I have to rely on my actual meals to get nutrition and I don’t quite get there. the best days are when I have a green smoothie AND salads AND a fresh juice.. that bumps the numbers up significantly.

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