Venting about Madness, Visions, Downloads and trying to stay Sane

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Don’t watch, just venting it out (rehash of same old stuff)

  • “Weather” in Melbourne
  • Vent, Vent, Vent, I’ve been angry.
  • Re-organized possessions, found better charities:
    Asylum Seeker Refugee Centre:
    Urgent Charities:
  • Started doubting going back to normal, rational thinking
  • Starting from scratch is freeing, has benefits, and where I should be focusing, but has downside as well, because at night, I keep going back to try and figure out the visions… keep trying to dismiss and it keeps on coming to me.
  • All we really have is the reflection of other people to gauge at our sanity-level.
  • If you have an experience and noone else does, then it mustn’t of happened.
  • If it was all madness, then there’s no way to figure it out.

I just joined Gettr and I highly recommend it - it's the best alternative to them all so far:


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Thank you to the people who donated to save the website for another year. I was so scared of losing my research. How are you guys making money now that you're aware of the slavery system? I have no idea how we will win or survive the coming days. We need to start some brainstorming sessions where people with great ideas can be heard. I can't be the only one struggling; we need to find & share ways that help all of us. I'm also sick of my site constantly going down, it's attacked, censored, and constantly running out of "web resources". I'm with inmotion but had to downgrade to shared-hosting because the world flipped-upside down and I can't figure out how to make money. But I need another solution for hosting it elsewhere; in a budget-friendly way. Has anyone come across a good way for non-narrative-friendly sites to survive, that doesn't break the bank? Please contact me if you have ideas: (email | telegram | SMS +61408036323 | gettr )

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