The Healing Tao and Sexuality ~ Mantak Chia [Notes]

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My notes from The Healing Tao and Sexuality ~ Mantak Chia

The Healing Tao and Sexuality ~ Mantak Chia
Mantak Chia

Hard to translate / take notes because of his accent but I’ll do my best:

For thousands of years they discovered that there were forces in the universe. Forces on the earth, gravitation pulling down, magnetic field pulling up.

Activate ourselves, and this is what when we quietly turn inwardly, you start to feel that something else is affecting you.

And through meditation, sitting and feeling, being aware and conscious about it, you discover the truth of the universe.

We discovered that the whole universe is covered with the violet light, and with this was the light inter-connection.. our brain
So they have intelligence, so there are consciousness, and they have intelligence but not only one, but there are many of them connecting to others like a brain and controlling and maintaining the universe in law and order.

The Tao believe that we develop our spirit, grow up and become part of the universe. One-ness with the universe / one-ness with God, a re-union with the universe / re-union with God.

Tao = forces and power; how to raise our soul and how to grow our soul and educate them so they become part of the universe.

The Tao separate 2 forces we call pure yin, and pure yang, or we call the creator, and the pre-module force. The pre-module force we believe is the creator of God – our supreme creator – they give us the soul and the spirit – they give us the original force. The dark matter and dark energy = pure yin & pure yan, no priority.

The 2 things give us a very important part, one is the soul and the spirit, they coming here and they run our body and the original tao-force is the energy running us; they come from the pre-module, so the original force we call the force that you receive when you bond from the heaven and earth and from the parents and heritage down to us.

So the original force runs our life, but in the Tao splits .. 100% of original force, that is split into:
25% into the kidney for emergency, for saving life and adrenalin gland (if anything happens, fight or flight response, when we need extra energy, the kidneys give us the power and intelligence for survival)

and 25% stored in the sexual organs to have children (so the nature or the universe want us to have a lot of children) but seeing as how we are so many people already, now we don’t want to have many children, so the rest of the sexual energy are not used.

We look at the original force which is split into the kidney energy & sexual energy and the original source runs our life and keeps the spirit strong and we feed the foreign spirit.

From now we cannot transform, we cannot touch the original force for the spiritual part, and the kidney energy we cannot change in case we need it for an emergency, so sexual energy is the only energy we can transform.

50% left run our whole life (breathing, food we eat, sparkplug)
Once we have no more original force… we stop breathing.
We speak, we think, we do anything = uses original force.
So the whole Tao practice is how can you add more ‘original force’ in your life.

The bible also speaks about.. adding more oil into your lamp. Once a lamp has no oil, it is of no use, and we throw the lamp away. The same is true when we run out of original force, no use. But since we know that sexual energy is part of the original force, and we have enough children .. there’s still a lot of potential sexual energy there – we can transform that energy back into original force, so we’re adding more oil into your lamp, adding more oil into your life.

We call the sexual energy ‘creating power’. Power to create the whole human. So with the creative power, we divide into 3 main levels:

The first level is strengthening you and fuelling you. So sexual energy we transform it into original force which is used #1 for strengthening the kidneys because its a creating power and the most powerful energy we have (just imagine one sex cell of the father, one sex cell of the mother, is split into trillions and trillion of cells)

That means that sexual energy is so powerful and everybody knows it. The sex cells, anything about sex is so powerful. Wen we have enough children or we don’t want to have children, we’re still producing sexual energy. The body doesn’t know that you aren’t fooling around and will keep always preparing the best sexual energy for the offspring. 

For a lady, every month has menstruation, egg menstruation, & energy to make milk in the breast, so the body always has the best of the best. Everyday for man to have offspring, and every month preparing the lady to have a baby.

So there’s so much energy. Having offspring or having children is very, very important, that the body is willing to sacrifice the whole body, to give / have a healthy baby. 

We now have 7-8 billion peopl, we have ‘too many’ now.

We call the sexual power.. the power to make us have 7 billion people, so many people… now what we gonna do with this? So all the sexual energy we have comes from the best energy, and the Tao tradition is to transform sexual energy #1 – so you can heal yourself, make yourself stronger and healthier, and the next step, turn them into energy = original force.

Sexual energy comes from original force, so you can transform it back to original force. When you have more original force, you can transform this original force into spiritual food, or we call it spiritual energy. That spiritual energy is to seed our soul and the spirit so they can grow up to become part of the universe, become part of the immortal one.

That Tao practice I learnt from my master divides into 9 levels of practice, We start from the basic level called building the foundation, and now after 45 years, many systems around the world know the Tao practice has a very good foundation; a lot of people want to do the spiritual work, and they want it fast. I compare it to people who want to learn how to fly but have no idea how to land – they think they are going to fly and finish, but you never think about how you are going to land, so a lot of time, anything that goes up has to come down, and we are crash-landing. Lot of problems later on can happen.

So the first thing in the Tao says is our body is the material, and if you want to produce energy, you have to have material, so mass-combined with the c-square.. mc2 = speed of light turn into fire, turned into energy.

So the Tao says, if you don’t get your physical strong, and you cannot produce more energy, and energy is the one that can transform into running our body, fuelling us and the spiritual work. So often times we hear the work, strong, try to be in light at expense of your physical body, this is what it means, but some people don’t want to take care of their body, and their bodies breakdown.

So in Tao practice.. #1 inner smile – learn how to turn inwardly, smiling into the organs.. is the first step. If you can be in touch with your body and put your mind, your eye, your heart like the president, the chancellor, the cabinet, the general, come in and put the attention, so we call our e-power, your mind/eye/heart and you turn inwardly, if you believe your brain has no system connecting with your heart or your kidney or your liver, now you get a connection. You believe your blood is connecting with the heart or the liver or the kidneys, or whatever organ, now you get another connection, and the eyes are always seeing things connecting altogether. 

So when you turn inwardly, and use your inner observation and you study this “I have the heart”, then you start to learn what the heart is doing, how you feel, what is the negative, what is the positive, emotional sensations in the heart. Original spirit stays in the heart, in the red palace, and the original spirit dress in red, and they are running and holding the position of the commander-in-chief.

So now we know the organs, but you need to have insights if you have want to be in touch with your body, your emotional, your spiritual is inside.
Our body is a temple of God. We then spend time in building our own temple, we spend so much money being outside of temple, but let our temple inside rundown. There’s a big hole in the roof, with all the water leaking, and everything is so dirty in this temple. How can your soul live in your body? How does spirit (God) live in us? 

Once you Know your body & know how to fix and heal your body, and how to balance your negative emotions, then you start to be in touch with God – your own spirit… God-spirit and our spirit is the same species.  Our physical is different species with soul spirit. We have it and if you can find your soul spirit, you can connect with it.

The brain is like a computer and the organs are like a hard drive; they store the memory of the extreme emotions in the organs. Each organ stores different emotions. We never try and get rid of the emotions, but we try and find balance of the emotions, because we creating God and Devil, good and evil, the only way to win the war is have war, so Devil / God has to fight the devil and devil has to fight the god, and who make the war for them, we are the human, doing the war for the God, and God and Devil sit in heaven playing chess and drinking tea, but we are the ones that have to make the war for them. If you find balance in the war, you are co-existing, god and devil can live together.

Holy men, priests, they all don’t have sex. It doesn’t mean they’re holy because they don’t have sex. It’s because they know that sexual energy is so important for them to transform their sexual energy into spiritual work, it’s so they can communicate with god. But sometimes, I don’t know what to say, the only one way they know is celibacy: they don’t have sex, they suppress the sex, to make this the work of the devil, so the people can be more aware of the sexual energy, and not having sex like crazy, but you cannot suppress sex.

Sex can modified to be 100,000 x 100 million times to a trillion times. Sexual energy lights fire that will burn everything, and if you try to cover fire with paper, it burns the paper, it burns through anything because sexual energy is multiplied power.

So you can either modify it in a good way, or you modify it in a bad way. They know to suppress it, but they don’t see that the more you suppress, the more it becomes more and more violent. So a lot of belief-systems try and suppress sex, and as a result, they make the sex more crazy, the opposite of what they wanted to achieve, they learned the opposite way.

The Tao says you cannot suppress sex. If you try and push a basketball under the water, how long can you hold it? You have to find a way to transform it; to multiply it in a good way. Like fire, you put the fire on the stove, cook your food, it warms your house.. but if you put the fire on the house, it burns your whole house, whole village, and whole town. It depends on what you want to do with the sexual energy.

2 forces have to be combined. One is the love/joy/happy/compassion which we’re always regarding as higher, and the sexual energy, which we’re regarding as water/or alkaline, if you put them together, in a proper way… if you pour the fire on the water, or you pour the water on the fire, or you put the fire into the water, the two oldest enemies are gone – finished. If you separate them in the wrong way, the two energies become enemies, but if you have a stove and a saucepan and 
you put the water in the top of the saucepan and you put fire under the saucepan, now two forces become one. So love/joy/happy/appreciation arousal/orgasm combined together becomes life-force.

DNA renewal needs arousal, orgasm, love and compassion and the vibration of the earth.. or the star vibration and the DNA will spread in a proper way, but if we only have love or arousal/orgasm, they are the same “frequency”.. it hurts. When these 2 forces combine together they become one force , but when you separate them out, they don’t have the power for that, they will destroy each other. So too much fire burns everything, too much water floods everything, but you put them together they become steam, and you are creating the world. 

People need happiness, love, joy, arousal, & orgasm. Everyday we work so hard; we need joy and happiness. Everyday we work so hard because we want energy
and energy is what sexual energy can give us; the sexual energy we call the jing, the essence, the life-force.

Everyday we need some kind of sexual stimulant and everyday we need some kind of love. Who is going to love me? Who is going to arouse me? What kind of movie makes you feel sexy? What kind of movie makes you feel love, joy and happiness? And that’s all we’re looking for… but people are looking for it “outside”.

#1 love, joy, happiness are stored in your heart
#2 arousal, orgasm, energetic, is stored in the sexual organs
Why are we looking for it outside?
You can keep looking forever and you’re never gonna find it.

The first step is for people to turn inwardly and smile to the heart. If you know the heart stores love/joy/happiness, you are in the right shop, you get it, you buy it, and if you go to the wrong shop, you don’t get it.

The heart can modify many, many times, loving energy. When you receive the unconditional from the universe, you can multiply. When the sexual organs receive the loving energy, they activate the sexual energy inside there, you can multiply many, many times.

Now you have 2 powerful sources of energy, you have to put them together. If you don’t put them together, they go against each other.

According to Mantak Chia, the primary purpose of conducting sexual practices is to save and transform sexual energy into more refined energy (transmuting Jing into Chi). In the genuine Taoist thought, however, this is only possible if the sexual essence is spiritually guided and purified by the heart, only then can its virtue transform into Chi. to find all the practices.



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