Venting about Madness, Visions, Downloads and trying to stay Sane

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Don’t watch, just venting it out (rehash of same old stuff)

  • “Weather” in Melbourne
  • Vent, Vent, Vent, I’ve been angry.
  • Re-organized possessions, found better charities:
    Asylum Seeker Refugee Centre:
    Urgent Charities:
  • Started doubting going back to normal, rational thinking
  • Starting from scratch is freeing, has benefits, and where I should be focusing, but has downside as well, because at night, I keep going back to try and figure out the visions… keep trying to dismiss and it keeps on coming to me.
  • All we really have is the reflection of other people to gauge at our sanity-level.
  • If you have an experience and noone else does, then it mustn’t of happened.
  • If it was all madness, then there’s no way to figure it out.